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enth Kentucky Cavalry, Major Wm. Reany's Battalion Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Cincinnati commercial account. Winchester, Ky., January 11, 1863. If your readers will for a moment lay before them their maps of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, I will endeavor to lay out to them the route pursued by General Carter in his expedition to East-Tennessee. The First battalion of the Seventh Ohio cavalry, under command of Major Reany, consisting of company A, Captain Green, First Lieutenant A. Hall; company B, Captain Lewis, First Lieutenant J. P. Santmyer, Second Lieutenant W. T. Burton; company C, Captain Simpson, Second Lieutenant M. Schuler; company D, Captain E. Lindsay, Second Lieutenant, Samuel Murphy; Acting Adjutant, D. Sayer; Acting Quartermaster, Second Lieutenant Rich--left this camp on the twentieth of December, under the guidance of Colonel Carter, of the Second Tennessee volunteers, and proceeded to Clarke's salt-works, at the head of the Kentucky River, where w
R. AlsopMay 14, 1861. 32,685J. A. De BrameJuly 2, 1861. 33,770C. H. AlsopNov. 26, 1861. 33,932W. H. ElliotDec. 17, 1861. 34,032Thomas ShawDec. 24, 1861. 34,093W. J. PittJan. 7, 1862. 34,226C. R. AlsopJan. 21, 1862. 34,803C. R. AlsopMar. 25, 1862. 35,052J. A. WhalenApr. 22, 1862. 35,404A. C. VaughanMay 27, 1862. 35,999G. W. B. GedneyJuly 29, 1862. 36,861H. S. RogersNov. 4, 1862. 37,004T. J. MayallNov. 25, 1862. 37,329F. BealsJan. 6, 1863. 37,921S. RemingtonMar. 17, 1863. 37,961A. HallMar. 24, 1863. 38,336James ReidApr. 28, 1863. 38,934L. W. PondJune 16, 1863. 39,409James KerrAug. 4, 1863. 39,771C. W. HarrisSept. 1, 1863. 39,825Mershon and HollinsworthSept. 8, 1863. 39,869J. H. VickersSept. 8, 1863. 40,021J. M. CooperSept. 22, 1863. 40,558J. W. CochranNov. 10, 1863. 41,184D. WilliamsonJan. 5, 1864. 41,803S. W. WoodMar. 1 1864. 41,848B. KittredgeMar. 8, 1864. 42,435Thomas GibsonApr. 19, 1864. 43,709Robitail and DahisAug. 2, 1864. 44,303S. GuilbertSept. 20, 18
ashington that forgery was resorted to for the purpose of circulating documents, it was time for the South to cut loose. Mr. Branch, of Petersburg, raised a point of order. Mr. Montague remarked that he had said all he had to say. Mr. Hall, of Wetzel, said he was familiar with Mr. Clemens' handwriting, and those franks were unquestionably forgeries. Mr. Holcombe, of Albemarle, said that as reference had been made to a paper published in his county, he felt it incumbent on himranch, Brent, brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Carlile, Carter, Clemens, Coffman, C. B. Conrad, Ro. Y. Conrad, Couch, Jas. H. Cox, Critcher, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Grant, Gravely, Gray, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Hoge, Holladay, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Jackson, P. C. Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, MacFARLANDarland, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Orrick, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Pugh, Rives, Sa
gestion having been accepted, he called for the yeas and nays on the adoption of the substitute. The call being sustained, the vote was taken with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Jauney, (President,) Aston. Baldwin, A. M. Bathour, J. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Boggess, Branch, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Caperton, Carter, Coffman, R. Y.Conrad, Couch, J. H. Cox, Critcher, Dent, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Graham, Grant, Gravely, Gray, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Haymond, Hoge, Hubbard, Hull, Jackson, M, Johnson, P. C. Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, Macfarland, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Patrick, Porter, Preston, Price, Pugh, Saunders, R. E. Scott, W. C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Southall, Speed, Spurlock, A. H. H. Stuart. C. J. Stuart, Tarr, Taylor, White, Wickham, and Willey.--71. Nays.-- Messrs. Armstrong, Blow, Bolssean, Borst. Bouldin, Cabell, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Coun. C. B. Conrad, R. H. Cox,
ng Friday week for Monday next. Decided out of order, the previous question having been called. The call for the previous question being sustained, the main question was put. Mr. Carlile demanded the yeas and nays, and the vote resulted as follows: Yeas.--Messrs Armstrong, Aston, Baylor, Berlin, Boggess, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Carlile, Carter, C.B. Conrad, Robt. Y. Conrad, Couch, Jas. H Cox, Custis, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Gray, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Haymond, Hoge, Holiday, Hubbard, Hughes, Hall, Jackson, P. C. Johnstone, Kilby, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, McNeil, Macfarland, Marshall, Marr, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Orrick, Osburn, Parks, Pendleton, Porter, Price, Pugh. Wm. C. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Spurlock, A. H. H. Stuart, C. J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, Taylor, Whitfield, Wickham, Willey, and Wilson--66. Nays.--Messrs. Janney, (President,) Ambler, Baldwin, A. M. Barbour, Jas. Barbour, Blakey, Blow, Boisseau, B
ntlemen declared here that they owed no allegiance to the Federal Government, it was still certain that they could commit treason against the United States. Mr. Hall, of Wetzell, desired to ask a question. If the Senators representing the thirty-four States should withdraw from Congress, and the States should refuse to send d the Northern people to war upon the institution of slavery. It would be placed entirely beyond their interference. He thought if a stranger were to enter this Hall while some of the gentlemen on the other side were launching philippics against the Cotton States, he would think this was a high court sitting in judgment upon ths.--Messrs Janney, (President,) Aston, Baldwin, Baylor, Berlin, Boggess, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Campbell, Carter, Robt. Y. Conrad, Couch, Early, Fugate, Gravely, A. Hall, E. B. Hall, Hammond, Hoge, Holladay, Hubbard, Jackson, Marmaduke Johnson, P. C. Johnston, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, Macfarland, Maslin, Moffett, Moore, Orrick, Osb
, Jackson, Lewis, McGrew, Masters, Moore, Osburn, Patrick, Porter, W. C. Scott, Sharp, A. H. H. Stuart, C. J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, and Willey.--24. Nays.--Messrs. Ambler, Armstrong, A. M. Barbonr, Blakey, Blow, Boissean, Borst, Bouldin, Boyd, Branch, Brent, Bruce, Cecil, Chambliss, Coffman, Conn, C. B. Conrad, R. Y. Conrad, R. H. Cox, Critcher, Deskins, Dorman, Echols, Fisher, Flournoy, French, Fugate, Garland, Gillespie, Graham, Gravely, Gray, Gregory, Goggin, Jno. Goods, Jr., Hale, A. Hall, C. Hall, L. S. Hall, Hammond, Harvle, Haymond, Hoge, Holcombe, Holladay, Hunton, Isbell, Janney, M. Johnson, P. C. Johnston, Kent, Kilby, Kindred, Lawson, Leake, McComas, McNeil, Macfarland, C. K. Maliory, Marshall, Marr, Marye, Maslin, Miller, Moffett, Montague, Morris, Morton, Neblett, Neison, Orrick, Parks, Preston, Price, Pugh, Randolph, Richardson, R. E. Scott, Seawell, Sheffey, Stitlington, Slaughter, Speed, Spurlock, Staples, Strange, Sutherlin, Tayloe, Thornton, R. H. Turner, F. P.
ispatch in the New York Herald which the gentleman from Harrison had omitted. (Calls for "Question," cries of "Leave," &c.) Mr. Carlile said he should claim the privilege of reply. After some difficulty, and against the protest of Mr. Hall, of Marion, Mr. Harvie succeeded in obtaining the floor. He said the gentleman from Harrison had taken occasion to make a fling at those with whom he (Mr. Harvie) acted, by bringing in an extract from the New York Herald. He would summon the wfall." Mr. Carlile replied, relieving himself from any charge that he had a special purpose to conceal any portion of the dispatch. He did not believe there was any truth in it. Brief speeches were made by Messrs. Baylor of Augusta, and Hall of Wetzel--Mr. Montague having meantime raised a point of order as to the debate now going on, which the Chair overruled. Mr. Carter, of Loudoun, said he was authorized to state that there was no truth in the report recently alluded to here,
ere demanded. The roll was called, and the vote resulted — yeas 59, nays 51. So it was decided that the main question should be put. The vote was then taken on the adoption of the preamble and resolution, and resulted as follows: Yeas.--Messrs. Ambler, Jas. Barbour, Blakey, Bouldin, Branch, Cabell, Caperton, Cecil, Chambliss, Chapman, Coffman, Conn, Robt Y. Conrad, R. H. Cox, Critcher, Deskins, Echols, Fisher, Flournoy, Garland, Gillespie, Graham, Gregory, John Goodo, Jr., Hale, A. Hall, C. Hall, Hammond, Harvie, Holcombe, Hunton, Isbell, Kent, Kindred, Lawson, Leake, C. K. Mallory, Jas. B. Mallory, Marr, Miller, Montague, Morris, Morton, Neblett, Orrick, Parks, Preston, Randolph, Richardson, Robert E. Scott, Wm. C. Scott, Seawell, Sheffey, Slaughter, Speed, Staples, Strange, Sutherlin, Tayloe, Tredway, Waller, Wilson, and Wysor.--63. Nays.--Messrs. Janney, (President.) Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin, A. M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Brent, Burdett, Burley, Ca
lic good. On motion of Mr. Burdett, of Taylor, the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. Bouldin, of Charlotte, corrected the report of his remarks in the official organ of the Convention, the Richmond Enquirer. Committee of the whole. The hour of half-past 10 having arrived, the Convention went into Committee of the Whole, (Mr. Southall in the chair,) for the purpose of considering the report of the Committee on Federal Relations. An ineffectual effort was made by Mr. Hall, of Marion, and Burdett, to rescind the resolution admitting spectators into the lobbies. Mr. Jackson, of Wood, called attention to the fact, that on yesterday he and another gentleman were "spit upon from the galleries." The Chairman said it was the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to preserve order throughout the Hall. The 10th resolution of the Report was then taken up, as follows: 10, Without expressing an opinion as to the question of power, but in deference to the opi
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