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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Hospitals and Medical officers in charge, attached to the Army of Tennessee, July, 1864. (search)
Munson Hereford. Avent Hospital. Emory Hospital, Surgeon Wm. J. Holt. Zzznewman, Georgia —W. T. Mcallister, in charge. Buckner Hospital, W. T. McAllister, Surgeon. Bragg Hospital. Foard Hospital, J. N. Hughes, Surgeon, C. S. A. Zzznotasulga, Alabama. General Hospital, Surgeon U. R. Jones. Zzznewman, Georgia. Foard Hospital, J. N. Hughes. Buckner Hospital, W. J. McAllister. Gamble Hospital, K. C. Devine, Surgeon. Zzzthomaston, Georgia. Newsom Hospital, Surgeon A. Hunter. Frank Ramsey Hospital, J. Cecil Legare. Zzzpineville, Georgia. Empire Hospital, Surgeon Wm. P. Harden. Fair Ground Hospital, No. I, Surgeon Henry W. Broun. Fair Ground Hospital, No. 2, George G. Crawford, Surgeon. Polk Hospital, Robert Battey, Surgeon. Grant Hospital, Surgeon James C. Mullins. Institute Hospital, D. C. O'Keefe, Surgeon. Zzzunion Springs, Alabama —F. H. Evans, Senior Surgeon in charge. St. Mary's Hospital, Surgeon E. M. Vasser. Cannon Hospit
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The popular Revolution --More Counties Raising the Southern Union Flag and Instructing Delegates. There was a glorious meeting in Louisa county, on Monday last. S. M. Hackett was called to the chair, and D. M. Hunter appointed Secretary. Amid the rattle of musketry and the shouts of the people, the flag of the Confederate States was raised upon a staff one hundred feet in height. Speeches brimful of the true Southern fire were made by Hon. D. C. Dejarnette, Rev. Mr. Waggoner, the resident minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mr. J. L. Gordon. Resolutions were unanimously adopted declaring that Virginia, at the time of ratifying the Federal Constitution, was, and still is, a sovereign State; that the day of compromise is past, and the only question now for the people of Virginia to decide is whether they will unite with the "Confederate States" who are their friends, or adhere to the Northern, who are their enemies; and heartily approving the course of Mr. Deja
Dr. Mr. A. Hunter, of Virginia, a passenger on board the Good Hope, from Calcutta, which has arrived at Savannah, died at sea, on the 24th ult., after an illness of ten days. Fitzhugh Lee, of Va., who has left the U. S. Army to be a Lieutenant in the Confederate forces, is a son of Com. S. S. Lee, U. S. N., and a nephew of Senator Mason. Mr. Chas. W. Morgan, of Leesburg, Va. has received an appointment in the Post-Office Department, at Washington, at a salary of $1,400 per annum. Col. Rudler, who was pardoned from execution in Honduras, arrived in New York in the Northern Light, Wednesday. Mrs. John Drew has leased the Arch Street Theatre, in Philadelphia, for one year, at $6,200.
Holladay, 1,006; Broun, 45. Newton is elected to the Legislature without opposition. Greensville--Official. For secession, 322; against it, none. For amendment, 119; against it, 178. House of Delegates--W. T. Londy, (no opposition,) 290. Clarke. For Ordinance of Secession, 553; against it, . For amendment, 475; against it, 50. House of Delegates--Dr. Wm. A. Bradford, 350; Jno. Morgan, 104. Jefferson. For secession, 813; against it, 365. For House of Delegates--A. Hunter, 722; A. R. Boteler, 701. R. W. Baylor, 272; A. E. Kennedy, 272. Amherst. The vote in this county is unanimous for ratification, so far as heard from; very few votes against the amendment to the Constitution. Nelson. We have returns from all the precincts in this county except two, from which we have reliable reports. About 970 votes were cast for the Ordinance of Secession, and none against it. Ad valorem was also carried by a large majority. Dr. Hawes N. Coleman, it was