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se duty it shall be to see that the engine is in compleat order the Day after being called out at any time for fire or otherwise and if they neglect to do the same they shall for each neglect pay the fine of seventy-five Cents. .. 8th Every member shall repair directly to the Engine House on hearing the cry of fire Then followed the signatures of Zaccheus Wyman, Samuel Teel Jun, Jonathan Brooks, John Dickson, Isaac Brooks, Joseph Wyman Jr, James T Floyd, Daniel Wier, Patrick Roach, Wm Harris, Leonard Bucknam, Isaac Floyd, John Symmes 3d, Joseph Bucknam [On same page, in same expert hand as before] At a meeting appointed by the company and held at the house of Mr J. Johnson on Monday the fourth day of JanY 1088 . . . Voted that Zaccheus Wyman be Master of the engine and James T Floyd Clerk to sd Company for the year ensuing. Also voted to meet the first Monday in April at Half past 5 oClock P. M. at the engine house At the bottom of the page, in the handwriting o
-Berry. Wounded: Sergeant H. Wells, dangerously; Corporal McIntyre, severely; --Simpson, severely; John Key, severely;--Ackler. Company E.--Wounded; Color--Sergeant Doyle, severely; Sergeant Wallace, dangerously; Color-Corporal Cole, severely; Privates Quinn, seriously; Wm Bannon, severely, Edward Lawn, severely. Company F.--Wounded: Sergeants Kennedy and Vogt; Private George Eisenburger. Company G.--Killed: Private Murphy. Wounded: Privates Ryan and Wagner. Company H.--Killed: Wm Harris,--Sehley. Wounded: Jos Farr mortally; W T Perry, mortally; Samuel Cridell, dangerously; Samuel Rogers, severely; Phillip Coakley, severely;--Colston, dangerously; Renney White, dangerously;--Guy, slightly. Company I.--Killed: Captain M. L. Robertson, Wounded: Lieutenant H H Bean, severely; G J Chapallier, J G Barber, L S Lancaster, color Corporal Frederick Groves. In this connection we might add that the Maryland Line including the First Maryland Regiment the Baltimore Light Arti
bels" were not driven off, but the gunboat was.] From Memphis. Memphis June 22, 1862. Over two hundred merchants have taken the oath of allegiance. Preaching the gospel of treason has been stopped by General Wallace. The rector of the Episcopal Church, who offered prayers for the Southern Confederacy last Sunday, has been effectually admonished. Samuel Sawyer, Chaplain of the Forty-seventh Indiana, preached this morning in the Methodist Church of the runaway rebel Harris, nephew of the Governor. This evening he preached in the Second Presbyterian Church, which dismissed the Rev. Dr. Grundy, on suspicion of his loyalty to the Union. Sawyer is the same clergyman who, in East Tennessee, several years ago, was persecuted for writing an account of Deacon Netherlands cruel whipping of his slave behind his Church. The citizens of Brownsville, Hayward county, raised the Stars and Stripes yesterday. The rebel militia General, Coles, an original Secess
th N C; E M L Williams, 12th S C; Corp'l J H Williams, 14th Tenn; Corp'l Danl Daly, 19th Ga; Thos Dickinson, 14th Ga; R C Harris, 1st Tenn: Wm Brown, 14th Ga; D M Stroup, 34th N C; Wm Harris, 34th N C; Wm Harvell 34th N C; N B Robertson, Orr's S C; EWm Harris, 34th N C; Wm Harvell 34th N C; N B Robertson, Orr's S C; Ellis Sartin, 22d N C; Lt G W Marshall, 47th Va; Abner Camp, 34th N C; Capt W B Valandigham, 12th S C; Color Serg't George Onderdonk, 5th Texas; Jas A May, 22d N C; Patrick Gelday, 8th Ala; R A Overcash, 34th N C; Benj Martin, 34th N C; Corp'l Wm Wri Bullard, do do; Wm C Smith, 2d Miss bat; L Bodenheimer, do do; Corp'l Jas Aubry, 8th Ala; Hugh B Harrison, 14th S C; G W Harris, (chaplain,) 8th Va; Lieut J G Willis, 1st Tenn; Christian & Lea's Hospital. Hooper Harman, 14th Ga; Sgt J B Ang Rice, 2d Ga; J B Jones, 9th Ga; R H Griffin, J O Jones, 2d Ga; O Barr, J N Bimms, 15th Ga; W P Stanley, 18th Ga; Sgt T J Harris, J L Neal, 9th Ga; Jas B Newman, 2d Ga; S W H Hunt, 15th Ga; Lewis Harris, 2d Ga; L Dean, J H Mallory, 17th Ga; David Hud
e confined chiefly to horses and mules, (every one of which were taken,) to corn and bacon, hogs and fowls. Among those who were most indeed treated was Mrs. Col. Harris, the wife of Gen. Beauregard's chief engineer. This most estimable lady was very harshly treated — had her house broken into, and much of her furniture, &c.nty. It was virally important that the enemy should not capture it. He had also under his charge an engineer wagon. He ran into a large party of the enemy at Mr. Wm Harris's house; he wheeled and spurred at full tilt ever an open field for the bridge; they pursued him hotly for a quarter of a mile, but he cleared the bridge in safety. Hearing that they had left Harris's he crossed the bridge again, and was met by a large party of them, who were going to burn the bridge. The fleetness of his horse enabled him to elude them. He had scarcely gotten out of their clutches, however, before he was seen and pursued by another party near the river bank. Coming