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d in the unfortunate expedition against Canada are found the names of John Andrew, William Blanchard, Nathaniel Bowman, Matthew Bridge, Daniel Champney, James Cutler, Edward Green, Stephen Hastings, Joseph Hicks, John Manning, John Peirce, Joseph Smith, Nathaniel Sparhawk, John Squire, Thomas Stacy, John Stedman. In 1707, John Comce was killed, and Benjamin Mussey captived Sergeants William Cheever and Eliazar Parker served in 1722; Zechariah Hicks, clerk, and John Manning, in 1724; Sergeant Simon Holden, in 1725, and John Oldham, in 1740 Next after Colonel Goffe, William Brattle was for many years the most prominent military character. He attained the rank of Major as early as 1728, when he was only twenty-two years old; Colonel, before March, 1739; Adjutant-general in 1758; Brigadier-general, as early as 1760, and Major-general of the militia throughout the Province in 1771. During the French War, which commenced in 1753 (though not formally declared until 1756) and continued
is street. The first house was built in 1852, by Mr. L. W. Dow, and it is still his residence. In 1859 my father, Samuel Teele, built a house far up on Curtis street, just where Professors' row now enters it. The college by this time had been founded, and the main brick building and four professors' houses had been built. Old Dr. Ballou, the first president of the college, was our nearest neighbor, his house being just across the field from us. No other house was built till 1863, when Mr. Simon Holden built the house now occupied by his son, George W. Holden, the land on which it was built being a part of the Teele estate. In 1867 my father sold the house he had built and part of his land to the college, and in 1868 built the house now standing opposite the reservoir. In a year or two the college moved the house it had purchased of my father on to Professors' row, which had by that time been made, and it has always been occupied by the late Dr. Sawyer's family. In 1869 a Mr. Mer
—24. Harvard Square Cemetery, I.—22. Hawkins Block, IV.—30. Hawkins Family, The, II.—25. Hawkins House, II.—23. Haxall's Landing-, II.—38. Heald, Mrs. Helen E. M., II.—25. Heath, General, II.—29. Henderson, Mrs., Franklin, II.—24. Hessian Prisoners, II.—29. Hicks, John, II.—28. Highland Avenue, Somerville, I. Hill House, III.—16. Hill, Major General A. P., III.—24. Hill, James, IV.—29. Hill, Richard, IV.—29. Holden, George W., I.—31, 32. Holden, Simon, house of, I.—32. Holt, Chauncey. II.—16, 19. Hopkins Classical School, II.—28. Home, Susan, I.—7. Houston, Major D. C., IV.—30. Hoyt, Frank, I.—11. Independent Fusileers, Boston, I. James River. I.—39; II.—38. Jaques Family, origin of, IV.—13. Jaques, George, IV.—10, 15. Jaques, George M., IV.—15, 20. Jaques, Harriett, IV.—18. Jaques, Henry, IV.—13. Jaques, Colonel, Samuel, II.—13, 17, 19; IV.—
am Godding, Mrs. Bull's portion, bounded north Mystic Pond, west Mill Brook, east Robert Wilson, south William Cutter, to Mary. Bathrick, alias Boyce, and Samuel Godding, 1724. S. Bull brought up Mary Boyce—his adopted daughter, per his will, 1723,—she marrying John Bathrick, 1724. A lot, formerly of William Bull (see Wyman's Chs. 149), came to S. Bull's possession in 1704-5. Part of S. Bull's estate came into John Cutter's possession, 1737-38; and Elizabeth Bathrick (John's dau.) sold Simon Holden another portion bounded north on Medford lower pond, 1746. See Wyman's Chs.; Paige's Camb. 504; and Goddin Family in Genralogies. 1724. Voted that the road leading to Watertown be removed from the northerly to the southerly side of the land reserved for a burying-place, Mr. Jason Russell and the neighborhood thereabouts manifesting their desires that it might be so.—Proprietors' Records. The Burying Place at Menotomy is again mentioned in the Proprietors' Records in 1767. When it<
e Inhabitants of said Precinct to seat such part of the Inhabitants as should be thought proper, have taken it under mature consideration, and report as follows (William Whittemore, Lieut. Samuel Cutter, Capt. Ephraim Frost, Walter Russell, Thomas Russell, Committee): The fore seat upon the floor below: Messrs. Nehemiah Cutter, Edward Fillebrown, Daniel Brown, Samuel Carter, Jr., Ammi Cutter. The second seat below: Messrs. George Cutter, Patten Russell, Thomas Cutter, Isaac Winship, Simon Holden, Timothy Symmes, Joseph Frost, John Symmes, John Sprague, Samuel Russell, Thomas Winship, Thomas Whittemore. The third seat below: Messrs. Aaron Teel, Joseph Belknap, Jr., Caleb Carter, Thomas Rand, Samuel Cutter, Ebenezer Prentice, Jr., John Mullit, Nathaniel Farmer, Israel Blackington. The fore seat in the front gallery: Messrs. Edward Gardner, Samuel Whittemore, the 3d, Thomas Russell, William Cutter, John Adams, John Swan, Seth Wyman, John Hutchinson, Aaron Swan, Lemuel Blanchar
et. 4) 30 Nov. 1760; Jane, bap. 26 Mar. 1758, m. Jona. Davis and Francis Locke. Mary had son b.—1777, who d. 27 June, 1778, a. 16 mos. Israel Hinds was a soldier in the French War. Hodgkins, Elizabeth, and Jacob Newhall, m. 21 Aug. 1766. Holden, Simon, had w. Abigail, adm. Pct. ch. 13 June, 1742, and had Simon, d. of slow fever, 7 May, 1752, a. 16; Elizabeth, b. —1739, bap. 20 Jan. 1740, prob. the Elizabeth, of Charlestown Pct. who m. Jonathan Tufts, of Medford, 24 Jan. 1764; Nathanietell), b. 17 May, bap. 11 Aug. 1776. Amy Sawtell, of Chas., m. James Livingston, of Boston, 17 Jan. 1796. Sarah, dau. of Simon, adm. Pct. ch. 11 Feb. 1781. She m. Smith, before 1798. See Paige, 587; Wyman, 508, 512 (Nos. 27, 28, 29), 881. Simon Holden was a Sergeant in 1725. See Paige, 404, note; and Cutter Fam. of N. E., p. 28. 2. Henry, and Sarah Fuller, m. 14 Oct. 1756. Mrs. Anna, d. 19 Mar. 1795, a. 82. (See Paige. ) Hollis, Patty, d. 4 July, 1796, a. 13 yrs. Holmes, Mary, o