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mere exhaustion, to relieve each other every few minutes until the work was accomplished. Robert Anderson, Quartermaster in the United States steamers Crusader and Keokuk, exhibited in the former vessel, on all occasions, in various skirmishes and fights, the greatest intrepidity and devotion. In the latter vessel, during the attack on Charleston, was stationed at the wheel, and when the shot penetrated, scattering the iron, desired to cover his commanding officer with his person. Peter Howard, Boatswain's Mate ; Andrew Brinn, seaman; P. R. Vaughn, Sergeant of Marines, United States steamer Mississippi, in the attack on the Port Hudson batteries, night of March fourteenth, 1863. Commended for zeai and courage displayed in the performance of unusual and trying services, whilst the vessel was aground and exposed to a heavy fire. Samuel Woods, seamen, United States steamer Minnesota, but temporarily on board the United States steamer Mount Washington, Nansemond River, April fo
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 6: the Army of the Potomac.--the Trent affair.--capture of Roanoke Island. (search)
sbee, Thomas Bourne, William McKnight, William Martin, John Greene, John McGowan, Amos Bradley, George Hollat, Charles Florence, William young, William Parker, Edward Wright, Charles Bradley, Timothy Sullivan, James Byrnes, John McDonald, Charles Robinson, Pierre Leno, Peter Colton, Charles W. Morton, William Martin, Robert Williams, George Bell, William Thompson, John Williams, Matthew Arthur, John MacKIEie, Matthew McClelland, Joseph E. Vantine, John Rush, John Hickman, Robert Anderson, Peter Howard, Andrew Brinn, P. R. Vaughn, Samuel woods, Henry Thielberg, Robert B. Wood, Robert Jordan, Thomas W. Hamilton, Frank Bois, Thomas Jenkins, Martin McHugh, Thomas E. Corcoran, Henry Dow, John Woon, Christ. Brennen, Edward Ringgold, James K. L. Duncan, Hugh Melloy, William P. Johnson, Bartlett Laffey, Richard Seward, Christopher Nugent, James Brown, William Moore, William P. Brownell, William Talbot, Richard Stout, George W. Leland, Horatio N. Young, Michael Huskey, John Dorman, William Far
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
eb. 10, 1865.Actg. Asst. Paymr.E. B. Hale.South Atlantic.June 21, 1865.Resigned.Actg. Asst. Paymr. Howard, Austin, Credit, Balem. See enlistment, Apr. 29, 1862. Sick.Mass.Mass.Mass.Oct. 10, 1862.Actg. Master's Mate.Lexington; Signal; Red Rover.Mississippi.Apr. 24, 1863.Resigned.Actg. Master's Mate. Howard, Charles M., See enlistment, June 24, 1861. Credit, Gardner.Me.-Mass.Nov. 19, 1861.Actg. Master's Mate.Delaware.North Atlantic.June 17, 1862.Dismissed.Actg, Master's Mate. Howard, Peter, Credit, Boston. See enlistment, May 9, 1861.France.Mass.Mass.Apr. 24, 1863.Actg. Master's Mate.Mississippi; Agawam.Gulf; North Atlantic.Nov. 24, 1867.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Nov. 18, 1863.Actg. Ensign. Howard, William H., Credit, Watertown.Mass.Mass.Mass.Dec. 28, 1861.Actg. Master's Mate.J. P. Jackson; Arizona.West Gulf.Dec. 11, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Apr. 6, 1864.Actg. Ensign. Howard, William H.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Oct. 25, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.Keystone Stat
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
y, G. O., 582 Hovey, J. G., 297 Hovey, M. M., 76 Hovey, S. D., 297 Hovey, Solomon, Jr., 298 How, H. J., 217 Howard, Austin, 76 Howard, C. F., 217 Howard, C. M., 76 Howard, Caleb, 298 Howard, Charles, 1st Mass. H. A., 298 Howard, Charles, 591 Howard, F. A., 470 Howard, G. F., 298 Howard, G. H., 298 Howard, G. W., 298 Howard, H. W., 298, 533 Howard, H. L., 394 Howard, J. A., 490 Howard, J. E., 582 Howard, J. G., 582 Howard, O. H., 298, 423, 534 Howard, O. O., 660 Howard, Peter, 76 Howard, T. F., 298 Howard, W. H., 76 Howard, W. H., 76 Howard, W. H., 76 Howard, W. J., 76 Howard, W. W., 76 Howard, Willard, 298 Howe, A. R., 217 Howe, Abbie J., 601 Howe, C. C., 76 Howe, Church, 217, 298, 534 Howe, E. E., 298 Howe, Estes, 582 Howe, F. E., 423 Howe, G. H., 298 Howe, George, 298 Howe, H. S., 423, 470 Howe, H. W., 298 Howe, J. A., 217, 298, 534 Howe, J. H., 298 Howe, J. W., 298 Howe, Julia W., 660 Howe, N. T., 582 Howe, P. R., 298 Howe, Rufus,
ed for examination for felony, before a called Court on the 7th of May The case of John Murphy, for shooting Martin Callahan in the mouth with a pistol butict, near the Old Market, a few days since, was called; but the witness being unable, from his wounds, to appear and testify, the examination was continued until Saturday. James Shaw was committed for examination on the 5th, on the charge of unlawfully assaulting his wife. Dennis Lynch was examined for aiding and abetting Peter Howard in stealing Whilam Stewart's pocket book, containing $200 and was acquitted. Francis McNamara, charged with beating his wife, failing to give security to keep the peace, was sent to jail. Patrick Call, James Wall, and Mike O'Brien were arranges ford orderly conduct; and breaking down the door of Lucy Timmons's house. All were required to give $300 security for their good behavior and none did so save O'Brien. James Currin was arraigned for unlawfully killing four ducks, va