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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), City Battalion, Richmond, Va. [from the Richmond, Va., times-dispatch, February 14, 1904.] (search)
car R. Hough, Second Lieutenant. John Poe, Jr., Second Lieutenant. George Bell, Second Lieutenant. Robert E. Mills, Second Lieutenant. James B. Newberry, Second Lieutenant. Company B. Louis J. Bossieux, Captain. John W. Fisher, First Lieutenant and Captain. John La Touche, Second and First Lieutenant. George P. Bondurant, Second and First Lieutenant. John W. Beard, Second and First Lieutenant. Robert P. Nixon, Second and First Lieutenant. Company C. William Wirt Harrison, Captain. William H. Allison, First Lieutenant; promoted to Captain of Company H. Charles D. Anderson, Second and First Lieutenant and Captain. John Randolph, Second and First Lieutenant. Robert A. Stephenson, Second and First Lieutenant. Edward P. Sheppard, Second and First Lieutenant. Company D. John F. C. Potts, Captain. William A. Jenkins, First Lieutenant. Henry T. Miller, Second and First Lieutenant. Rigdon McCoy McIntosh, Second and First Lieutenant
el, P. T. Moore; Lieutenant Colonel, Fred. G. Skinner; Major, John Dooley; Adjutant, Wm. H. Palmer; Quartermaster, Wm. G. Allan: Commissary, Henry Harney; Assistant Surgeon, Thos F. Maury. Company B--Captain, Randolph Harrison; 1st Lieutenant, Wm. Wirt Harrison; 2d Lieutenant James H. Cobb; Jr. 2d Lieutenant. T. Herbert Davis. Company C.--Captain. Wm. English; 1st Lieutenant, David King; 2d Lieutenant, James Mitchell. Company D--Captain, Jos. D. Griswold: 2d Lieutenant, George F. Nnant, Herman Paul. The following is a statement of the changes that have taken place among the commissioned officers: Company B--Randolph Harrison, elected Captain, vice James K Lee, died August 2d, from a wound received July 18th. Wm. W. Harrison, promoted, vice J. W. Archer, promoted to a captaincy and assigned to Brig. Gen. Anderson's staff. Company C.--Wm. English, promoted, vice Capt. cotey, made Major. Lieut. Mitchell, promoted, vice Lieut. M. Segars, resigned. Compa
absent on furlough are required to repair to camp immediately. Attention is called to sundry regimental and company orders appearing to-day. Parties interested may save themselves annoyance and trouble by a prompt obedience. Fifteen men having deserted from Captain Wm. J. Dabney's company, he offers rewards for each, the amount of which is duly specified in another part of this paper. The members of Company B, 1st Regiment, now in Richmond, are called on to meet at Yancey & Harrison's to-day, on important business. Wm. H. Robins has been authorized by the Secretary of War to raise an infantry company, and advertises for recruits. Capt. David Watson, of the second company of Howitzers, wants about 60 men, his company having been reorganized, and entered the service for the war. By a recent proclamation of the Governor, the Sheriffs and Sergeants of the Commonwealth are commanded immediately to collect all the muskets, sabres, pistols, and other arms belon
hundred men each are to be raised. They are to serve within the circuit of the batteries around Manchester and Richmond. Capt. Elliott is appointed Major, and the officers are so be elected by the several companies. Capt. Elliott indicates five gentlemen, all good soldiers, with whom he has lodged the power to enroll, each, one hundred men. They are to act as Captains if the requisite number be obtained. They are Louis J. Bossieux, Wm. L. Maule, John H. Greener, J. F. C. Potts, and Wm. Wirt Harrison. All these citizens are well-known. They are all known as skilful soldiers. The would all make first rate officers. The term of service is to be six months, unless sooner discharged. The battalion is to do all the duties of soldiers within the limits above mentioned. There is scarcely a citizen in Richmond who does not see the necessity of some such organization. And if it be done at all, it ought to be done promptly. Order must be kept at home, while our army is in the fie
e Izetta were run off by the Irish stevedores previous to the departure of those boats. Trouble was apprehended on board the Ohio No. 3, but it seems that the alarm was groundless. From M'Clellan's army — Reinforcements. There is very little news from McClellan's army, save that it has been reinforced by the division of Gen. Stevens, from South Carolina. It consists of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Michigan troops, and has two batteries of artillery with it. The old Harrison mansion is still being used as a hospital. The troops are stated to be in good health. Commander Wilkes visited McClellan's army on the 15th for the first time since taking command of the James river squadron. The Enlistment demonstrations. The "Save-the-Union" demonstrations continue. The material to operate on, however, seems scarce. The New York Herald publishes a batch of letters from a heroic New Yorker to Governors of other States, asking permission to recruit in their dom
. --In the Senate, upon the calling of the roll by Mr. R. F. Walker, Clerk of the last session, it appeared that there were twenty-four Senators present; absent, nine. In the absence of Lieutenant-Governor Leopold P. C. Cowper, on motion of Mr. Mercier, of Loudoun, Mr. Robinson, of Norfolk, was chosen Speaker pro tempore. Shelton C. Davis, for many years Clerk of the Senate, was again elected unanimously to that position upon his nomination by Mr. Gilmer, of this city. Wm. Wirt Harrison, of this city, was elected Sergeant-at-Arms over several competitors, including Messrs. Alexander Thompson and J. A. Jordan, who formerly held the office. Mr. August Rosen, of this city, was elected Doorkeeper. Mr. James E. Goode was elected Public Printer over Mr. J. W. Lewellen. [Mr. Goode has been printer to the Senate since the death of the late John Warrock until the last session.] After interchanging with the House messages of readiness to proceed to business and