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; F. M. Boace, First Lieutenant, Sixth Georgia cavalry ; T. G. Batsman, First Lieutenant, First Arkansas, Co. A; W. H. Best, First Lieutenant, Twenty-fifth Georgia; D. L. Ambrose, First Lieutenant, Twenty-Fifth Georgia; Samuel G. Bowman, First Lieutenant, Fourth Tennessee; William H. Davis, First Lieutenant, Fifth Georgia cavalry; R. L. Mitchell, Lieutenant, Fourth Kentucky mounted infantry; Alexander Hasset, Lieutenant, First Georgia Reserves; J. D. Cercopely, Navy Captain, steamer Ida; John Harrison, Mate, steamer Ida; Andrew Ambrose, Pilot, steamer Ida; Thomas Swygover, First Engineer, steamer Ida; Peter C. Brown, Second Engineer, steamer Ida; L. A. McCarthy, Assistant Engineer, steamer Ida; J. J. Smith, Paymaster's Clerk, steamer Resolute; W. D. Oliveria, Pilot Commanding, steamer Resolute; A. A. E. W. Barclay, First Assistant Engineer, steamer Resolute; C. B. Thompson, First Assistant Engineer, steamer Resolute, J. S. Tipton, Assistant Surgeon, navy, steamer Resolute; Francis Mar
fluctuations of temperature. These have been adapted to the clock and to the watch: in the former the mercurial pendulum of Graham and the gridiron pendulum of Harrison may be cited; and in the latter, the expanding and contracting balance-wheel, depending upon the unequal expansion under changes of temperature of two different ree of sixty geographical miles, £ 15,000 if to forty miles, £ 20,000 if to thirty miles, to be determined by a voyage from England to some port in America. John Harrison, born in 1693 at Faulby, near Pontefract, in England, undertook the task, and succeeded after repeated attempts, covering the period 1728 – 1761. His first tic.) An instrument to indicate musical time. A metronome. Chro-nom′e-ter-es-cape′ment. The chronometer-escapement was invented by Berthoud, and improved by Harrison, Arnold, Earnshaw, and Dent. It is the most perfect, delicate, and satisfactory in its operation, of all the escapements. It is also kept more carefully, at l
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company B. (search)
James W. Drew, 1st Sergt. Lawrence 22, a; shoemaker. Aug. 11, 1862. Disch. May 20, 1865. Francis T. Holden, 1st Sergt. Clinton, 30, m; weaver. Jan, 5, 1864. Disch. Aug. 10, 1865. Samuel Corning, Q. M. Sergt. Lawrence, 21, a; clerk. Aug. 8, 1862. Disch May, 1865. David Kingman, Jr., Q. M. Sergt. Hanson, 29, n; tackmaker. Dec. 30, 1863. M. O. Sept. 26, 1865. Alexander Atkins, Com. Sergt., E. Cambridge, 19, s; ladder maker. Jan. 26, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. John Harrison, Sadd. Sergt. Charlestown, 29, m; harness maker. Aug. 7, 1862. Disch. May 1865. Gustavus A. Chandler, Sergt, Lawrence, 25, s; teamster. Aug. 6, 1862. Drowned in Miss. river July 4, 1864. George E. Crockett, Sergt. Lawrence, 18, s; operative. July 14, 1862. Wounded Sept. 19, 1864. Disch. May 20, 1865. Edwin L. Curtis, Sergt. Stoughton, 20, s; teamster, Dec. 11, 1863. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Justin H. Kent, Sergt. Lawrence, 25, m; stair builder. Aug. 5, 1862. Disch. Ma
e that they only came to find out the particulars of the affair, the police proceeded to the Mayor's private residence, who, late at night, issued a warrant for the arrest of all the parties found in the house. About 2 o'clock it was surrounded by the police and armed guard, and the inmates, male and female, marched off to the cage, as persons of evil name, fame, and reputation. The men gave the names of Wilson Williams, George Grase, Benedict Howard, John F. Peregey, Edward Lightfoot, John Harrison, and Frank Gillian. The women registered as A. E. Thomas, Mary Jones, Lissy Hodges, Maggie Clark, Lucretia Bywaters, (alias Sue Price,) Sarah Smith, Mary Davis, Emma Marsh, Nellie Porter, and Jenny Barnes. Early Sunday morning the cage being too crowded, most of the prisoners were sent to the city jail. The unfortunate man who was shot was known as Capt. J. O. Withmell, and hailed from Louisville, Ky. After being shot he was carried to his room at the Exchange Hotel, and Dr. Conway ca
eds to go to the port fund. Sutlers and purveyors belonging to any portion of the army must confine their sales to their own commands; any dealers belonging to the army who violate these rules will be treated in the same manner as those who do not belong to the army. All offenders will be promptly punished, without any leniency being shown. "The Magnolia Encampment, No. 1, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, have elected the annexed officers for the ensuing year: John Thomas, C. P.; John Harrison, H. P.; John A. Dexter, S. W.; Robert Glover, J. W.; Charles Gross, Scribe; James L. Haust, Treasurer. "Occupants of houses are notified that they must keep the streets in front of their premises thoroughly cleaned. "Dealers in oysters are notified that they must not charge over one dollar per bushel. "The Savannah Home Insurance Company request all holders of policies, dated before January 1, that they must call and get new ones, if future insurance is desired. "Majo