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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: The Opening Battles. Volume 1., The opposing forces at New Madrid (Island number10), Fort Pillow, and Memphis. (search)
. Scott; 5th La. Battalion, Col. J. B. G. Kennedy; 4th Tenn., Col. R. P. Neely; 5th Tenn., Col. W. E. Travis; 31st Tenn., Col. W. M. Bradford; 40th Tenn., Col. C. C. Henderson; 46th Tenn., Col. John M. Clark; 55th Tenn., Col. A. J. Brown. Cavalry: Hudson's and Wheeler's companies, Miss.; Neely's and Haywood's companies, Tenn. Light Artillery: Point Coup6e, La. Battery, Capt. R. A. Stewart; Tenn. Battery, Capt. Smith P. Bankhead. Tenn. Heavy Artillery: Companies of Captains Jackson, Sterling, Humes, Hoadley, Caruthers, Jones, Dismuke, Bucker, Fisher, Johnston, and Upton. Engineer Corps: Captains A. B. Gray and D. B. Harris. Sappers and Miners: Capt. D. Wintter. Confederate naval forces at Island number10. Flag-Officer George N. Hollins. McRae (flag-ship), Lieut. Thomas B. Huger, 6 32-pounders, 1 9-inch, 1 24-pounder rifle; Livingston, Comr. R. F. Pinkney; Polk, Lieut.-Comr. J. H. Carter, 5 guns; Pontchartrain, Lieut.-Comr. John W. Dunnington; Maurepas, Lieut. Joseph Fry, 5 rifled g
General Joseph E. Johnston, Narrative of Military Operations During the Civil War, Chapter 11 (search)
aptured the hospitals of Hood's corps, which were in an exposed situation east of the Connesauga. Major-General Wheeler, who was sent to the spot with Allen's and Humes's brigades, drove off the enemy and pursued them two miles, taking two standards, and capturing forty prisoners. An hour or two after noon, intelligence was rn Cleburne's right and Little Pumpkin-Vine Creek. Martin's division (cavalry) guarded the road from Burnt Hickory to Marietta, two miles farther to the right; and Humes's the interval between Kelly's and Martin's divisions. Between five and six o'clock in the afternoon, Kelly's skirmishers were driven in by a body of Federal c Govan's right, Originally the right brigade of the first line. including two pieces of artillery, on their right flank. At the same time, Kelly's and a part of Humes's troops, directed by General Wheeler, met the Federal left, which was following the movement of the main body, and drove back the leading brigade, taking thirty o
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 21: (search)
s Daniell, W. L. DePass, W. K. Bachman; Capt. J. D. Kay's reserve cavalry, and several Georgia commands. Robertson's brigade-Second, Third and Fourth militia, Col. A. D. Goodwyn; batteries of Capts. H. M. Stuart, F. C. Schulz, F. W. Wagener, J. R. Mathewes, C. E. Kanapaux, G. H. Walter; Stono scouts, Capt. J. B. L. Walpole; Wilkins' cavalry company reserves. Wheeler's cavalry corps included the brigades of Anderson, Hagan and Crews, in Allen's division; of Dibrell, Ashby and Harrison, in Humes' division; and of Ferguson, Lewis and Hannon, in Iverson's division. Brig.-Gen. J. H. Trapier's brigade, detached, was composed of Ward's battalion reserves, Capt. L. A. Grice; Capt. J. J. Steele's cavalry company, and the artillery companies of Capts. F. Melchers and Mayham Ward. Brig.-Gen. J. K. Jackson's brigade, also detached, included the First foreign battalion, Lieut.-Col. J. G. Tucker; Fourteenth militia, Col. D. R. Barton; Capt. A. J. Frederick's company militia; Capt. W. E. C
division. The rest of the regiment was brigaded, successively, with General Wharton, General Russell, General Wade, General Humes, General Allen and General Anderson, in Wheeler's cavalry corps. It was at Lavergne in November, 1862, and distingo Spring Place, November 6th. (807) Wade's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, December. No. 58—(590) Humes' brigade, Kelly's division, January 20, 1864. No. 59—(871) Lieut.-Col. John S. Prather, Allen's brigade, Kelly's divisionand suffered severely. It was largely employed in picket and outpost duty. Brigaded, successively, under Generals Wade, Humes and Robinson, in Kelly's division, it fought with considerable loss at Resaca, New Hope, and all through the many battlescket duty, November 6th. (807) Wade's brigade, Kelly's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps, December. No. 58—(590, 591) Humes' brigade, Kelly's division, January 20, 1864. Company A, Capt. John M. McKleroy, escort to Stewart's division.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 26. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.11 (search)
on his back and proceeded to march his prisoner to headquarters. Looking back through thirty-three years, in the light of all I have seen and read, I do not believe that any country in the world's history, before or since, has produced a braver or nobler set of men than those who constituted the Confederate cavalry. There is, first of all, our own glorious Wheeler, Bedford Forrest, J. E. B. Stuart, Hampton, our own gallant and chivalrous Kelley, our own W. W. Allen, Fitzhugh Lee, Martin, Humes, VanDorn, Robinson, Chalmers, Hagan, Adams, Armstrong, Ashby, Brewer, Williams, John H. Morgan, Basil Duke, Iverson, Brewer, Wade, Clanton, John T. Morgan, Roddy, Buford, Wailes, Prather, our own Tom Brown, Terry and Wharton, Charley Ball and a host of others, good and true men, of whose heroic deeds it would be pleasant to tell you, but time will not permit. I did not mention the name of poor Clay King. He deserves a better fate. Let me tell you one instance showing the gallantry of of
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Hood's Brigade. (search)
But I beg to state that this hesitation was only momentary, for we reflected that this had been the home of many of our dead comrades, who had gone forth with us to battle; that here lived, before and after the war, the gallant Sellers, of whom General Hood said, He was the bravest of the brave, and who, though only a lieutenant-colonel and a staff officer, led the brigade to one of the most brilliant victories of the war; and when we remembered that this was still the residence of Rogers, Humes, the Settles, Goree, Vidor, and others of our surviving comrades, we knew that you would take it ill should we change our resolution; and we are here to-day to accept of your hospitality and to mingle together in social reunion. We are glad to find your city not prostrate and despairing, but still strong and self-reliant. Like Neptune, you have taken your bath in the sea; and though your locks may be dishevelled, you are full of hope and faith in the future; and with such determination as
II Griffin Wm 2 Gibson W W Giblin W Gray W W Grittin J A Gormanby Jno Gault Jas Gwatkins Jno Godard J Goode Jos Hill, Crockett & Co Healey Pat Harris Jas Hill L A Hager M S Hann O W Heslop R B Henry P (slave) Holleran Richard Hugerless Ro Hubbard W S Henley Dr L Henry S W Higgins S N Hellstern S Harwood Th W Hugoes Wm Hickey Wm 2 Hawkins A J Holland Jas H Harlow Jno H Hardy Cpt J A House J W Humes J H Hundley Jos W Hulett Jno Hemen Jas Hill Jas Howard Alfred Hull A R Hopkins Dr Horan B Howe D Jr Harrison Ed Hudson E J Horner Dr F T Hartman H Harris & Holman Hotze H Humphrey & Hodges Hale J (trader) Hampton J Hollawn Jas Hardy Jas A Hardgrove J S Hardy Jno Hundley J W Hailrunt Jno Hartman Dr J H Hankins Wm Hooper W M Hager Wm Harwood Wm Hopkins W A Hanlon Wm Hicks Wm R Hardly Wm Jones
The battle of Kernstown.the Killed and Wounded. The Abingdon Virginia furnishes the following list of casualties in the 37th (Va.) Regiment, Col Fulkerson, in the battle of Kernstown, 23d March, 1862: Co A, commanded by Lt. C W Taylor--37 men in action: Killed — None. Wounded — J McC Eakin, in hip, slightly. Missing — S Salisbury and A J Amabel. Co. B, commanded by Lt J N Humes--26 men in action: Killed — None. Wounded — Jas L Robinson, hand; S McVey, leg, and missing Missing — W Shetton and W Fern. Co C, commanded by Lt Jas L White--36 men in action: Killed — None Wounded — J J Counts, arm; L F Dickenson, body Missing — F J Coman, W Davenport, A Ferrill, Jas Wampler Co D, commanded by Capt H C. Wood--39 men in action Killed — Ira Nelson. Wounded — Lieut G A Neal, thigh, and left on the held; Sergt D H Lawson hand; Serg't A. P Henderson, arm, left on the field; Slorp Wm F Francisco, leg; J H
Confederate States Congress. The Senate met yesterday at 12 o'clock M. Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Ryland, of the African Church. On motions, severally made and agreed to, the privileges of the floor were granted to Gen. Howell Cobb, Gov. Harris of Tenn., and Gov. Humes of Ky. A message was received from the House announcing the passage of the Senate bill (Mr. Simms's,) to prevent the future acceptance of substitutes in the army, with an amendment striking out the clause repealing all acts authorizing substitution. The amendment of the House was concurred in and the bill passed. Mr. Clay, of Ala., introduced the following resolutions on the death of Mr. Yancey, and delivered an able and feeling eulogy of the deceased: Resolved, That we have heard with deep regret of the death of the Hon. William Lowndes Yancey, a Senator from the State of Alabama, and that we tender to his family our earnest sympathy in their afflictive bereavement. Resolved. That a copy of t