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Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Grand movement of the Army of the Potomac- crossing the Rapidan-entering the Wilderness- battle of the Wilderness (search)
ryan's Brigade. Brig.-Gen. Kershaw's (old) Brigade. Second Army corps: Major-General Jubal A. Early, Commanding. Maj.-Gen. John B. Gordon's division. Brig.-Gen. H. T. Hays' Brigade. (e) Brig.-Gen. John Pegram's Brigade. (f) Brig.-Gen. Gordon's Brigade. (g) Brig.-Gen. R. F. Hoke's Brigade. Maj.-Gen. Edward Johnson's divas timely and saved Getty. During the battle Getty and Carroll were wounded, but remained on the field. One of Birney's most gallant brigade commanders-Alexander Hays — was killed. I had been at West Point with Hays for three years, and had served with him through the Mexican war, a portion of the time in the same regiment. Hays for three years, and had served with him through the Mexican war, a portion of the time in the same regiment. He was a most gallant officer, ready to lead his command wherever ordered. With him it was Come, boys, not Go. Wadsworth's division and Baxter's brigade of the 2d division were sent to reinforce Hancock and Getty; but the density of the intervening forest was such that, there being no road to march upon, they did not get up
and re-forming the men, when driven back to the edge of the wood, as did Lieutenant Killmartin, of the Seventh Louisiana regiment, temporarily attached to my staff. Circumstances unfortunately detained the Seventh regiment, under the gallant Colonel Hays, in another part of the field. Its record of one hundred and fifty-six killed and wounded--fifty per cent of the number carried into action — shows the service it performed. Respectfully, your obedient servant, R. Taylor, Brigadier-Generang the enemy's skirmishers back, upward of a hundred yards, I was ordered to my skirmishers' support. Moving off by the left flank to the river bank, I threw my column in line of battle, and marched to within fifty yards of my skirmishers. Colonel Hays, of the Seventh Louisiana volunteers, then came up on my right, and we charged through an orchard and across a wheat-field, the enemy prudently retiring three or four hundred yards. We rushed through a pond of water to the opposite shore, wher
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Ewell's report of the Pennsylvania campaign. (search)
Early's Division--Major General Jubal A. Early. Hays's Louisiana Brigade, Brigadier-General H. T. Hays; Gery near Kearnstown — Gordon's brigade, supported by Hays, driving them at a run as far as Milltown Mills. He — which was a bastion front open towards the town. Hays's brigade was designated for the attack, and Smith's silenced, our artillery firing excellently; and General Hays moved quietly to within two hundred yards of thene, when it was halted, and General Early ordered up Hays's and Hoke's brigades on Gordon's left, and then droeneral Early, who held the centre of my corps, moved Hays's and Hoke's brigades forward against Cemetery from the eminent success attending the assault of Hays and Avery Avery commanded Hoke's brigade. that th o'clock my whole corps was over, all fording except Hays's brigade, which was sent with the artillery to the number equal to their whole force. The conduct of Hays's Louisiana brigade and Hoke's North Carolina brigad
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Organization of army of Northern Virginia. (search)
ingston; 5th South Carolina regiment, Colonel A. Coward; 6th South Carolina regiment, Colonel John Bratton; Hampton's Legion, Colonel M. W. Gary. Second corps---Lieutenant-General R. S. Ewell. Early's division---Major-General J. A. Early. Hays' brigade Commander: Brigadier-General H. T. Hays---5th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry Forno; 6th Louisiana regiment, Colonel William Monaghan; 7th Louisiana regiment, Colonel D. B. Penn; 8th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry B. Kelley; 9th LBrigadier-General H. T. Hays---5th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry Forno; 6th Louisiana regiment, Colonel William Monaghan; 7th Louisiana regiment, Colonel D. B. Penn; 8th Louisiana regiment, Colonel Henry B. Kelley; 9th Louisiana regiment, Colonel A. L. Stafford. Gordon's brigade Commander: Brigadier-General J. B. Gordon---13th Georgia regiment, Colonel J. M. Smith; 26th Georgia regiment, Colonel E. N. Atkinson; 31st Georgia regiment, Colonel C. A. Evans; 38th Georgia regiment, Major J. D. Matthews; 60th Georgia regiment, Colonel W. H. Stiles; 61st Georgia regiment, Colonel J. H. Lamar. Smith's brigade Commander: Brigadier-General William Smith---13th Virginia regiment, Colonel J. E. B. Terrill; 31st
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