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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 19: battle of the forts and capture of New Orleans. (search)
afton, Lieutenant F. M. Harris, ex-naval officers of the United States; Purser L. E. Brooks, Gunner Wilson, Boatswain Jones, Carpenter Cherry, Captain's Clerk George Taylor, Captain's Clerk W. Clark, Chief Engineer W. Young-blood, 2d Assistant Engineer James Harris, 2d Assistant Engineer M. Parsons, 3d Assistant Engineer Theo. Hart, 3d Assistant Engineer James Elliott, 3d Assistant Engineer James Waters. Engineers from the Manassas.--Menzis, 3d assistant engineer; Weaver, 2d assistant engineestruction of the Confederate States steamer Louisiana, on the 28th ultimo, viz: Surgeon James D. Grafton, Assistant Paymaster L. E. Brooks, Captain's Clerk George Taylor Captain's Clerk William Clark, 1st Engineer W. Young-blood, 2d Assistant Engineer James Harris, 2d Assistant Engineer M. Parsons, 3d Assistant Engineer Theo. Hart, 3d Assistant Engineer James Elliott, 3d Assistant Engineer James Waters, 2d Assistant Engineer Orvel Culver, 2d Assistant Engineer George W. Weaver, 3d Assistant En
the hearts of his friends. Among those who are missing I have to mention the names of Lieutenant Knight, of the First regiment Rhode Island Volunteers, and Dr. James Harris, of the same regiment. Both are men whom we can hardly afford to lose, and I trust that some measures may be taken by which their fate may be known. Dr. HaDr. Harris was especially active upon the field of battle in dressing the wounds of disabled soldiers; and, knowing no distinction between friend and foe, treated the enemy's wounded with the same kindness and consideration as those of our own troops. He is probably a prisoner. Other officers might be mentioned, had I the data at handthe hands of the enemy and well cared for. Since my original report I have learned that some others of our missing are in Richmond, among them Lieut. Knight and Dr. Harris, of the First Rhode Island regiment. I beg to supply an important omission in my first report, by attesting to the courage and efficiency of my personal staf
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 8. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), History of Lane's North Carolina brigade. (search)
e their position by a movement by the right flank. After moving about a quarter of a mile, they were ordered to advance across a swamp and over an abatis of felled trees, up a hill, upon an entrenched position of the enemy. It was in this advance that our patriotic Colonel lost that life which was so dear to his whole regiment. The colors, when the advance began, were in the hands of Corporal Henry T. Fight, of Company F. He was instantly shot down, when they were again seized by Corporal James Harris, of Company I; he was also shot down, when Colonel Campbell himself seized the colors, and advancing some twenty paces in front of his regiment, ordered them not to fire but to follow him. Within twenty paces of the enemy's line he was shot down, when Lieutenant Duncan C. Haywood, commanding Company E, again seized our flag, the staff of which had been shot in two, and advanced to the front of the regiment. He also immediately lost his life, whereupon the flag of the regiment was ca
Grew, Mrs. Henry, State. Grey, Jeremiah, Somerset. Grinnell, Chas. B., Boston. Gunn, E. F., Montague. Hadley, David B., Cambridge. Hale, Charles, Boston. Hall, Samuel, Jr., Boston. Hall, Thomas J., Upton. Hall, Dudley, Medford. Hall, Francis, Cambridge. Hall, Chas., Boston. Hamblett, George, Dracut. Hamblett, Chas. A., Dracut. Hapgood, Asa, Worcester. Harding, Abram S., Medway. Harding, Henry C., Hingham. Harrington, W. A., Brighton. Harris, J. W., Boston. Harris, James Winthrop, Cambridge. Hathaway, Wm. L., Dighton. Head, Chas. D., Brookline. Hersey, Reuben, Hingham. Heywood, Paul, Ashby. Hidden, David I. C., Andover. Higginson, Geo., Boston. Higginson, James P., Boston. Higginson, Louisa G., Boston. Hildreth, A. E., Cambridge. Hill, W. R., Sutton. Hill, Sylvester S., Billerica. Hill, Asa, Athol. Hinckley, Nathaniel, Barnstable. Hoadley, Maria G., New Bedford. Hoadley, Mrs. C. G., N
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
. L., 392 Harrington, C. D., 162 Harrington, C. N., 290 Harrington, D. C., 68 Harrington, Dennis, 68 Harrington, F. A., 290 Harrington, Henry, 290 Harrington, J. C., 68 Harrington, John, 290 Harrington, S. D., 574 Harrington, Samuel, 290 Harrington, W. A., 582 Harrington, W. F., 290 Harris, Charles, 68 Harris, D. J., 68 Harris, E., 657 Harris, E. W., 291 Harris, F. L., 68 Harris, G. D., 68 Harris, George, 68 Harris, H. A., 291 Harris, H. A., 490 Harris, J. S., 291 Harris, J. W., 582 Harris, James W., 582 Harris, Joseph W., 68 Harris, Robert, 291, 420 Harris, S. S., 291 Harris, Thomas, 68 Harris, W. H., 68 Harris, William, Jr., 291 Harrison, Robert, 420, 530 Harrison, Samuel, 394 Harrison, W. H., 68 Harrod, B. C., 291 Harrold, C. W., 420, 468 Hart, C. A., 291 Hart, I. C., 291, 490, 530 Hart, J. A., 490 Hart, J. H., 469 Hart, J. W., 291 Hart, S. C., 215 Hart, T. B., 291 Hart, W. H., 291, 490, 530 Hartford, R. F., 68 Hartley, Henry, 291 Ha
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
J. S. Benton, T. G. Gorman, Private J. M. Jones, J. N. Kendall, G. W. Moreland, G. F. Phillips. Co. F. 1st Sergeant J. Harris, Private M. F. Bragg, S. K. Bennett, Private J. Manders, J. Richardson. Co. G. 3d Sergt J. C. Du Bose, , Private Wm. H. Anderson, Andrew Cobb, A. F. Cox, N. P. Cole, J. J. Doyle, J. J. Davis, Chesley Fisher, Jas. Harris, C. C. Hix, Samuel Jones, Wm. Keaton, J. C. Lee, Private Jonah Liles, Wilson Moss, P. L. Moore, J. B. Moorthey, W. F. Abernathy, E. Andrews, J. W. Chaffin, C. Chappell, Private J. M. Coggins, J. H. Campbell, E. Lamb, J. T. Harris, W. H. Myhard, J. D. Sloan, T. C. Samuels, J. Wright. Co. K. 1st Sergeant H. F. Smith, 2d Sergeant J. W. 2d Sergeant R. F. Emmons, 5th Sergeant D. B. Bush, Com. Sergeant A. Aldrich, 1st Corporal J. M. Drawhorn, Private J. Harris, Private T. W. H. McCall, F. M. Morris, D. N. McLean, Chas. Scully. Co. K. 2d Sergeant O. T. Hanks, 3d S
sh vessels bound for Archangel, Panin informed Harris ministerially, that although the vessels whichess and power. When, in the middle of July, Harris presented the Spanish declaration of war againanced the same opinions. Count Panin, wrote Harris, receives every idea from his Prussian Majestynt of the American war to annex the Crimea. Harris professed to believe that for eighty thousand mes of aggrandizement. Without loss of time Harris proposed to Potemkin that the empress should m. The letter was accompanied by a writing from Harris, in which he was lavish of flattery; and he ofrtz, asked playfully: What can have given Sir James Harris the jaundice? Has anything happened to va Russian vessel carrying wheat to Barcelona. Harris, who received the news in advance, hurried to h his messenger immediately with the news. So Harris was made the instrument of communicating to his own request. But before the despatches of Harris were on the road, the conduct of the affair wa[13 more...]
Post Office affairs. --Virginia Appointments.--Wm. Swindier postmaster at Frankfort, Hampshire county, vice J. F. Moore, deceased. John F. Swink postmaster at Springvale, Fairfax county. vice Geo. A. Rouge, resigned. Ed. H. Jeffreys, Jr., postmaster at County Line Cross Roads, Charlotte county, vice John W. Spencer, resigned. John P. Bradley postmaster at Issequena, Goochland county, vice Joseph F. Howard, resigned. H. P. Mitchell postmaster at Greene Bottom, Cabell county, vice James E. Williamson, resigned. James T. B. Harris postmaster at Baileysburg, Surry county, vice Jas. Harris, resigned.
Runaway--one Dollar reward, --Runaway from the "Barque Parthian." a Negro man, named "James Harris." He is about 28 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches in height, and pox marked. The above reward will be paid by delivery of him to us. David &Wm. Currie. ja 15--1t
The Daily Dispatch: January 15, 1861., [Electronic resource], Message from the acting Governor of Kansas. (search)
e think our duty to our State, and to ourselves, no longer permits us to take an active part in the proceedings of this body, either by speaking or voting. My colleague is confined to his room by sickness, but concurs, I am sure, in what I say. The other business transacted was of an unimportant nature. House.--Mr. Garnett introduced a joint resolution to suspend the execution of the Federal laws in the seceding States. Referred to the Committee on the President's Message. Mr. Harris, of Va., introduced a resolution to revive the tariff of 1846. Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means. Mr. McKean, of Pa., offered a resolution looking to the non-collection of the revenue in South Carolina. Referred. A resolution was adopted instructing the Select Committee to report on that part of the President's special message recommending that the questions at issue be submitted to the people. Mr. Holman introduced a coercion resolution. Mr. English introduce
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