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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 44: battle of Mobile Bay. (search)
epted by Brigadier-General R. L. Page, of the Confederate service (formerly a Commander in the United States Navy). The garrison was sent to New Orleans in company with the crews of the ram Tennessee and the gunboat Selma. List of the officers of the Tennessee: Admiral, Franklin Buchanan; Commander, James D. Johnston; Lieutenants, Wm. L. Bradford, A. P. Wharton, E. G. McDermott; Masters, J. R. De Moley and H. W. Perron; Fleet Surgeon, R. C. Bowles; Engineers, G. D. Lining, J. O'Connell, John Hays, O. Benson and W. B. Patterson; Paymaster's Clerk, J. H. Cohen; Master's Mates, W. A. Forrest, Beebe and R. M. Carter; Boatswain, John McCudie; Gunner, H. S. Smith. Officers of the Selma: Commander, Peter U. Murphy; Lieutenant, J. H. Comstock. General Page tried to obtain more favorable terms, but without success. He had held out bravely against the bombardment, and thought. perhaps, that he and his officers should have received some favors on that account; but then, again, he had cau
C:--E. Olsen; killed in a draft riot, September 10, 1863, at New Lisbon, Wis. Eightieth New York, Company C:--John Edleman; killed by explosion of ammunition, August 8, 1864, at City Point, Va. Sixteenth Wisconsin, Company A:--George Halsey; drafted----; died February 27, 1865, Lynch Creek, S. C., of fatigue. One Hundred and Seventy-ninth New York, Company E:--Charles Clements; killed November 14, 1864, by falling from cars while on furlough. Thirty-ninth Illinois, Company D:--John Hays; killed in a row, July 4, 1865. Second Ohio, Company B:--George D. Wilson; executed by the Rebels at Atlanta, Ga., June 18, 1862; charged with being a bridge-burner. (One of the famous party who captured a locomotive at Big Shanty, Ga.) Fifth New York Cavalry, Company H:--Edgar C. Shephard; drowned April 22, 1863, while en route home on furlough. One Hundred and Fifty-ninth New York, Company D:--A. W. Rackett; killed April 17, 1863, by a shot from a house while filling his cantee
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 8. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 3.-attack on the defences of Mobile. (search)
Ossipee--One killed, seven wounded. Galena--One wounded. Richmond--Two wounded. In all, forty-one killed and eighty-eight wounded. On the rebel ram Tennessee were captured twenty officers and about one hundred and seventy men. The following is a list of the officers: Admiral F. Buchanan; Commander Joseph D. Johnson; Lieutenants Wm. D. Bradford, A. P. Wharton, E. J. McDennert; Masters J. R. De Moley, H. W. Perron; Fleet-Surgeon R. C. Bowles; Engineers G. D. Leneng, J. O'Connell, John Hays, O. Benson, W. B. Patterson; Paymaster's Clerk, J. H. Conen; Master's Mates W. A. Forrest, Beebe, and R. M. Carter; Boatswain, John McCudie; Gunner, H. S. Smith. On the Selma were taken ninety officers and men. Of the officers I have only heard the names of two, namely, Commander Peter U. Murphy, and Lieutenant J. H. Comstock. The latter was killed. I will send a detailed despatch by the first opportunity. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, D. G. Farragut, Admiral Command
J. D. Bell, Co. I; R. B. Burrows, Co. A. Wounded: Captain W. S. Johnson, Co. M., right arm, dangerously. Sergeant Frederick Kise, Co. A, slightly. Sergeant John Asbill, Co. D, severely. First Sergeant W. M. Burrows, Co. E, severely. Commissary Sergeant Ben. K. Graham, Co. L, slightly. Corporal Josiah Fears, Co. A, slightly. Corporal Henry C. Lewis, Co. D, slightly. Corporal Geo. A. Morris, Co. G, slightly. Corporal Doctor B. Morris, Co. M, slightly. Farrier Wm. Wooten, Co. C, slightly. John Hays, Co. A, severely. James Jack, Co. A, severely. William J. Quinton, Co. D, slightly. Francis M. Temple, Co. D, slightly. John Grubb, Co. E, slightly. Jordan Taylor, Co. E, severely. Wm. F. Davis, Co. G, slightly. George Davis, Co. H, mortally. William J. York, Co. H, severely. Davis Chyle, Co. M, slightly. First Arkansas Infantry.--Captain Randall Smith, Co. A, head, slightly. Captain Wm. C. Parker, Co. H, head, slightly. Corporal John Woods, Co. A, slightly. James Shockley, Co. A
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The naval fight in Mobile bay, August 5th, 1864--official report of Admiral Buchanan. (search)
la, seaman, badly, leg and arm; Henry Fratee, landsman, badly in hand; Daniel Linnehan, seaman, slightly in arm; John Shick, seaman, slightly in face; John Davis, fireman,. slightly; John Gilliland, seaman, slightly--7. Total killed, 10; wounded, 16. D. B. Conrad, Fleet-Surgeon, C. S. N. Officers of the ram Tennessee who were in action. Admiral F. Buchanan, Commander J. D. Johnston, First Lieutenant and Executive Officer William L. Bradford, Lieutenant A. D. Wharton, Lieutenant E. J. McDermett, Masters H. W. Perrin and J. Demaley, Fleet-Surgeon D. B. Conrad, Assistant-Surgeon R. C. Bowles, First Lieutenant Marine Corps D. G. Raney, First Assistant-Engineer G. D. Lening, Pilot A. T. Post, Second Assistant-Egineer J. C. O'Connell, Second Assistant-Engineer John Hays, Boatswain John McCradie, Gunner H. S. Smith, Third Assistant-Engineers William Rogers, Oscar Benson and William Patterson, Master's-mates M. J. Beebe, R. M. Carter, W. S. Forrest, Paymaster's-clerk J. H. Cohen.
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Appendix A. (search)
d, mortally, Charles Hammond, John McGenna, W. V. McCann, James Nash, mortally, Wm. L. Nicholas, mortally, Frank K. Steele, Wm. K. Skinner, Wm. A. Shipley, John G. White. Captured-Corp. Edward A. Welch; Privates Robert M. Dawson, Walter Mullikin, Francis E. Storm, Justus Schultz. Company D, Capt. Joseph L. McAleer commanding. Killed—Privates James A. Brown, Cornelius Kerns. Wounded—Sergt. Wm. Jenkins, Corp. Joshua Owings, mortally, Corp. Emmett W. Webb, mortally; Privates Lewis Green, John Hays, Thos. J. Hines, Richard G. Killman, Philip Lipscomb, James H. O'Brien, John H. Septer, Wm. Watts. Captured—Privates Wm. Hogarty, John Lamb. Company E, Capt. John W. Torsch, commanding. Wounded—First Lieut. Wm. J. Broadfoot, mortally, Sergt. P. M. Moore, mortally, Corp. John Cain, Corp. James Reddie; privates, Michael Barry, Charles E. Byus, John Brown, Alex. Brandt, James Fallon, Edward Fallis, J. S. Halbig, James Lemates, John N. Martin, Wm. P. Moran, Daniel McGee, Frank Roberts, He
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 32. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Parole list of Engineer troops, Army of Northern Virginia, surrendered at Appomattox C. H., April 9th, 1865. (search)
udes the following officers and men: G. W. Robertson, Captain. Sergeants—A. F. Graham, G. W. Robertson, J. N. McMahan, J. K. Todd, John Mills, W. M. Dickson. Corporals—A. B. Ellis, Cary Hays, J. F. Bellune, Jas. Griffin. Artificer—W. L. Stewart. Privates—W. T. Armistead, A. Beardin, W. H. Brown, J. T. Crisp, D. G. Crysel, J. F. Cole, R A. Donaldson, J. P. Duncan, J. H. Edwards, J. M. Fowler, B. A. Gainer, Allen Griffin, R. S. Gulledge, S. H. Gulledge, G. W. Harris, E. Hatcher, John Hays, T. E. Johnson, Lewis Jones, R. Jones, John Kennedy, G. Leopard, T. H. Logan, R. G. McElmurry, C. A. Milhous, I. G. Minter, John Regan, W. T. Reddick, I. W. Reed, J. S. Roundtree, S. Rudd, J. W. Smith, R. Sturkie, R. H. Taylor, W. F. Tice, L. Watts, W. L. White, W. T. Williams, J. G. Zeigler. There were some casualties on the retreat and especially in a skirmish at High Bridge just before the surrender, of which the following report has been preserved: Casualties in the Engineer t
List of casualties. In the Loudoun Artillery in recent engagements, Capt. A. L. Rogers, commanding: On the Rappahannock.--Wounded--Privates J. O. Moran, (mortally,) and Wm. Hallasy. Groveton.--Killed--Corporal James R. Ault. --Wounded--Corporal J. Washington Jenkins; privates John Hays, and Wm. A. Lane. Manassas, August 30th, 1862. --Killed--Private Penton Darnell. Wounded--Private Bushrod W. Oxley, and several others slightly.