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in the house. Leaving the house with the assurance that they only came to find out the particulars of the affair, the police proceeded to the Mayor's private residence, who, late at night, issued a warrant for the arrest of all the parties found in the house. About 2 o'clock it was surrounded by the police and armed guard, and the inmates, male and female, marched off to the cage, as persons of evil name, fame, and reputation. The men gave the names of Wilson Williams, George Grase, Benedict Howard, John F. Peregey, Edward Lightfoot, John Harrison, and Frank Gillian. The women registered as A. E. Thomas, Mary Jones, Lissy Hodges, Maggie Clark, Lucretia Bywaters, (alias Sue Price,) Sarah Smith, Mary Davis, Emma Marsh, Nellie Porter, and Jenny Barnes. Early Sunday morning the cage being too crowded, most of the prisoners were sent to the city jail. The unfortunate man who was shot was known as Capt. J. O. Withmell, and hailed from Louisville, Ky. After being shot he was carried t
Mayor's Court. --The following cases were before the Mayor last Saturday, and disposed of: Two soldiers, members of the City Battalion, named Tobias Eacho and Jas. Glenn, charged with using abusive and threatening language towards Benedict Howard, and wantonly breaking open his door and entering his house against his consent, were required to give security for their appearance to answer an indictment by the grand jury of the Hustings Court. Richard Barry and Charles Isaacs, arrested some time since on the charge of garroting Mr. P. Augustus Haxall, and robbing him of $35 in money, a due bill for $1,100 upon Wm. G. Dandridge, a horse and buggy, a pair of saddle bags, and one raw hide, were called and a partial hearing of the case had; but in order to procure the attendance of other witnesses the matter was adjourned over till this morning, and the accused parties were remanded to jail. John Burgess, a youth, charged with assaulting and cutting Mrs. Minerva A. Tucke
ed the prisoners to jail until this morning, when he will decide what to do with them. John and Andrew, free negroes, charged with stealing a piece of calico from Chiles & Chenery, valued at fifteen dollars in specie, were ordered to be whipped. The continued case of Jim, slave of William Allan, charged with murder, was called up; but, for reasons considered sufficient, it was further postponed. Emily, a dwarfed salve, not over three feet high, was charged with stealthily entering the grocery store of Benedict Howard, on Sixth street, and abstracting therefrom a piece of bacon. She was turned over to the custody of officer Moore, who took her home to her owner that she might be privately punished. The case of Robert Ashby, free, charged with stealing brass from Alois Rex, was continued till the 18th instant. Spencer, a free negro, charged with stealing tripe from George Chamberlayne, the proprietor of a stall in the Second Market, was punished with stripes.