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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 3. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 36. battle of Port Royal, S. C. Fought November 7, 1861. (search)
elles: sir: I have the honor to report the following casualties in the action of yesterday in the capture of the batteries at Hilton Head and Bay Point: Wabash--Killed one; Thomas Jackson, cockswain, captain of a gun. Slightly wounded, two--Alfred Hernsby, seaman, and William Wall, seaman. Susquehanna--Killed, two--John P. Clark, orderly sergeant, and Wm. Price, second coal-heaver. Wounded seriously, one--Samuel F. Smart first class boy. Wounded slightly, two-Patrick Dwyer and Samuel Holbrook, second grade. Pawnee--Killed, two-John Kelly, Orderly Sergeant, and Wm. H. Fitzhugh, first class boy. Wounded slightly, three--Alfred Washburne, Master's Mate; Jacob House, ordinary seaman, and Patrick Quinn, ordinary seaman. Mohican--Killed, one--John A. Whittemore, Third Assistant Engineer. Wounded seriously, three--W. Thompson, Isaac Seyburn, Acting Master, and Sherman Bascom, ordinary seaman. Wounded slightly, four--Mayland Cuthbert, Third Assistant Engineer; John O. Pittma
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Charlestown schools within the peninsula Revolutionary period (search)
philanthropic spirit of the times is not entirely foreign to this paper. Voted, November 2, 1789, that Ruth Jones be put to school to some person who will prepare her for a schoolmistress at as cheap rate as can be! The next teacher was Samuel Holbrook, who also succeeded to the worthy position of town clerk. Like his predecessors, he received the annual compensation of £ 10 for this office. He must have served in both capacities for a period of nearly five years, but Wyman omits all mene town seems to have been behindhand in paying him for his services, but July 29, 1786, he received an order from the town treasurer for the balance due him to the twenty-fifth, being an amount nearly equal to two years salary. March 5, 1787, Mr. Holbrook retires as town clerk, and is given a vote of thanks. The next May we find Samuel Payson serving as town clerk and schoolmaster, with the usual compensation for both. His term of office extended well into the next decade. The annual appro
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Charlestown schools after 1793 By Frank Mortimer Hawes (Continued.) Since our reference to Samuel Holbrook, schoolmaster of Charlestown (Vol. III., p. 68) an interesting article has appeared in the New England Genealogical Register, Vol. 58, p. 308, which informs us that he was born in Boston, 1729, the son of Abiah and Mary (Needham) Holbrook. His eldest brother, Abiah, Jr., was a distinguished schoolmaster of Boston, from 1741 to his death in 1768 or 1769. Samuel began to teach inained that Master Holbbrook had given his son an unreasonable correction, but apparently no action was taken. In 1776 Mr. Holbrook received an extra £ 80 on account of the high cost of living, and in 1777 he was allowed £ 100 for the same reason. He seems to have continued his work in Boston until 1782. The Memorial History of Boston says: Samuel Holbrook, the schoolmaster, was Town Clerk of Charlestown, 1783. There must be some mistake in the date of his death, July 24, 1784, as the Char
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or Nov. 8, 1861. Sir: I have to report the following casualties in the action of yesterday, in the capture of the batteries at Hilton Head and Bay Point: Wabash--Killed, 1--Thomas Jackson, (coxswain,) captain of a gun, Slightly wounded, 2--Alfred Hornsby, (seaman,) and William Wall, (seaman,) Susquehanna.--Killed, 2--John P. Clark (O S.:) Wm. Price, (2d coal heaver.) Wounded severely, 1--Samuel F. Smart, (1st class boy.) Wounded slightly, 2 --Patrick Dugan, (O. S.,) and Samuel Holbrook, (2d. Gr.) Pawnce.--Killed, 2--John Kelley, (O. S.) W. H. Fitzhugh, (1st class boy) Wounded slightly, 3--Alfred Washburn, (Master's Mate;) Jacob Hause, (O. S.;) Patrick Quinn, (O. S.) Mohican.--Killed, 1--Jon. A. Whittemore, (3d Ass't Eng.) Wounded seriously, 3--W. Thompson; Isaac Seyburn, (Acv'g Mrster;) and Sherman Bascodt, (O. S.Wounded slightly, 4--Maryland Cuthbert, 3d Ass't Eng.;) John C. Pitman, (Master's Mate;) John W. Townsend, (O. S.) Charles Blown, (O. S.) Bic