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The Daily Dispatch: February 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], The oil discoveries in Western Virginia. (search)
Passengers per Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, master, from New York. --Wm. Johnston, Isaac H. Small, F. H. Doremus, John Morgan, R. H. Robinson, Geo. Robbins, Capt. R. R. Parker, W. W. Griggs, Dr. J. B. Brooks, Mrs. Simons, S. R. Olmstead, G. W. Thompson, J. Horsman, Miss Sally G. Sydnor, G. L. Kirby, Chas. Van Pelt, V. H. Tatum, Wm. A. Smith, Mrs. Campbell and child, and 15 steerage. Also, from Norfolk.--Robt. Dickson, Dr. E. C. Robinson, Geo. Foy. Wm. Hinchman, Jno. Askew, R. S. Thomas, T. A. Walters, J. J. Whitehurst.
Grabbing. --William Hinchman is now in police custody, to answer the charge of violently assaulting P. H. Redford, and forcibly taking from him $80 in money. The accused is to answer for the alleged offence before the Mayor to-day.
Robbery. --William Hinchman, a young man, appeared before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of robbing P. H. Redford of $80 in money on the 21st inst. Mr. Redford testified that on the darew out his account book, containing his money, paid for the soup, and was about to leave, when Hinchman ran up behind him and seized his arms. Just then other persons in the room caught him by the t head, choked him to the floor, and, rendering him insensible, robbed him. He was positive that Hinchman was the man that first seized him, but could not tell any of the other parties. John Brown testified that Hinchman was not in Jim Price's house when the robbery took place, but was with him in the street. Witness was near the door; saw a man seize Hinchman, and started to go in, but, beinHinchman, and started to go in, but, being warned off, did not enter the door. He watched the robber when he came out of the house; saw where he deposited the book, and, informing officer Adams of that fact, accompanied him and recovered th
Judge Lyon's Court. --This Court commenced its fall term yesterday morning.--Nothing was done further than arranging business for future transaction. This morning the following cases, which have been returned indicted by the Grand Jury, will be called up: Matthew O'Neale, feloniously stealing one hundred and fifty pounds of lard, valued at $200, and forty pounds of candles, worth $100, belonging to John Ahern. Patrick O'Brien, assaulting Henry Tern and stealing one silver watch valued at $50 and one pair of shoes worth $35. John Welsh, feloniously stealing, on the 14th day of June, 1863, one horse valued at $200 from Chas. P. Word. Richard Costello, feloniously stealing a gold watch and chain from Gen. Joseph Edwards, while stepping at the American Hotel. Wm. Hinchman, feloniously assaulting, on the 23d of August, Patrick H. Redford, and stealing from him $80 in C. S. notes.
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --True bills were found by the Grand Jury for Judge Lyons's Court yesterday: Wm. Hinchman, Matthew O'Neale, Richard Costello, Patrick O'Brien, Lewis Harcum, Wm. Newman, Wm. H. Curtis, Charles Schwartz, John Conway, John H. Bolton, James W. Perry, Wicker, Touson and Champion, Matisse J. Palmature, John Welsh, Robert Ryan, Landon W. Shell, and nine forgery cases against Alex. D. Cheatwood. The Grand Jury will again sit this morning at 11 o'clock, when other presentments will be made.
Judge Lyons's Court. --This Court was in session yesterday from eleven o'clock in the morning until a late hour in the afternoon, with an intermission of an hour from 3 to 4 o'clock. There were only two cases disposed of, as follows: Wm. Hinchman, charged with feloniously assaulting Patrick H. Redford on the 23d of August, and stealing from his $80 in Confederate money, was put upon trial, and after a few hours time consumed in hearing testimony and argument from counsel, the case was referred to the jury, which brought in a verdict of guilty, and he was sentenced to the penitentiary for three years. John Welsh was tried on the charge of feloniously stealing a horse, on the 14th day of June, 1863 valued at $200, from Chas. P. Word. This case consumed the whole time of the Court at its evening session, and at a few minutes to 7 o'clock the jury returned with a verdict of acquittal, when the prisoner was discharged from custody. The Court will meet again this mornin