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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
ld, W. Reynolds, Private M. M. Smith, J. Sims, L. W. Thompson, N. Barefield, J. R. Parramore. Co. H. Private J. F. Murry, J. F. Echols, Private J. M. Palmer. Co. I. Sergeant J. F. Davis, L. E. Key, Corporal J. S. Dunn, J. H. Rendall, Private A. J. Champion, J. B. Champion, F. D. Champion, J. J. Elder, Private Wm. Freeman, John H. Griffin, J. C. Head, J. H. Curlin, C. McCullers, C. Powers, Jas. Wilkerson, John Wilkerson. Co. K. Sergeant E. W. Hightower, H. Harris, Private J. Johnson, F. S. Loyd, Corporal M. B. Teague, Private T. J. Anderson, B. F. Hardy, J. M. Andrews, P. J. Hardnett, H. H. Hardnett, S. Hardnett, Private R. G. Langford, J. M. Moore, W. M. Marchman, S. A. Phillips, J. W. Ragland, H. C. Towns, C. R. C. Ward. [161] Twenty-Sixth Georgia Regiment. Co. A. Sergeant W. H. Holmes, Corporal James M. Flinn, Private Richard Greenfield, Private James G. N. Harris, John Strickland, Thomas W. Dunn, mus'n. Co. B.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
m, Corporal Thos. W. Shearin, Private E. S. Acock, W. E. Brown, J. M. Harris, Joshua North, Private C. D. Riggan, C. L. Riggan, J. A. Saintsing, C. H. Walker, R. B. Pegram, D. M. Brow. Co. C. Sergeant B. L. Butler, Corporal A. Robinson, Private E. Coleman, A. Danford, Ithamer Lamb, Private R. L. Larkins, David Oakley, Johnathan Robins, W. F. Vines. Co. D. Mus'n J. L Joyner, Private Benj. Adams, G. Bledsoe, D. Dickey, J. J. Goodin, T. P. Harris, Henry Harris, Private G. E. Lloyd, F. P. Mangum, W. Ward, ——Wadford, N. M. Massey, O. P. Mangum, S. B. Ferrell. Co. E. Sergeant J. W. Hanshey, J. K. Jones, Private——Bradshaw, H. Brown, J. T. Duff, E. M. Johnson, Private A. M. Helms, W. M. Norris, D. N. Turner, Uzzell T. Wood, M. O. Johnson, Simpson Davis. Co. F. Sergeant John Walston, Arthur Forbes, T. R. Eagles, Corporal R. E. Pittman, Jas. Ellis, Mus'n Newett Webb, Private Benj. Balby, Spencer Barnes,
Post-Office affairs --Virginia Appointments.--Richard C. Shacklett postmaster at Piedmont Station, Fauquier co., vice George W. Shacklett; resigned. Albert G. Gooch postmaster at Oronoco, Amherst co., Va., vice Preston Tomlinson, resigned. R. S. Roach, postmaster at Cherry Run Depot, Morgan co., vice Thomas B. Roach, resigned. Henry Harris postmaster at Wise, Jackson co., Va., vice James P. Harris, resigned. David R. Nunneiee postmaster at Riceville, Pittsylvania co. vice M. W. Anderson.
Continued. --The case against Henry Harris for stealing a watch, valued at $37, from Alexander Henly, a few months since, was partially examined yesterday, and continued for another hearing. The Gas Works of Richmond now produce about 190,000 feet per day. The Superintendent's report of last year's operations is now in the hands of the printer. We learn that it will show that the works realized last year over expenses the handsome sum of $70,000. After the breaking out of hostilities between the Confederate and United States, a number of the white workmen were discovered to be disloyal, which led to the adoption of the plan now in operation of employing negro labor. It has worked admirably. While more docile than those they have supplanted, they are equally as intelligent, work more faithfully, and cost much less. The interior of the Gas House shows a neatness commendable in either white or black men.
Mayor's Court, Saturday, May 10th. --Jenny, slave of Ellen Douglas, having been arrested for roaming about the streets without a pass, was let off. John Morgan, a person of on certain reputation, found drunk and asleep in a suspicious locality, committed to jail. Henry Harris, free negro, charged with stealing a watch from Henry Alexander, was sent on for trial to the Hustings Court. Morgan Britton, for the murder of his wife, and Harriet, slave of Ben. Cooley, (the latter, convicted of the murder of Cooley's wife, having been sent to Staunton for safe keeping,) were continued in jail.
sault on Emanuel Raymond in the Second Market, and acquitted by the jury. John R. Blankinship and Thomas Lotey, lads, were tried for taking a fowling-piece from Chas. Jones, another lad, and selling the same and converting the proceeds to their own use. Verdict guilty, and sentenced to five days imprisonment in the city jail, and to pay the costs. John Hopkins, a boy, was tried on the charge of picking the pocket of Bill, slave of John O. Taylor, of $14, and was acquitted. Henry Harris, for permitting his slave, Martha, to go at large, was fined ten dollars and costs. The case of Selle Jones, for keeping a disorderly house, etc, was continued until to-day. Rules were awarded against Hector Davis, Bartholomew Graves, and E. H. Stokes, witnesses in the case, for non-attendance. Capiases were awarded against Dick Duff, Julius Sholly, Geo. W. Nelson, and Fred. Thomas, for breaking out of the city jail. These parties are under indictment for misdemeanor for break
e found guilty, and each ordered thirty-nine lashes. John B. Henderson was tried, found guilty, and remanded before Judge Lyons's Court on the change of stealing overseers and shoes the Confederate States. William , charged with being concerned in the robbery of N. T. Pete's wine cellar, was found guilty and ordered thirty-nine inches. An old penitentiary convict, named Frederick Miller, who had already served out faithfully a term in the State prison, was arraigned on the charge of receiving stolen goods, knowing the same to have been stolen. The evidence did not sustain the charge, and the Court thereupon set him on liberty. Wm. K. Elliott and Robert H. Cotton, arraigned on the charge of kidnapping three free negroes named Wm. Wallis, Henry Harris, and Elishe Wallis, with the intention of selling them into slavery, were partially examined, and further investigation postponed till the February term of the Court. The Court will sit again this morning.