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anity, he said: My dear Sir, you know nothing about Christianity; you will have to learn the A B Cs in the lesson of Christianity, as I find you entirely ignorant of the meaning of the word. I, of course, respect you as a gentleman; but it is as a heathen gentleman. The argument here closed. The following characteristic letter was written by him, while under sentence of death, to a relative then residing in Windham, Ohio: Charlestown, Jefferson Co., Va., 19th Nov., 1859. Rev. Luther Humphrey--My Dear Friend: Your kind letter of the 12th instant is now before me. So far as my knowledge goes as to our mutual kindred, I suppose I am the first since the landing of Peter Brown from the Mayflower that has either been sentenced to imprisonment or to the gallows. But, my dear old friend, let not that fact alone grieve you. You cannot have forgotten how and where our grandfather (Captain John Brown) fell in 1776, and that he, too, might have perished on the scaffold had circumsta
to Harper's Ferry, 289; captures the Arsenal, 290-91; the fight, 292-3; his capture, 294-5; letter to L. Maria Child, 295; letter to his family, 296; letter to Mr. Humphrey, 297; his execution, 298-9; Congressional, 305. Brown, Mayor, of Baltimore, 461; harangues the mob, 464; sends envoys to the President; his correspondence ws with Jackson, 151; beats Runnells for Governor, 339; his death, 340. See Texas. Huger, Gen., commands near Fort Monroe, 529. Hughes, Francis W., 439. Humphrey, Rev. Luther, John Brown to, 297. Hunt, Gen. Memucan, 151. Hunter, Gen. David, wounded at Bull Run, 545; 551; 593; 594. Hunter, R. M. T., of Va., 317; a Markle, Capt., (Union,) killed at Belmont, 597. Marmaduke, Col., routed at Booneville, Mo., 574. Marshall, Chief Justice, 106; 109; 110; 252. Marshall, Humphrey, of Ky., 539; 614 Marston, Col. Gilman, at Bull Run, 525. Martin, Luther, 44; 107. Maryland, 36; first Abolition Society in, 107; 142; withdraws from th