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ative to ferries; by Mr. Ballard, the petition of Joel Eddins, praying to be released from a fine; by the same, the petition of John Hale, Commissioner of the Revenue for Logan county, for additional compensation; by Mr. Brown, the petition of Joseph Hagan, of Scott county, praying to be relieved from an erroneous assessment of his lands. Adverse Reports.--Adverse reports were returned from the committees to the proposition for the formation of a Rifle volunteer company in Green county, witf suspending for a time the law requiring one-fifth of coin to be held in the Banks; by Mr. Christian, of readjusting the tax on livery stables; by Mr. Wingfield, of amending the 3d sec, of chap. 170 of the Code; by Mr. Holliday, of relieving Jos. Hagan from an erroneous assessment; by Mr. Pritchard, of relieving James Rix of an erroneous assessment. The Stay Law.--The Senate bill providing for the stay of all executions of trust deeds in cases where Bank notes will not be taken for debt,
were reported: Authorizing the sale of real estate belonging to Ebenezer Academy; authorizing the trustees of West Fork Meeting House to sell the same, and purchase and build on another site. Mr. Haymond, from Finance Committee, reported, without amendment, Senate bills for the relief of Samuel E. Lybrock, Sheriff of Giles, and for the relief of Hopkins and Campbell, of Rockbridge. Adverse Reports.--The Committee on Finance, through Mr. Haymond, reported adversely to the petition of Joseph Hagan, of Scott county, in relation to releasing him from taxes improperly charged. Mr. Yerby, from the Committee on Lunatic Asylums, presented an adverse report to a resolution inquiring into the expediency of increasing the salaries of any of the officers of the Lunatic Asylums of the State. Bank Relief.--No. 77, an engrossed bill for the relief of the Banks of the Commonwealth, with the amendments proposed thereto by the Senate, with the amendment submitted by Mr. Keen to the amendment
r offence. This case excited considerable mirthfulness, both with the Court and spectators. Such a tongue clattering as she poured forth would have defied any one to translate it, and the hitherto undiscovered secret of perpetual motion was fully made plain on the occasion, and Pauline should receive all the renown and emoluments to which she is entitled as its discovered. She complained greatly of the officer who had informed against her, and asseverated that he was only actuated from vindictiveness against her because she would not respond as often as he desired to his repeated applications for more of the refreshing beverage, with which her store was pretty well stocked. A similar fine ($10) was imposed in this case. Joseph Hagan, living on Marshall st., near Brook avenue, was also arraigned for selling liquor on Sunday last. In this case the evidence was by no means conclusive, and the Mayor, giving the defendant the benefit of its insufficiency, discharged the accused.