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n Cutter, Jr., land joining on the country road to Lexington, William Russell's land being west, the land extending east on said road sixty rods, and the northeasterly corner of the land being at foot of hill near an old dam. On the distribution of the elder John Cutter's estate, in 1776, the half of an old sawmill was set off to the above John Cutter, Jr., eldest son of the said John, deceased. The second John Cutter, in 1790, sold to Stephen Cutter, miller, lands including the home-lot and Hill's lot, bounded south on Concord road, together with house and barn, saw and gristmills, and all other buildings on said land (Midd. Registry, CII. 176). In 1827 Mary Cutter, the widow of Stephen Cutter, granted land to the Baptist Society for the erection thereon of a meeting-house, with the privilege of using so much of the mill-pond as necessary for the ordinance of baptism. The old way to Cyrus Cutter's dam from the main road is mentioned in town records in 1836. Cyrus Cutter bought the
in of the Royal Dragoons, but as soon as an opportunity offered, he joined the patriot party and performed his share of duty in the army. Capt. Samuel was father to William Whittemore, who graduated at Harvard College in 1755. He was born July 27, 1696, and his tombstone, now in the burying-ground in West Cambridge, has the following inscription, viz.: In memory of Capt. Samuel Whittemore, who departed this life Feb. 2, 1793. Aged 98 years. His children urged the old man to go over to Hill's (where all fled for safety from the enemy, who were soon expected to return from Lexington); but he sat knocking his flint and said he should not go— he was going to get a shot at them when they came back! His daughter said, Father, they will take you. Still rapping his flint, and not raising his head, he said: They'll find it hard work to do it. After some weeks he so far recovered as to recognize his family, and one of his daughters asked him if he was not sorry that he went out?—No, s
ompanies were engaged. In those days there was a militia company in the town, commanded by Capt. David Hill, and a light horse company, commanded by Capt. Thomas Russell. After alluding to the ceeighty or a hundred Indians, encamped on the island, with a wigwam, etc., under two chiefs (Capt. David Hill and Capt. Ebenezer Thompson). The first aggressive act of the Indians was to capture a boatmand of Capt. Stephen Wheeler, with Joseph Adams as lieutenant, and Stephen Locke, ensign. Capt. David Hill having resigned, Charles Wellington was elected captain of the old militia company, with hige or otherwise from military duty. A large one was formed in West Cambridge, commanded by Capt. David Hill, with William S. Brooks as Orderly Sergeant. I forget the names of the other officers. Maat Hull, where the telegraph stood several years since, and was witnessed by hundreds on Look-out Hill, Gloucester; also by an immense number of people in the lower harbor, in sailing boats and small
exington, 25 Aug. 1771. Joshua o. c. here 4 Aug. 1772. Had Joshua, b. 24 July, bap. 12 Aug. 1772. Samuel, d. 7 Aug. 1838, a. 38. V Vila, Luke, m. Martha Foster, 3 July, 1825. Viles, Hannah, of Lexington, m. Amos Teel, of Watertown, 18 Apr. 1816. Elias, and Betsey Apthorp Fessenden of Lexington, m. 14 May, 1818. W Wainwright, Christianna, of Camb., m. Jonathan Hastings, Jr., 24 Nov. 1780. Wait, James, m. Deborah Hill, 5 May, 1822. Reuben, m. Lucy Hill, 11 Dec. 1825. See Hill (par. 19). Wakefield, William, adult, et. 17, bap. 17 Aug. 1746. Wil-Liam, m. Mary Holmes, of Lexington, 24 Dec. 1746. Waldron, Edward, Jr., of Sterling, m. Martha Estabrook, of Lexington, 23 Sept. 1794. Walker, Nathaniel, of Westmoreland. m. Mrs. Martha Burbeck, of Camb., 2 Nov. 1805. Mary, m. Thaddeus Winship, of Lexington, 28 Jan. 1818. Olive A., m. Mark Alcutt, of Lexington, 22 Nov. 1827. Walton, Capt. John (of Lexington), buried here 4 Apr. 1769. Jonathan, m. Eliza Locke
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