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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
uson, James F. Flournoy, Lewis T. Frazier. John E. Griffiths, E. T. Gray, Isaac A. Gentry, Isaac Goddard, William Gibson, James R. Gordon, D. P. Gulick, J. C. Goolsby, George W. Grant. W. C. Grady, William Gibson, H. Gunst, James T. Gray, John W. Gilham, L. H. Gates, A. W. Garber, A. N. Gill, John Gilliam, Lieut. John W. Gordon. Charles Herbert, G. Percy Hawes, Lieutenant E. G. Hollis, Frank D. Hill, Philip Haxall, Charles M. Hopkins, S. H. Hawes, John T. Hartman, F. Hebring, Colonel Randolph Harrison, Charles H. Hasker, Major Charles Howard, D. C. Hill, J. B. Harvie, R. H. M. Harrison, Luke Harvey, L. W. Hannon, Alexander Hierholzer, J. Booton Hill, James Haines, John Hunter, Jr., W. R. Hall, Jerome Hill. William Ellis Jones, A. Jennings, J. William Jones, John B. Johnson, Thomas W. Jones, James Leigh Jones, Alfred O. Jones, W. J. Johnson, G. W. Jarvis, J. T. Jobson, Henry C. Jones, Colonel Hilary P. Jones, W. R. Jones, F. N. Johnson. A. Krouse, William Kinloch, J. Henry
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The career of Wise's Brigade, 1861-5. (search)
enitents and the Patients, were moved out on the Blandford fork of the road entering the city, and three companies moved from the left of the lines under Colonel Randolph Harrison of the 46th, to flank the entering enemy on the right, and they seeing the approach of the former in front, and of the latter on their right, retreated a, and in delaying their advance to Five Forks. In these two fights a number of the best and bravest fell among the killed and wounded, among whom were Lieutenant-Colonel Harrison, of the 34th; Captain Barksdale, of the 59th, and Lieutenant Barksdale Warwick, of my staff, who died with a smile of the guadia certaminis on his face,the 26th under the younger Perrin, the elder having been badly shattered to pieces at the charge at Howlett's the year before; the 46th under Captain Abbott, Colonels Harrison and Wise being both wounded and exempted, and the 34th under Colonel J. Thomas Goode. Immediately upon the fire we turned the head of our column obliquely t
The Grays --Company "A," First Regiment--held their annual meeting on Tuesday night, for the purpose of electing non-commissioned officers and transacting other business. The following is a complete list of the present officers of this gallant corps: W. M. Elliott, Captain; Louis J. Bossieux, 1st Lieutenant; J. V. Crawford. 2d Lieutenant; Randolph Harrison. 3d Lieutenant; E. W. Branch, 1st Sergeant; John B. Vaughan, 2d Sergeant; Wm. Ira Smith, 3d Sergeant; Thos. W. Pairo, 4th Sergeant; Cyrus Bossieux, 5th Sergeant; B. Howard Claiborne, Quartermaster; John T. Rogers, Ensign; J. S. Michard, 1st Corporal; Wm. H. Johnston, 2d Corporal; J. H. Mundy, 3d Corporal; Geo. W. Libby, 4th Corporal; Jas. W. Pegram, 5th Corporal; Jas. E. Phillips, 6th Corporal; Louis J. Bossieux, Treasurer; E. W. Branch, Secretary. The Grays now number 94 men. Their proficiency in drill, which has long been a subject of complimentary remark, has been perfected by the bayonet exercises, a la Zouave, and
ent now consists of-- Colonel, P. T. Moore; Lieutenant Colonel, Fred. G. Skinner; Major, John Dooley; Adjutant, Wm. H. Palmer; Quartermaster, Wm. G. Allan: Commissary, Henry Harney; Assistant Surgeon, Thos F. Maury. Company B--Captain, Randolph Harrison; 1st Lieutenant, Wm. Wirt Harrison; 2d Lieutenant James H. Cobb; Jr. 2d Lieutenant. T. Herbert Davis. Company C.--Captain. Wm. English; 1st Lieutenant, David King; 2d Lieutenant, James Mitchell. Company D--Captain, Jos. D. Griswain, Florence Miller; 1st Lieutenant, F. W. E. Loman; 2d Lieutenant, Fred. W. Hagemeyer; Jr. 2d Lieutenant, Herman Paul. The following is a statement of the changes that have taken place among the commissioned officers: Company B--Randolph Harrison, elected Captain, vice James K Lee, died August 2d, from a wound received July 18th. Wm. W. Harrison, promoted, vice J. W. Archer, promoted to a captaincy and assigned to Brig. Gen. Anderson's staff. Company C.--Wm. English, promoted,
rgeant Chas. H Wilkinson, in hand; Privates Jno. A. Allen, in leg; Wm. J. Davis, shot through both legs, one broken; James A Robinson, in head; T P Robinson, in foot; Y W Dalton, in arm; R T Jones, neck. Missing; Sergeant Richard O Verssr. Company D, Capt. E. G. Hall--Killed: Sergeant Henry Read and Private T Cavter. --Wounded: Sergeant T H Brightwell, in hand; Privates E. A Chick, in side; J T. Gallager, in face. Missing: Privates G W Adams and R C Moore. Company F, Capt. Randolph Harrison--Killed: Color Sergeant Solon A Boston. --Wounded, John H Barker, in hand. Company F. Capt. R A Bookers Killed Sergeant A M Hughes. Wounded: Privates A L Faris, dangerously: R P Mayon slightly.--Missing: Private B J Haney. Company G, Capt. Richard Irby--Wounded: Corporal John H. Gill, slightly in arm, Company H, Capt. Wm. T Johnson — Wounded: Sergeant Jos. O Milton, slightly in head Missing: Private John L L Fore. Company I, Capt. E. D Oliver — Killed: Private
The Daily Dispatch: October 18, 1862., [Electronic resource], Yellow fever sufferers in Wellington. (search)
Yellow fever sufferers in Wellington. --In addition to my last notice of receiving of $1,330.00 I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the following sums for the relief of the poor: Lieut. Col. Randolph Harrison, 4th Virginia Artillery50.00 B. O. Geary, Richmond.20.00 215 Main street50.00 Mrs. Claiborne Gooch5.00 Vincant Bargamin5.00 Henry Mayer5.00 Gen. W. D. Pender, Col. Brigade, Major General A. P. Hill's Division10.00 Wm. W. B. Harrison, Va.20.00 J. Q. Adams, Co. B., 38th Va. vols1.00 Miss. M. Murchia, Va.10.00 H. H. Lipscom, C. C. Jeff, Davis's Caglon5.00 S. C. Cruckmars, 5.00 $1,519.00 Persons having any further donations to make will please remit them to Wilmington, N. C., and receive the thanks of the post, and oblige. [*] * J. P. Levy.
begun auspiciously for the Southern Confederacy. The battles of the Wilderness and Fredericksburg (the second) have added largely to the renown of the sons of the South as a warlike and resolute people, determined to be free. The bold cavalry raid under Stoneman is more than off setted by that under Jones and Imboden.--Stoneman did very little injury to the railroads and none to the canal. He burned some bridges spanning the canal, and a very substantial one at Elk Island built by Mr. Randolph Harrison; but these were all for the accommodation of neighborhood communities. The transportation along the canal is not at all interrupted by anything the raiders did. These facts illustrate the wanton and ruthless spirit of our invaders. Driven by Fitzhugh Lee from Columbia, where their main feat of diabolism was to have been performed, they attack and destroy the little neighborhood bridges, imitating the mastiff, who, kicked out of the kitchen, falls upon the first innocent duck that i
nia regiment, seriously wounded; Capt. George D. Wise, of Gen. Wise's staff, wounded; Col. J. K. Payne, 26th Virginia, killed, Lieut. Col. J. C. Councill, same regiment, wounded; Capt. John Cargill Pegram, of Gen. Matt., Ransom's staff, mortally wounded and since dead. He was a son of Capt. Pegram, of the C. S. Navy.--Lieut. N. M. Wyatt, 24th North Carolina, seriously wounded. We have heard of the following casualties in the 26th Virginia regiment, Wise's brigade, on Wednesday, Col. Randolph Harrison, severely, but not mortally; Adjutant Alexander, in the arm, Capt. Fred. Carter, of the Richmond Blues, in the groin, feared mortally. Among the missing and supposed to be captured are Major Hood, of Southampton, Major Buttes, of the Petersburg City Battalion Captains Sturdivant, Sutton, Shelton, and Poindexter. Attack on Fort Clifton. Monday afternoon the enemy's gunboats came up the Appomattox and opened fire on Fort Clifton. They stood off out of sight at long range