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in the discovery that some favorite child had been playing hookey, which means (I will say to the uninitiated, if any such there be) absenting one's self from school without permission, to go on a fishing or a swimming frolic. Such at least was my experience more than once, for Mr. McNanly particularly favored my mother's house, because of a former acquaintanceship in Ireland, and many a time a comparison of notes proved that I had been in the woods with two playfellows, named Binckly and Greiner, when the master thought I was home, ill, and my mother, that I was at school, deeply immersed in study. However, with these and other delinquencies not uncommon among boys, I learned at McNanly's school, and a little later, under a pedagogue named Thorn, a smattering of geography and history, and explored the mysteries of Pike's Arithmetic and Bullions' English Grammar, about as far as I could be carried up to the age of fourteen. This was all the education then bestowed upon me, and thi
ould be heard distinctly giving command; that the rebel pickets were within two hundred and fifty yards of us, and if we attempted to distribute poles with our wagon we would be fired upon. Of these facts I informed all our men. Regardless of danger, they unanimously voted for the extension. Fortunately that night was dark, and promptly at nine P. M. we were in readiness to commence operations. After cautioning all hands to work quietly, I detailed the men as follows: Cosgrove, Hoover, Greiner and McGuire to dig holes; Rote, Keiler, Benedict and Jones to distribute poles on their shoulders, who had to carry them a full mile. John Tryer I posted as guard. His duty was to watch the flash of the rebel guns, and notify the men, who were working and could not see, when to fall on the sod, should the rebels hear us and open. Thus far all was quiet in the secesh quarters. Scarcely had our operations commenced when a compliment from Gen. Magruder in the shape of a shell was sent us.
been removed, and Edmonds, of Michigan, appointed in his place. Charles Welsh, Chief Clerk of the Navy Department, has resigned, and — Berrien, of New York, for some years Clerk in the Fourth Auditor's Office, succeeds him. The Senate, in executive session yesterday, confirmed the appointment of Geo. W. McClennan, Esq., as Second Assistant Postmaster General. Prof. Mason, of Tennessee, has been appointed to a vacant $1200 clerkship in the General Post-Office Department. Mr. Hutchins, lately clerk to Committee on Naval Affairs, House of Representatives, has been appointed to a $1200 clerkship in the Interior Department. Mr. Greiner, of Ohio, editor of a paper in columbus, will probably be selected for Governorship of New Mexico, vice Rencher, of North Carolina. Mr. G. was the author of many of the songs in the Tip and Ty, Taylor and Fillmore, and other political campaigns. George Harrington, of the District of Columbia, has been appointed Assistant Treasurer.--Wash. States.
ed down and robbed of a large amount of money, near Fairmont, Virginia, last week. Thirteen of the New York Banks on Saturday week contributed nearly half a million of dollars for the defence of the Government. The Mobile Cadets, now in Virginia, are possessed of property worth in the aggregate between three and four millions of dollars. John Cochran, of Marion county, Va., was killed while attempting to get on a railroad train, on the 25th ult. The report that the Rev. Dr. Hawks, of New York, intended to resign his charge, is contradicted. Greiner, who was arrested in Philadelphia for "treason," has been admitted to bail in the sum of $10,000. The residence of C. Boggess, Esq., in Lewis county, Va., was consumed by fire recently. Captain Theodore Fink, U. S. A., died of apoplexy, at Detroit, on the 3d instant. Three thousand troops were encamped at New Orleans on the 1st instant. Isaac Henderson has been appointed Navy Agent at New York.