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Petty Offenders. --Jack Johns, a free negro was whipped by order of the Mayor yesterday, for going to sleep in a new building owned by Dr. Haxall--Edward, slave of Geo. D. Harwood, was committed for going at large.--Robert, slave of J. H. Crenshaw, was whipped for trespassing on the premises of Jas. Hicks. Samuel Aid, taken up when oblivious and not able to navigate, was released.--George, slave of Wm. Tyres, was ordered 30 lashes for stealing a ham of bacon and a butcher-knife.--Peter T. Allen, charged with fighting in the Old Market, was committed in default of $150 security. Thomas Walker, his opponent, was let off, the fight being forced on him by Allen.
Richard Henry. white, charged with an assault on Jas. Brady and wife, was committed to jail in default of security yesterday by the Mayor. Claiborne, slave of Geo. D. Harwood, was sent before the Hustings Court for going at large. John Frost, a person arrested for the use of incendiary language was permitted to leave town. Julius Hardiman, a drunken fellow, who had a bad smell and the delirium tremens, was sent to jail to be taken care of.
ving escaped from jail last February. The appeal of Wm. Scott, a free person of color, from the judgment of the Recorder, ordering him 39 lashes for indecent and insulting language to a white person, was heard by the Court, and affirmed. David W Hughes was put on trial for allowing an unlawful assembly of negroes and gambling in his house, and the jury not agreeing, the case was continued until the June term. Mordecai Carnell was tried for allowing his slave to go at large; being found guilty, ordered that he pay a fine of $10 and costs, or said slave be sold in satisfaction. Richard Thompson, a free negro, was tried for stealing sundry articles of wearing apparel from Gus A. Keen, T. J. Baldwin, Peter C. Williams and Samuel Scott, on the6th day of May; and being adjudged guilty, he was ordered to be sold into absolute slavery. A rule was awarded against Geo. D. Harwood, to show cause why he should not be fined for permitting his slave Edward to go at large.
Hustings Court. --This Court held a brief session yesterday and then adjourned for the term. In the case of Caroline Carr and Caroline Cafes, a capias was awarded. A summons was issued in two cases against C. W. Purcell, presented for unlawful banking. Jas. Edward Carter was sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons, for forging Lawrence S. Marye's name. George D. Harwood was fined $10 and costs, for allowing his slave Edward to go at large. F. Morgan, indicted for raising a disturbance, gave surety for his appearance;--a capias was awarded against James Howard, also implicated in the affair.
Corporal Fitzhugh and two privates of the 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers, arrived in Richmond yesterday direct from Manassas Junction, having in custody three prisoners recently captured by our forces near that place. The three Abolition soldiers were members of the 7th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, and looked as if they had been engaged all their lives in the manufacture of wooden nutmegs. Two of them were captured by one of our men, who surrounded them like the Irishman once did certain enemies, compelling them to give up their arms, &c. The above prisoners were taken before the War Department, and after an examination sent to jail.--The large building formerly occupied by Geo. D. Harwood as a tobaccos factory, is now being fitted up as a depot for war prisoners.
he charge of setting fire to her mistress's house. The case was continued.--Chastain, slave of Francis Fletcher, was arraigned for having in his possession seventy-four pairs of woolen sock, four shirts, five bags and $125, supposed to have been stolen. He was ordered thirty lashes, and the articles detained to await the call of their owner.--John R. Mayfield, a while man, brought from the Columbian Hotel for acting suspiciously, and trying to obtain a ticket for lodging without shelling out the rhino, was discharged, the Mayor thinking the imprisonment he had already undergone sufficient punishment for his offence.--Henry, slave of George D. Harwood, was committed as a runaway.--Lewis, slave of Samuel Hardgrove, was ordered fifteen lashes for getting drunk and straggling about the streets.--Jane Gordon, who said she was free, but could produce no papers to that effect, was discharged on promise to make tracks for home.--Elmira, slave of William Turbit, was committed as a runaway.
One hundred dollars reward. --Ran away from my house, on Friday night last, ( inst,) a negro girl named Sarah Ann, aged 15 years height about 4ΒΌ feet, gingerbread color. The above reward will be given for her return to me. Geo. D. Harwood ap 4--2t*