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Edward L. Pierce, Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner: volume 4, Chapter 59: cordiality of senators.—last appeal for the Civil-rights bill. —death of Agassiz.—guest of the New England Society in New York.—the nomination of Caleb Cushing as chief-justice.—an appointment for the Boston custom-house.— the rescinding of the legislative censure.—last effort in debate.—last day in the senate.—illness, death, funeral, and memorial tributes.—Dec. 1, 1873March 11, 1874. (search)
d heroically borne, of the great orator, scholar, statesman, philanthropist, the champion of universal freedom and the equality of man, . . . whose voice was that of an honest man, whose endeavors were those of an upright statesman, whose moral integrity stands out a sublime figure in these later years. The leading members of both houses paid tender tributes to his memory, Among his eulogists in the legislature were George B. Loring, Eben F. Stone, N. P. Banks, Charles R. Codman, and Charles Hale. and The State assumed The charge of the burial. The Legislature of New York adopted appropriate resolutions; and various public bodies, municipal councils and associations, commercial, historical, and literary, joined in similar testimonies. At a special meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce addresses were made by William E. Dodge, Jonathan S. Sturges, George Opdyke, Samuel B. Ruggles, E. C. Cowdin, and C. W. Field; resolutions were adopted, and a committee appointed to attend
oston. Goddard, Miss Louisa M., Boston. Goddard, Miss Mathilda, Boston. Going, John K., Shirley. Gooch, Joshua G., Watertown. Goodrich, J. Z., Stockbridge. Gordon, John, Brighton. Gore, Samuel, Braintree. Gould, B. A., Cambridge. Greely, Joseph, Boston. Green, David R., New Bedford. Green, Reuben, Dorchester. Grew, Mrs. Henry, State. Grey, Jeremiah, Somerset. Grinnell, Chas. B., Boston. Gunn, E. F., Montague. Hadley, David B., Cambridge. Hale, Charles, Boston. Hall, Samuel, Jr., Boston. Hall, Thomas J., Upton. Hall, Dudley, Medford. Hall, Francis, Cambridge. Hall, Chas., Boston. Hamblett, George, Dracut. Hamblett, Chas. A., Dracut. Hapgood, Asa, Worcester. Harding, Abram S., Medway. Harding, Henry C., Hingham. Harrington, W. A., Brighton. Harris, J. W., Boston. Harris, James Winthrop, Cambridge. Hathaway, Wm. L., Dighton. Head, Chas. D., Brookline. Hersey, Reuben, Hingham. Heywood, Pa
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
, E. F., 582 Gunn, G. H., 419 Gunn, John, 64 Gunn, N. K., 382 Gurdsdorff, Curt, 288 Gurney, C. W., 468 Gurney, W. H., 288 Gurowski, A., 656 Guyer, Henry, 468 Gwinn, W. H., 288 H. Hacker, R. A., 288 Haddock, Charles, 382 Hadley, D. B., 582 Hadley, J. W., 288 Hadley, S. W., 64 Haffards, William, 64 Hagan, W. H., 288 Hager, G. E., 288 Haggens, E. H., 64 Haggerty, Peter, 419 Haines, S. W., 288 Haines, Z. T., 607 Hair, C. N., 288 Halcro, E. W., 64 Hale, B. P., 64 Hale, Charles, 582 Hale, E. E., 656 Hale, E. P., 288 Hale, F. A., 288 Hale, G. W., 468 Hale, H. A., 288, 419, 529 Hale, J. F., 571 Hale, Joseph, 419 Hale, T. G., 64 Hale, W. M., 288 Hale, W. M., 288 Haley, H. B., 468 Haley, J. P., 288 Haley, W. D., 394 Hall, A. E., 288 Hall, A. J., 288 Hall, Arthur, 288 Hall, Charles, 582 Hall, Dudley, 582 Hall, E. A., Jr., 288 Hall, E. B., 288, 468 Hall, E. H., 394 Hall, Francis, 582 Hall, G. A., 288 Hall, G. F., 288 Hall, G. O., 64 Hall,
oppression and wrong of fifteen States of the Union. How deeply soever, therefore, any citizen of the State of Massachusetts may deplore the possibility of the dissolution of the Union, she is utterly powerless to dissuade any other State from seeking or promoting its dissolution. The nullification laws of Massachusetts were not only most deliberately enacted in the first instance, but the question of their repeal has been earnestly moved in the Legislature of the State, first by Mr. Charles Hale and afterwards by myself; and although some provisions of mere exacerbation in those laws have been repealed on the recommendation of Gov. Banks, yet the vicious substance still subsists, and has but just been carefully re-enacted in the general revision of the statutes. Furthermore, so long as the State of Massachusetts perseveres in this nullification of the Constitution, she affords, not a pretext only, but a justificatory cause to the State of South Carolina, to that of Georgia
Floyd — H. Deskins, D. N. Howell, Henry Lane. Fluvanna — D. W. K. Bowles, Abner W. Strange, Charles Boswell. Franklin — F. Saunders, G. S. Dennis, Jno. Wade, Jr. Frederick — H. M. Baker, J. H. Sherrard, R. E. Byrd. Giles — William H. Shidow, A. G. Pendleton, W. C. Charlton. Gilmer — S. G. Stalnaker, Minter Jackson, John E. Hays. Gloucester--Dr. T. C. Clopton. A. W. Robins, Wm. Ap W. Jones. Goochland — S. A. Guy, James W. Logan, J. M. Trevilitan. Grayson — S. W. McCamant, Charles Hale, Hastin Fulton. Greenbrier--Dr. J. J. Moorman, Wm.Smith, D. S. Creigh. Greene — William T. Sims, John T. Early, Daniel Miller. Greensville — Tamlin Avent, J. R. Chambliss, Sr, Wm. H. Spratley. Halifax — S. B. Major, William H. Clarke, John E. Edmonds. Hampshire--Charles Blue, E. M Armstrong, David Gibson. Hancock — Benjamin Griffith, Wm. M. Porter, Thos. Bambrick. Hanover--Dr. Henry Curtis, Wm. R. Winn, William F. Wickham. Hardy — Thomas Maslin, G. J.