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City Council. --The following persons will be supported for the City Council in Monroe Ward: David J. Saunders, Robert F. Morris, Samuel D. Denoon. Fleming Griffin, L. Glazebrook, mh 26--tde
Councilmen and Aldermen. Jefferson Ward.--Councilmen: N. B. Hill. 550; R. O. Haskins, 545; Jno. H. Greanor, 521; A. Y. Stokes, 388. Aldermen: Wm. Taylor, 533; C. B. Hill, 574; R. D. Sanxay, 573; G. E. Sadler, 548; A. F. Picot, 462; J. M. Higgins, 382; E. A. J. Clopton, 309; N. M. Lee, 263; G. W. Allen, 295; Jno. Hagan, 161; T. J. Starke, 262. Madison Ward.--Councilmen: George K. Crutchfield, 850; James A. Scott, 832; D. J. Burr, 790; P. R. Grattan, 752; Thomas H. Wynne, 573. Aldermen: R. M. Burton, 1,082; J. J. Binford, 1,065; James Bray, 1,049; Jas. K. Caskie, 1,019; W. B. Smith, 631. Monroe Ward.--Councilmen: D. J. Saunders, 896; L. W. Glazebrook, 863; S. D. Denton, 731; Fleming Griffin, 729; Thomas G. Epps, 690. Aldermen: all of the old officers are elected.
, the following persons as members respectively of the Council and Court: Jefferson Ward — Council: N. R. Hill, R. O. Haskins, John H. Greanor, Jas. M. Talbott, Allen Y. Stokes. Aldermen: C. B. Hill, Richard D. Sanxay, Geo. E. Sadler, A. F. Picot. Madison Ward — Council: G. K. Crutchfield, J. A. Scott, T. H. Wynne, D. J. Burr. P. R. Grattan. Aldermen: Jas. K Caskie, Jas Bray, John J. Binford. Wm. B. Smith, R. M. Burton. Monroe Ward — Council: D. J. Saunders, T. C. Epps, Fleming Griffin, S. D. Denoon, Larkin W. Glazebrook. Aldermen: N. C. Lipscombe, Chas. E. Anderson, John F. Regnault, J. W. Beveridge, Wm. W. Timberlake. The following is the concluding part of the report: "In the returns from Jefferson Ward, as made by the conductors of election, Mr. Wm. Taylor is reported as elected one of the Alderman from that Ward, he having received 533 votes; but his election is contested by Mr. John M. Higgins, who received 382 votes. The protest of Mr. Higgins is h<
all. Present: Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Crutchfield, Glazebrook, Hill, Burr. Griffin, Talbott, Denoon, Scott, Greanor, Wynne, Epps, Stokes, and Haskins. Mr. Cdison Ward--Messrs. Wynne, Crutchfield and Scott. Monroe Ward--Messrs. Denoon, Griffin and Epps. First Market--Messrs. Stokes, Talbott and Wynne. Second Maessrs. Glazebrook, Denoon and Crutchfield. Hospital--Messrs. Crutchfield, Griffin and Stokes. Burying Grounds — Shockoe Hill--Messrs. Epps, Griffin, GrattaGriffin, Grattan, Stokes and Wynne. Oakwood Cemetery--Messrs. Crutchfield, Denoon, Hill and Greanor. Accounts--Messrs. Crutchfield, Haskins and Glazebrook. Seabrook's War, Hill and Epps. Police--Messrs. Hill, Grattan and Denoon. Jail--Messrs. Griffin, Talbott and Wynne. Fire Department--Messrs. Scott, Denoon, Haskins, James Scott and George K. Crutchfield. Monroe Ward — Samuel D. Denoon and Fleming Griffin. The President read a communication from the Inspectors of Seabrook's
City Council. --The regular monthly meeting of the Council was held at the City Hall yesterday evening at 4 o'clock. Present — D. J. Saunders, N. B. Hill, L. W. Glasebrook, Fleming Griffin, J. A. Scott, D. J. Burr, A. Y. Stokes, Thos. C. Epps, T. H. Wynne, Samuel D. Denoon, P. R. Grattan. The Coroner's report of the number of inquests held by him, certain accounts against the city, reports of police officers, and other papers, were presented and referred. The application of F. R. Smith, Lieutenant of Artillery, in the Wise Legion, for $300 additional to one thousand dollars already contributed by the city for the use of a company of artillery attached to the Wise Legion, commanded by Capt. Jas. Kirby, now in service, was read and referred to the Committee on Arms. A resolution was adopted, at the suggestion of Mr. Grattan, ordering the City Auditor to pay the sums due and recovered against it by a decree of the Circuit Court on the 12th of March, 1859. The fo
administratrix of her deccased husband, Southy S. Wilkinson, who lost his life on the 18th of July, in the battle of Bull Run. The following gentlemen qualified as administrators: Henry Linkhauser, of Catharine Beck, deceased; John Thompson, of H. W. Quarles, deceased; W. E. Burton, of R. M. Burton, deceased; T. J. Evans, of C. B. Hill, deceased. A grand jury — to wit, John Powell, foreman; John Freeland, Alfred T. Harris, Geo. D. Shell, S. P. Mitchell, Thomas Boudar, T. R. Price, Fleming Griffin, James Kersey, W. F. Butler, G. B. Watson, Mark Downey, T. M. Jones, C. F. Wortham, C. H. Powell, A. H. Rutherford, F. B. Hart, Peyton Johnston, William Palmer, Frederick Robertson, Corbin Warwick and W. H. Haxall — having been duly sworn, retired to their room, and after wards brought in indictments against the following persons for the offences named: Charles Murphy, for the murder of Albert, a slave of Mrs. Spindle; Benjamin Read, for stabbing, with intent to kill, William J. Summerv
The Daily Dispatch: February 11, 1862., [Electronic resource], Re-enlistment of volunteers.--no Coorcien. (search)
ommonwealth's Attorney, on the character of the offences which they were expected to take cognizance of. Among other fit subjects of presentments he mentioned extortioners. The following is a list of the Grand Jury sworn in at this term. Geo. W. Smith, (Foreman,) Wm. H. Haxall, Wm. Palmer, John D. Quarles, C. H. Powell, Samuel P. Mitchell, Mark Downey, James T. Butler, Geo. D. Shell, Theod'k Robertson, Wm. Beers, L. W. Glazebrook, Wm. S. Donnan, G. F. Watson, Alex. H. Rutherfoord, Fleming Griffin, Alfred T. Harris, Samuel C. Greenhow, and Geo. Whitfield. The following parties were presented by the Grand Jury for misdemeanors, viz: Andrew Muller, Frank H. L. Allen, Richard Copeland, Carlos W. Ellis, Jesse White, Henry Holman, John Gentry, Wm. Henry Selden, Edward Kelley, Martin Maddux, Thos. J. Goodrich, James F. Magee, Algernon Adams, James H. Keyser, Wm. Appleyard, Stephen Page, Arthur Fergusson, Wm. Barnes, John Denzler, and Wm. Wayne. The Grand Jury, after making th
City Council. --A called meeting of the City Council was held at 4 o'clock, on yesterday evening, at the City Hall. Present: David J. Saunders, President; James M. Talbot, N. B. Hill, David J. Burr, Peachy R. Grattan, Fleming Griffin, Thomas C. Epps, James H. Scott, George K. Crutchfield, and Thomas H. Wynne. Mr. Scott presented an application, in the name of John H. Greanor, for the allowance of the ten per cent. (amounting to $38.08) in his tax bill of 1861 --said party having been absent from the city in the military service of the Confederate States at the time when it was paid. On his motion, it was refunded to the said Greanor. The President laid before the Council the following communications, as the basis of the call for the meeting of the Council, which were read: Headquarters Tredegar battalion, Richmond, 19th Feb. 1862. Joseph Maye, Esq., Mayor of Richmond: Sir: --In view of the danger that threatens our city, and with a desire to make my battalion
City Proxies in Internal Improvement Companies. At the last meeting of the Council, held Thursday evening, the following gentlemen were appointed proxies to represent the interest of the city in the various companies named, viz: James River and Kanawha Company.--Messrs P. R. Grattan, S. D. Denoon, and J. M. Talbott. Bank of Virginia.--Messrs. R. O. Haskins, Geo. K. Crutchfield, and Fleming Griffin. Richmond and Danville Railroad Company.--Messrs. N. B. Hill, E. Y. Stokes, and Thomas H. Wynne. Virginia Central Railroad Company.--Messrs. D. J. Saunders, David J. Burr, and Larkin W. Glazebrook.
Twenty Dollars reward. --Ran away from the subscriber, for no cause whatever, on the 12th inst., a negro man named Griffin, a dark mulatto, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, and 35 years old. Having had his left arm broken when young, it is much smaller than his right, which may be discovered from the peculiar position of the hand and fingers. Said negro was sold by Dickinson & Hill, on the 6th of this month, for Robert Love, of N. C. The above reward will be paid if he is delivered to me, in Rfrom the peculiar position of the hand and fingers. Said negro was sold by Dickinson & Hill, on the 6th of this month, for Robert Love, of N. C. The above reward will be paid if he is delivered to me, in Richmond, and all reasonable expenses paid, or lodged in some jail, so that I get him. Griffin was raised in Norfolk, and has a mother and wife and children there. No doubt he will attempt to make his way to them. J. Monroe Carter, oc 14--10t* Church Hill, cor. 25th and M. sts.
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