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y A, of the 101st Regiment Virginia Militia; a bill refunding to Samuel A. McMechen and John G. Harness, Jr., a sum of money paid by them on an erroneous assessment of land; a bill exempting from taxation the property of the Virginia Mechanics' Institute; a bill amending the 107th section of chapter 35 of the Code of Virginia, and providing for the correction of erroneous assessments of taxes on land; a bill authorizing the payment of forfeited commissions and damages, to the executors of Chas. Holden, decide, late Sheriff of the county of Harrison. Bank Statements.--Statements were returned from the Presidents of the Exchange Bank, Farmers' Bank, and Bank of Virginia, in response to the resolutions of the House of Delegates, relating to the monthly discounts of those Banks for twelve months past, the average amount of the State deposits, the average discount of paper payable at the Banks, and the average discount of paper payable outside the limits of the State, the amount of the
The Daily Dispatch: January 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Financial condition of South Carolina. (search)
Railroad Company, asking for aid. Mr. August presented communications from the Alabama Commissioners, in response to a joint resolution of the General Assembly, requesting copies of their addresses, which were read, laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Resolutions, &c.--The following resolutions of inquiry, &c., were adopted and referred: By Mr. Newman, of amending the charter of the Bank of Mason, in the county of Mason; by Mr. Neal, of affording relief to the heirs of Charles Holden, late Sheriff of Harrison county, from a fine; by Mr. Critcher, of appointing a Board to examine and decide upon the qualifications of surgeons, and to send an agent to Europe to make himself acquainted with the means and appliances there employed to give efficiency to the medical officers of an army, as well as to purchase models and specimens of the same; by Mr. Dickinson, of Grayson, of reporting Senate bill No, 448 of last session, for the relief of Robert Coleman, late Sheriff of Ca
ve, shall be sold for any present or future-debts of the person thus chosen, for a period of not less than twenty years after he or she becomes a slave. Bills Passed.--Amending the 4th section of an act incorporating £88 Jefferson Insurance Company of Albemarle; providing for taking the sense of the people of Henrico upon giving authority to the County Court to raise by loan $2,500 for arming the county: authorizing the payment of forfeited commissions and damages to the executor of Charles Holden, dec'd, late Sheriff of Harrison county; amending an act concerning colporteurs. Resolutions.--The following resolutions were read and referred: By Mr. Wilson, of amending chapter 198 of the Code of Virginia, so as the more effectually to prevent the circulation of abolition and incendiary publications; by Mr. Magruder, of amending the 8th section, chapter 200, of the new edition of the Code; by Mr. Alderson, of making an appropriation on the two and three-fifths principle to constr
House of delegates. saturday, Jan. 26, 1861. The House was called to order at 12 o'clock M., by Mr. Hopkins, of Washington county. Prayer by Rev. J. B. Jeter, of the 3d Baptist Church. A communication was received from the Senate informing the House of the passage of House bill entitled an --"act authorizing the payment of forfeited commissions and damages to the executor of Charles Holden, Dec'd, late Sheriff of the county of Harrison;-- and Senate bills --for the relief of Charity Casey,-- and --authorizing the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad Company to construct a branch of their road to some point on the North Carolina line, and to increase its capital stock.-- The bill for the relief of Charity Casey was taken up, and being explained, was passed. The bill concerning the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad was taken up and read, when a motion was submitted by Mr. Watts to lay the bill on the table. Opposed by Messrs. Bisbie, Segar, Riddick, Collier, and o
tion of the county of Brax on be attached to the county of Gilmer; by Mr. Booker, of repealing the law requiring the publication of quarterly bank statements in the city papers, leaving so much of the law in force as requires them to be published by the banks in the towns and cities in which they are located, and that the banks of this Common wealth be required to make prompt quarterly returns of their conditions to the Executive Department; by Mr. Hoffman, of refunding to the executor of Chas. Holden the amount of a fine paid by him, and paying to the said executor certain commissions; by Mr. Sibert, of refunding to John J. Grandstaff, late sheriff of Shenandoah, a certain sum of money erroneously paid; by Mr. Jett, the proceedings of a meeting in Richmond county, in favor of a Convention. Position of Virginia.--Mr. Wood, of Albemarle, offered the resolution of Mr. Newton, rejected yesterday, declaring the position Virginia would occupy in the contingency of a last alternative in