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The Daily Dispatch: October 31, 1861., [Electronic resource], The blockading fleet off New Orleans — News direct from the enemy. (search)
e, alien enemies. John K Cooke — O. E. Maltby, alien enemy. Samuel Etheridge, Sheriff of Norfolk county--Rufus S. King, alien enemy. M. J. Ryan and John A. Higgins — Stanwood, and Proctor, and others, alien enemies. Thomas Lewis's heirs. W. Leigh Burton — Chickering & Co., alien enemies. James A. Moore--New York and Richmond Coal Company, alien enemies. Wm. Moody — John H. Rathein, alien enemy. Wm. J. Shepherson — D. M. Tallmadge, alien enemy. William Hudson — Francis R. Rives, alien enemy. James Anderson — Wm. C. Rives, Jr., alien enemy. James E. Walker — Amelia L. Sigourney, alien enemy. Fendall Griffin — Francis Graham, alien enemy. James G. Brooks — Francis Graham, alien enemy. John J. Toler — Charles R. Allen, alien enemy. Isaac Roper, (free negro)--Ebenezer and Peter Roper, alien enemies. The Belvidere Manufacturing Company — Goddard, Rice & Co., Manhattan Oil Company, and others, ali
by Delaney twice on the head with a stick, and then stabbed him — the cut disembowelling him. Delaney was supposed to be dying and an officer was sent to obtain his dying declarations. The case of John Murray, for feloniously cutting and stabbing Michael Leary, (who has since died,) and James McCormick, was further continued until Saturday. Lott Green, a negro who says he is free, but has no papers, was arrested for smoking a cigar in the street and ordered to be whipped. William Hudson, another free boy, was ordered 15 lashes for disorderly conduct in the street. Julia, slave of J. P. Ballard, charged with stealing $800 from a guest at the Ballard House, was discharged. Joseph Bassett, a free negro, for threatening to strike a white boy in the Second Market and using indecent language, was ordered to be whipped. Hustings Court.--This Court adjourned finally for the present term on Saturday. The docket comprised over seventy indictments--twenty-nin
hased it from them. They were sent to the Hustings Court, and remanded to jail for their appearance. A negro named Nathan, who has been employed as carver at the Ballard House for some time back, was committed to jail to answer an indictment before the Hustings Court, on the charge of stealing a gold watch and chain from Mrs. Roy, a boarder at the above-named hotel. Richard and Washington, slaves, were ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing Government iron. A negro named William Hudson, was ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing whiskey. Two negroes, named Charles and Thomas, were discharged after undergoing examinations for trivial offences. The case which has been pending before the Mayor for some time, against Benjamin Bolton, charged with receiving five bottles of wine, the property of N. Tinsley Pate, knowing it to have been stolen, was sent on to the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court for indictment. Another postponement was made of the examination
Hon I G Harris, of Tenn; Hon E M Bruce, of Ky; Hon J B Clark, of Mo; Hon R W Johnson, of Ark; Hon Pierre Soule, of La; Hon Louis T Wigfall, of Texas. Treasurer.--Wm H Macfarland, Esq, of Richmond. Recording Secretary.--O F Weisiger, Esq, of Richmond. Corresponding Secretary--Dr. W A Carrington, Medical Director, C S A. Directors.--Surgeon-General Dr S P Moore, Dr T B McCaw, Dr C B Gibson, Rev M D Hoge, D D; Rev C Minnegerode, Rev J L Burrows, D D; Col John T Pickett, E L Hudson, Esq, John Enders, Esq. In addition to about $1,200 received as fees for membership, the following donations were made before the adjournment of the meeting: E M Bruce, Ky, $5,000; John T Pickett, $1,000; Jos W Carroll, N O, $1,000; T Branch, Petersburg, $1,000; Louis D Crenshaw and W G C, $1,500; Haxall & Crenshaw, $1,000; Dunlop, Moncure & Co, $1,000; R H Manry & Co, $1,000; W F Price, $250; Joseph H Crenshaw, $500; C W Purcell, $506; Samuel J Harrison, $500; B Desha Harman, Ky,
The Daily Dispatch: February 20, 1865., [Electronic resource], Destruction of the steamer Schultz by the explosion of a torpedo. (search)
in consequence. The result of the contact with the torpedo was as has been described above. "The following named gentlemen, members of the Ambulance Committee, were on board, and were all, we are happy to say, saved: Messrs. W. J. Bevill, Jas. L. Apperson, Edward Wilson, Andrew Johnston and Edward D. Eacho. "Two of the guard, namely: privates Condiff, of Bedford county, and Cribbs, belonging to a Georgia regiment, were drowned, as were also two negro firemen of the boat. "William Hudson, Twentieth South Carolina, and James Spear, of the same regiment, are also among the saved. "The names of those given above as among the drowned are believed to complete the list of the lost by this sad catastrophe. "Captain Hill, we understand, was acting as pilot of the Schultz at the time. We are informed that whilst passing the fleet on the down ward trip, in the morning, he had hailed one of the gunboats, and asked that a pilot be sent aboard to see to the navigation of t