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Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Gregory Stone and some of his descendants (search)
ecame the first and the second wife, respectively, of Nathaniel Hawkins. The next to serve the Milk Row school was a promi local committeeman, Timothy Tufts, Samuel Tufts, and Nathaniel Hawkins. Some time before 1776 we read that the citizens in this office for the last time. More than once, with Nathaniel Hawkins, he was empowered to make a division of the school mo 29 10s to offset the expenses of the year before. Nathaniel Hawkins, generally styled Collector Hawkins, as one of the seHawkins, as one of the selectmen, was acting for the schools as early as 1783. His first recorded service was in 1784, when he was appointed, with Ests of their investigations. We have already referred to Mr. Hawkins' services, in company with Mr. Tufts, in dividing the sceve that these gentlemen were unsuccessful. June, 1788, Mr. Hawkins is first recorded as receiving his proportion of the tow3, £ 41. These sums are each for the year preceding. As Mr. Hawkins continued his services into the next period of our schoo
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Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Charlestown schools without the Peninsula Revolutionary period. (search)
p. 68). December 14, 1785. The school kept at Phebe Russell's received £ 8 8s. May 4, 1785. Voted to give Coll. N. Hawkins for school kept at John Swan's £ 10 16s. In the warrant (February 28, 1785) for the coming town meeting, we find the, this petition. The committee appointed for this purpose were Mr. Samuel Gardiner, Mr. William Whittemore, Coll. Nathaniel Hawkins, Lieut. Samuel Cutter, and Mr. Seth Wyman. These gentlemen seem to have attended promptly to their duty, for May 1cord. January 5, 1789: Voted that the school money for the past year be divided according to the taxes, and that Nathaniel Hawkins, Samuel Swan, Esq., and Philemon Russell be a committee to make division accordingly. Benjamin Hurd, Jr., & Seth Wyman were added to this committee. October 19, 1789. Voted that Coll. Hawkins, Philemon Russell, and Seth Wyman provide masters for the schools outside the Neck. Philemon Russell, youngest son of Joseph, and brother of Walter Russell, was bor
he extreme. For one hundred and sixty years control of all school matters had been vested in that body. But this was the year of the French Revolution! The same day it was voted that a committee of three be appointed to apply to the general court to have trustees incorporated to superintend the school and the school funds, who shall be chosen annually. The legislature passed the act March 27, 1793, and Richard Devens, Nathaniel Gorham, Josiah Bartlett, Aaron Putnam, Joseph Hurd, Nathaniel Hawkins, and Seth Wyman constituted the first board of trustees of the Charlestown free schools. April 18, 1793. The town treasurer was empowered to deliver to Aaron Putnam, Esq., treasurer for the trustees, all the moneys, bonds, notes of hand, etc., being the property of the free schools of Charlestown, that now are or may come into his. the treasurer's, hands. From this time all proceedings of the Charlestown School Board, up to 1814, were recorded by the secretary in a book, known a
ard Devens, Nathaniel Gorham, Josiah Bartlett, Aaron Putnam, Joseph Hurd, Nathaniel Hawkins, Seth Wyman. 1795 and 1796, the same, with the exception of Mr. HawkinMr. Hawkins, who was succeeded by Timothy Tufts. 1797, 1798, 1799, the same, with the exception of Hon. Nathaniel Gorham, who was followed by his son, Nathaniel Gorham, Jr.r a number of years previous to the reorganization of 1793 is the name of Nathaniel Hawkins. Wyman, who gives him the title of colonel, says that Mr. Hawkins came tMr. Hawkins came to Charlestown from South Kingston, R. I., and that he was recorded in the census of 1789 with his children, Nathaniel, Christopher, Sarah, and Samuel. This was after the death of the first Mrs. Hawkins, and about the time of his second marriage. Both wives were the daughters of Samuel Kent (Vol. III., p. 89). Old residents of the two homes of the Hawkins families in that vicinity. At his own request, Mr. Hawkins' term on the school board ended May 6, 1795, when he received the thanks of
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Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908, Original English inhabitants and early settlers in Somerville.—(Ii.) (search)
supply held out. Samuel was the only one of his nine children who remained in Somerville. He married Rebecca, daughter of Joseph Adams. Three of the children of Samuel remained in Somerville: Sarah and Rebecca, who married successively Nathaniel Hawkins, and Lucy, who married Joseph Adams. Lucy's descendants are the only posterity of John Kent now in this city-five persons. John Fosket, 1677, married a daughter of Robert Leach, as already stated, and may have lived here, but none of hi eldest son, Philemon Robbins, married Martha, daughter of Isaac Tufts, a member of the ubiquitous Tufts family. The descendants of William Russell now living in this city, all through Philemon R. and wife Martha, are sixteen in number. Nathaniel Hawkins, 1783, married, first, Sarah, and second, Rebecca; daughters of Samuel Kent, as previously mentioned. His sons, Christopher and Guy Carleton, resided here, but the family is now extinct in Somerville. Joseph Barrell, 1793, or thereabout
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Old Cemetery Inscriptions. Bead March 3, 1908. By Charles D. Elliot. The land for the Old Milk Row Cemetery, which is now known as the Somerville Cemetery, was deeded May 17, 1804, by Samuel Tufts to the following persons, viz.: Timothy Tufts, Nathaniel Hawkins, Samuel Kent, Samuel Shed, John Stone, and their associates, on the express condition that the same be improved for no other purpose than for a burying place, etc. It was a part of the grantor's farm, and there is no reason to suppose that it had been used as a place of burial previous to 1804. The following inscriptions were copied from its tombs and headstones in 1857 by Miss Clariana Bailey. From a casual examination which I made in the yard in 1900, I should say that more than one-half of these grave stones are gone, and all traces of the resting-places of the persons whom they commemorated are now obliterated. I have reason for thinking that in many cases this removal of headstones was intentional and for the
son, General, 59. Griffin, General, 2. Grimes, Emmeline May, 22. Grover, General, 54, 55, 59. Guild, Charles H., 76. Guild, Chester, 74. Gurley House, 8, 9. Hadley, Benjamin, 43, 74. Hadley, Eugene B., 8, 15. Hafford, John, 15. Hagan, Patrick, 16. Hale, Edward M., 15. Halifax Road, 7. Hall, Andrew, 62, 63, 64. Hall, Moses, 27 Halle, Germany, 66. Halleck, General, 52. Hancock, N. H., 27. Hanley, John H., 15. Hatcher's Run, 8. Hawkins, Guy C., 31, 32, 33, 36, 37. Hawkins, Nathaniel, 42. Hawkins, Sarah, 31, 35. Hawes, Frank M., 25, 72. Harley, Frances C. Sherman, 69. Harley, James K., 69. Harley, Leonora, 69. Harlow, George R., 4, 15. Harrington, Elbridge, 46. Harvard College, 31, 88. Hartford, The, 52, 60. Hastings, J. P., 68. Hastings, Martha Ella, 68. Hastings, Mary, 68. Hatch, George H., 4, 16. Hatcher's Run, 6. Hayes, Eliza, 48. Hayes, Ezra Herbert, 48. Hayes, Joseph, 48. Hazeltine, Amos, 83, 85. Head, Julia A., 23. Heath, Colonel, 62.
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