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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), State of Rhode Island, (search)
tt 1875 Charles C. Van Zandt (Republican) May 29, 1877 Alfred H. Littlefield (Republican) May 25, 1880 Augustus O. Bourn (Republican) May 29, 1883 George P. Wetmore (Republican) May, 1885 John W. Davis (Democrat) May 1887 Royal C. Taft (Republican) May 1888 H. W. Ladd (Republican) May 1889 John W. Davis (Democrat)May 1890 H. W. Ladd (Republican) May 1891 D. Russell Brown (Republican)May 1892-96 Charles W. Lippitt (Republican)May 1896-97 Elisha Dyer (Republican)May 1897-1900 William Gregory (Republican) 1900-1901 United States Senators. Name. No. of Congress. Term. Theodore Foster1st to 8th 1789 to 1803 Joseph Stanton 1st to 3d 1789 to 1793 William Bradford 3d to 5th 1793 to 1797 Ray Greene 5th to 7th 1797 to 1801 Christopher Ellery 7th to 9th 1801 to 1805 Samuel J. Potter 8th 1803 to 1804 Benjamin Howland 8th to 11th 1804 to 1809 James Fenner 9th to 10th 1805 to 1807 Elisha Matthewson 10th to 12th 1807 to 1811 Francis Malbone 11th 1809 Christopher G. Champl
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Beauregard's report of the battle of Drury's Bluff. (search)
ort Walthall Junction, three miles nearer. The line of the enemy's forces under Butler, comprising the corps of Gillmore and W. F. Smith (10th and 18th) was generally parallel to our intermediate line of works, somewhat curved, concentric and exterior to our own, they held our own outer line of works, crossing the turnpike half a mile in our front. Their line of breastworks and entrenchments increased in strength westward and northward: its right, and weakest point, was in the edge of Wm. Gregory's woods, about half a mile west of James river. The line of hostile breastworks from their right flank continued westwardly, intersecting the turnpike near our outer line of fortifications. Near this point of intersection, at Charles Friend's farm, was advantageously posted a force of the enemy throughout the day's struggle, and here are said to have been the headquarters of Generals Butler and Smith. Butler's lines thence, following partly the course of our outer works, crossed
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.16 (search)
John Drinkard, Died in service. G. W. Elam, Ed. Ellett, William England, Died in service. Charles Fore, Died in service. Frederick Fore, John Fore, Died in service. S. T. Fuqua, William Foster, D. Ferguson, C. E. Glenn, I. S. Glenn, Died in service. J. B. Glenn, Rice Gilleain, John W. Gilleain, R. Gilleam, Charles Gilleain, Van Gilleain, James E. Gills, Samuel Gregory, Died in service. Isham Gilliam, James Gillespie, Buck Gallagher, Silas Gregory, Died in service. William Gregory, Died in service. William Hubbard, Died in service. P. Hubbard, I. S. Harris, W. H. Harris, Tom Harvey, Died in service. R. Harvey, Died in service. John Irving, Died in service. Elijah Irving, Henry Jones, Died in service. Nat. Jones, R. M. Johnson, James Martin, R. Martin, R. P. Meadows, James Meadows, R. C. Moore, A. E. Moore, Woodson Martin, P. Martin, R. McCann, J. E. Osborne, R. D. Price, W. M. Pigg, Henry Read, Died in service. Samuel Saunders, Woodson Shorte
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The First North Carolina Volunteers and the battle of Bethel. (search)
, Company D; Captain McDowell, Company E; Captain Starr, Company F; Captain Avery, Company G; Captain Huske, Company H; Lieutenant Whittaker, commanding Company I; Captain Hoke, Company K, displayed great coolness, judgment and efficiency. Lieutenant Gregory is highly spoken of by Major Lane for soldierly bearing on the 8th. Lieutenants Cook and Mc-Kethan, Company H, crossed over under a heavy fire to the assistance of the troops attacked on the left. So did Lieutenant Cohen, Company C. Lieute the Yankee as their prize or even that of the regiment. In the second place, I have Colonel Hill's word for it that the skirmish of the same day, much nearer Hampton, in which the advance guard of Major Lane's detachment, under command of Lieutenant Gregory, killed and wounded some fifteen or twenty of the enemy and took one prisoner, was the true cause of the attack and consequent discomfiture of the enemy on Monday, the 10th of June. The Colonel told the officers of the company, the eveni
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.27 (search)
well, Charles H. Cooke, Richard Crouch, Thomas L. Crouch, dead, —— Clements, killed, William H. Clements, dead, Clayton, S. D. Chamberlayne, dead, Edward Davis, Smith Davis, dead, A. B. Dabney, dead, Ed. A. Duncan, dead, Richard R. Dunstan, dead, Herbert Deans, Harvey Dew, Boone Dew, killed, Julian T. Edwards, P. C. Edwards, Kleber Edwards, Ed. F. Eubank, W. S. Eubank, Joseph Figg, dead, William M. Gary, Jr., James H. Gary, Charles M. Gatewood, dead, William L. Garrett, John G. Gouldin, William Gregory, Rodger Gregory, J. C. Gregory, Oscar Gresham, Walter Gresham, R. B. Gwathmey, killed, Travis Harwood, Walker A. Hawes, Joseph Hay, Charles B. Habliston, dead, Fred. H. Habliston, Thomas E. Henshaw, dead, William T. Howerton, dead, Robert C. Hill, John Hill, A. B. Hill, E. P. Hodges, killed, Thos. J. Horsey, dead, Lucien Jackson, James P. Jeter, Edward Jacobs, dead, Walter S. Jones, John S. Knote, dead, Miles C. King, James B. Kent, William P. Kemp, dead, A. E. Kinsela, Charles P. Lay
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard. (search)
the Confederate lines. Hoke's Division, which at first constituted Beauregard's whole army, it will be remembered, occupied the southern front of our entrenched camp, from Fort Stephens westward. Directly in his front, at a distance of some four hundred yards, was the William Gregory woods, between which and the river eastward was an open plain. Butler's efforts had been diverted to turning our right flank. His line was now unduly extended, its right resting in the eastern edge of William Gregory's woods, and overlapping Hoke's left but little. From thence to the river the open space was watched by a small force of negro cavalry. Upon the night of Ransom's arrival he was placed along Kingland Creek, outside of our entrenchments, and confronting this unguarded space on Butler's right. Ransom and Whiting to blame. Beauregard's plan of battle was the same as indicated in his proposition to the President on the 14th. He had now, however, to execute it against Butler's 30,00
W. Willcox, Lieut. Archibald Taylor, Lieut. Benj. H. Harrison. Caroline Troop--Capt. George. Amelia Troop--Capt. S. S. Weisiger, Lieut. Chas. R. Irving, Lieut. J. M. Gills. New Kent Troop--Capt. Melville Vaiden, Lieut. Geo. T. Brumley, Lieut. Telemachus Taylor. Goochland Troop--Capt. Julian Harrison, Lieut. T. P. Hobson, Lieut. Geo. F. Harrison. Powhatan Troop--Lieut. Com'g John F. Lay, Lieut. Chas. Old, Lieut. T. P. Skipwith. King William Troop--Capt. Beverly B. Douglas, Lieut. Wm. Gregory, Lieut. W. V. Croxton, Lieut. Thos. Gregory. Surry Troop--Capt. T. W. Taylor, Lieut. Wm. Allen. (We regret to learn that Lieut. A. was disabled by a kick from a horse on the way to Richmond.) A few members of the Essex Troop are here. The officers are--Capt. R. S. Cauthorn, Lieut. Aubrey H. Jones, Lieut. Wm. Oliver. To-day the scene at Camp Lee will be magnificent. The 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers will be present, with their splendid band and drum corps, and we urge t
n, Jas. McNutt. J. J. Walker, N. H. Cobbs, Jas. B. Hilliard. Danville. Wm. L. Green, John W. Paxton, Thos. D. Stokes, John R. Wilson. A. G. Taylor, J. F. Hobson, J. W. Holland. Lynchburg. John M. Speed, W. L. Morris, Jno. S. Langhorne, David W. Burton. Thos. J. Kirkpatrick, Wm. H. Hall. H. F. Bocock. Blacksburg. Jas. R. Kent, Jas. N. Otey, W. R. Perfator, Geo. R. Evans. Henry Ribble, D. H. Hoge, Frs. Anderson. Alexandria. Wm. Gregory, C. F. Suttle, F. L. Smith, C. C. Smoot. Turner Dixon, J. M. Johnson, J. H. Brent. Winchester. Ro. L. Baker, Patrick Smith, Henry S, Baker. Jas. B. Taylor. H. H. McGuire, T. T. Fauntleroy, Jr., Robert Steele. Charlottesville. T. J. Randolph, George Carr, Socrates Maupin, Jas. Lobban. B. W. Snead, R. G. Crank, Wm. S. Dabney. Lewisburg. Samuel Price, Joel McPherson, Johnson E. Bell, Floyd Estell. R. B. Moorman, R. B. James,
Arrived, Schr. Ada Ames, Ames, Rockport, ice, B. Wardwell & Co. Schr.Wm. Gregory, Bucklin, Rockland, lime, Bridgford & Co Schr. John E. Adams, Tyree, Petersburg, wheat, Dunlop, Moncure & Co. Sailed, Steamship Yorktown. Parrish, New York, mdze. and passengers. Ludlam & Watson. Steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Balt., mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Steamship Virginia, Kelley, Philadelp'a, mdze. and passengers, C P. Cardozo. Schr. Hope, Frank, down the river, light.
The Daily Dispatch: April 25, 1864., [Electronic resource], Additional particulars from the Plymouth fight. (search)
y the explosion of a shell; B. L. Wiltsie' severely in both legs; Barney Winfree, in shoulder; and John C. Eckles, contusion from caisson. Blunt's Battery--Sergt Thos. M. Ross and private Wm. Noell. Fayette Artillery--Privates Wm. Allen and Jas. G. Barnes. First Virginia Regiment--Privates John Belcher, company H; Henry Toler, company H; Washington H. Wood, company G, and E. W. Callahan, company B. Eleventh Virginia Regiment--Privates Abner P. Bateman, company C, and William Gregory, company G, through the thigh. The latter is from Lynchburg. Twenty Fourth Virginia Regiment--Private Josiah Dunn, company B. A Yankee who was wounded and captured in the storming of the first fort was also brought on and placed in the hospital. He suffered amputation of the right arm at Weldon. His name is Dexter D. Keath, corporal company H, 2d Massachusetts heavy artillery. The following also arrived by the same train: Lieut. Chas. McCann, ordnance officer, sever