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The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
son Gee Goodyear J W Godsey Jas. M Garrett J A Gentry J R Gary A Giblin Jas. Guider Dan Green T R Hutzler Mority Hoben Rev W G 2 Harvey W M Hockey Wm. 2 Handy Rev J W Hopson Jno. Hutton Joel 2 Hawes J W 1 Heath J F Houry Jno. Hayne Dr T Howard S H Harris,Spencer & Harris Hawkes E A Hardy E H Holleran Pat 2 Henry C R Harman M G Harrison Benj. Howard B T Hunter (temperanee lecturer) Hardin Dr A C Hirsh A M Hopkins-- Ingraham A Irby W D Jenkins W F Jones W Jones H T Jenness G O Johnson F T Johnson F Jones W H Jackson W F Johnson J S Jones J T Keane Jno. Kennedy J C G Lamb C L Lee C C Lyneman A H Lucado L F Lunsford L E Leigh W R Lane T Loving Gen. W S Larfarguer M Lafond F H Lockwood G W Lucas G H Leyfort H Loeach J M Lyman J Loyons J Lee J L Laue J. Jr Morey J Miller Rev J W Melvin J Morrell J W &Co Mason J Mergan J H Mosby J G Moynagham J Man
, Rutherfoord, Spady, Harrison, McCamant, Forbes, and Coleman of Fayette. Agriculture and Manufactures--Messrs. Orgain, Tyler, Lynn, Riddick, Johnson, Lockridge, Watson, of Fluvanna, Payne, McDonald of Logan, Daniel, Lively, Woolfolk, Prince, Irby, and Boggs. Claims.--Messrs. Bass, Kaufman, Brooks, Grattan, Davis of Amherst, Pitman, Nelson of Louisa, Montague, Wilson of Norfolk, Walker, Woodhouse, Matthews, Huntt, Dunn, and Gillespie. Register's Office.--Messrs. Brooks, Lively, Wright, Mattheus, Irby, Hopkins, Jordan, Williams, and Garrison. Schools and Colleges.--Messrs. Newton, Minor, Riddick, Treadway, Tate, Daniel, Saunders of Franklin, Crockett, Spady, Read, Curtis, Booten, Noland, Wright, and Laidley. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Jones: Of authorizing the banks of this Common wealth to issue a larger amount than 5 per cent. of their capital in notes of a less denomination than $5. By Mr. Wooten: Of legalizing the issue of small notes heretofore
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
eman, Collier, Crockett, Custis, Dabney, Daniel, J. D. Davis, R. L. Davis, Dunn, Edmunds, Eggleston, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Forbes, Franklin, Friend, Garrison, Gatewood, George, Gillespie, Gordon, Grattan, Green, Harrison, Hunter, Huntt, Irby, James, Johnson, Jones. Jordan, Kaufman, Kyle, Laidley, Lively, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCaMant, A. W. McDonald, J. E. McDonald, McGruder, McKinney, McLaughlin, Montague, Murdaugh, Newton, Noland, Orgain, Pitman, Prince, Riddick, Rives, Rur, Baskervill, Bouldin, Brooks, Buford, Burks, Carter, Cazenove, Cecil, J. J. Coleman, M. N. Coleman, Crockett, Custis, Dabney, J. D. Davis, R. J. Davis, Eggleston, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Forbes, Friend, Garrison, Gilmer, Gordon, Huntt, Irby, Jones, Jordan, Kyle, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCamant, McGruder, McKinney, McLaughlin, Montague, Murdaugh, R. E. Nelson, Newton, Prince, Reid, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Rowan, P. C. Saunders, R. C. Saunders, Sheffey, Spady, Staples, Steg
ney; and where we had the slightest cause to believe that a party wished to buy for speculation, we refused to sell him any. We have asked no one more than 75 cents per bushel, while we have been offered $2 in gold per bushel and refused it. A gentleman in your city offered a few weeks ago to take 100,000 bushels of us, in instalments of 10,000 bushels per month, at $1, 50 per bushel, which we likewise refused. The small amount of salt which we have sold in Lynchburg, through McDaniel & Irby, and in Richmond, through Sports & Harvey, at $3,50 to $4 per sack, (they being our sole agents in those places,) may have netted us a few cents over 75 cents; but, we think, if any, not more than enough to cover risk. If any man can bring a particle of proof going to show that we have realized, or attempted to realized, more than 75 cents per bushed for salt, we call on him now to bring it forward. It any gentleman holding our receipt for money thinks as capable of the conduct which yo
event the distillation of grain and to prevent its exportation from the Commonwealth. Rejected. Mr. Anderson, of Rockbridge, moved to amend Mr. Bradford's amendment, by referring the bill back to the Special Committee on Distillation of Grain. Rejected. The House then rejected the motion of Mr. Bradford by a vote of ayes 35, noes 46. Mr. Harrison moved the previous question on the bill, which was adopted. The House then ordered the bill to its engrossment by a vote of ayes 26, noes 28 The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency were referred to the appropriate committees: By Mr. Steger: Of increasing the compensation of the Sergeant of Richmond for keeping and supporting prisoners. By Mr. Irby: Of refunding a certain sum of money to J. H. Haskins. By Mr. Walker: Of refunding a certain sum of money to W. W. Hook. By Mr. Rowan: Of amending the charter of the town of Union, in Monroe county. The House then adjourned until evening.
emption of the debts contracted by said cities, towns and counties, for arming, equipping, &c., of volunteers, and the support of their families. The bill to authorize certain corporations to issue notes under one dollar was taken up and lost by the following vote — yeas 39, nays 40. Yeas.--Messrs. Francis T. Anderson, Baker, jr., Barbour, Baskerville, Bayse, Booten, Buford, Cazeuove, Crockett, Cuslis, Dabney, Robert J. Davis, Evans, Flood, Garrison, Gatewood, Glimer, Grattan, Hunt, Irby, James, Kaufman, Mathews, McLaughlin, Murdaugh, Robert E. Nelson, William G. T. Nelson, Pitman, Robertson, Rutherford, Peter Saunders, jr., Sheffey, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Ward, Williams, Woodhouse, and Wynne.--39. Nays.--Messrs. Bass, Bradford, Burks, Carpenter, Cecil, Clarke, Dice, Edmunds, Eggleston, Ewing, Fleming, Franklin, Friend, George, Green, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Kyle, Lundy, Lynn, McCamant, A. W. McDonald, Isaac E. McDonald, McKinney. Montague, Newton, Orgain, jr., Prince, Re
Wanted. --one hundred Negro men. We wish to hire for the balance of the year , one hundred able-bodied Negro men, to work at the Salt Works, in Smythe and Washington counties, Va., We want them chiefly for wood-choppers and teamsters, and we will pay twelve dollars per month furnish board and clothing, and pay travelling expenses to and from this place; also the expenses of any master or agent who will bring six or more hands. This section is perfectly quiet, but owners can remove their slaves from here whenever they deem them in danger from the enemy. We refer to McDaniel & Irby, Lynchburg, and Spotts & Harvey, Richmond, who will pay our hires monthly or quarterly. We hope hands will be sent us at once without waiting for us to hunt them up. Boys and indifferent hands not wanted. Stuart, Buchanan & Co. Saltville April 24, 1862. ap 29--2w*
Miley, do do; W S Fears, co B, 44th Ga; Capt J B Beall, co H, 19th Ga; B Barger, co G, Cobb's Legion. Royster Hospital. T A Mullen, co A, 12th Miss; J D Oliver, co K, 2d N C; M Gendro, co F, 19th Miss; P P Lloyd, co J, 1st N C; M Clanton, co F, 12th Miss; A C Steed, do; W L Randolph, Capt of 1st La, Co K, (since dead); J H Peavy, private, Co B, 1st La; Jas Dillon, Lt, Co F, 1st La; W W Smith, private, Co E, 48th N C; S J Richardson, private, Co F, 48th N C; D M Austin, 48th N C; D F Irby, private, Co D, 48th N C; J H McMann, private, Co I, 48th N C; Henry Brinkley, private, Co D, 48th N C; John J Jefferson, private, Co D, 12th Va; Geo T Keefe, private, Co H, 12th Va; John L McNeely, private, Co C, 48th N C; M Richardson, private, Co E, 48th N C, Noah Horn, private, Co R, 48th N C; Allen Christman, private, Co B, 48th N C; Jacob Shaw, Co A, 48th N C; Allen Wilkinson, private, Co B, 48th N C; George F Beck, private, Co C, 48th N C; Amost James, Co K, 48th N C; P W Merrill, Co B
obtain a perfectly accurate list seems almost impossible: Seabrook's Hospital. Corp'l Jas M Tynes, 19th Miss, Bugler Thos. H Brown, 14th La; Philip Dunnavant, 7th N C; W R Jester, 44th Ga; Serg't R Irby, 17th Tenn; Lieut G O Crawford, 19th Ga; Serg't R R Revols, 34th N C; J W Shields, do do; J H. Roberts, 12th Miss; B F Hastings, 19th Miss; Wm. Mulaskin, do do; G N Clark, do do; D T Wyatt, do do; W T Scott, do do; John Nultry, 5th Ala; John Dance, do do; J T Lancaster, 12th Miss;co I, 82d Ga; J O Mulair, co I, 19th Ga; A M Holland, co K, 19th Ga; A K Scott, co K, 19th Ga; S Hemre, co F, 19th Ga; W P P Parkes, co H, 19th Ga; Wm White, co F, 19th Ga; W H Bedmyfield, do do; Wm Camp, co F, 23d Ga; E D Lane, co D, 44th Ga; W B Irby, co I, 28th Ga; B H Bragg, co I, 25th Ga; G Elliott, co G, 19th Ga, and 11 sick men. Second Georgia Hospital. 22d Georgia Regiment--H C Broadwell, Co A; J E Loftis, Co E; C W Stewart, Co I; S Hurst, Co A; L N Smith, Co E; Jno Webb, Co E;
heir slaughter is without precedent in the present war; and some declare it to have been as many as seven to one. One report says that the enemy were completely dispersed and many of them were retreating in the direction of Leesburg and Edwards's Ferry. Among the casualties reported are the following: Col. Moore, Col. Glover, and Capt. Seabrook, of Jenkins's brigade, wounded; in the 18th Virginia, Lieut, Col. A. J. Carrington, Adjutant McCulloch, Sergeant Major Price, Captains Booker and Irby, Lieutenants Glenn, Paxton, Jackson, and Watkins, wounded, in the 11th Virginia, Lieut. Campbell, killed and Lieut, Houston, wounded. Gen. Early is reported to have been wounded, but remained on the field until he fainted. Col. Patton of the 7th Virginia was wounded. There is a report to the effect that the 1st and 11th Virginia regiments captured a battery of four pieces and a similar report with reference to the 7th and 24th. The 17th Virginia are said to have Captured four stand of
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