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single House, and the army under the command of Cromwell, as chief general, exercised a joint, or perhaps rather antagonistic, supremacy, until Dec. 16, 1653, when Cromwell, with the title of Protector, grasped the reins of government, which he held with a firm hand so long as he lived. After this Revolution in England, and as one of its consequences, the inhabitants of Cambridge were once more tempted to remove. Cromwell had been very desirous of drawing off the New Englanders to people Ireland after his successes there, and the inhabitants of New Haven had serious thoughts of removing, but did not carry their design into execution. Jamaica being conquered, Cromwell renewed his invitation to the colony of the Massachusetts to remove and to go and people that island, and it appears by Mr. Leverett's letters and a letter from the General Court to Cromwell, that he had it much at heart. Cromwell foresaw that the West India planters would raise estates far superior to those of the i
towns, public meetings of prayer, and praise, and mutual congratulation, were held. There was such a meeting in Cambridge, Feb. 23, 1815, and an address was delivered by President Kirkland. Among the papers presented by Hon. John Davis to the Massachusetts Historical Society is a handbill, or broadside, announcing the approaching festivity, as follows:— Celebration of the ratification of the treaty of peace between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of great Britain & Ireland, at Cambridge, Feb. 23, 1815. Order of procession. The procession will be formed at University Hall, and move at 11 o'clock A. M. in the following order, to the Rev. Dr. Holmes's meeting-house. Military Escort. Musick. Marshal. Chief Marshal. Marshal. The President of the University and the other Gentlemen, who officiate. Government of Harvard College. Selectmen of Cambridge. Marshal. Committee of Arrangements. Marshal. Strangers. Marshal. Resident Grad
hen Randall1 Edward Marrett1 John Manning1 Owen Warland4 Doct. [Francis] Moore1 Samuel Hicks1 Edward Prentice1 Samuel Hinds1 James Kettell1 Francis Moore1 Joseph Cooke1 Judge [Edmund] Trowbridge 3 Rev. Mr. [Nathaniel] Appleton1 Jonathan Ireland1 Hunt & Flagg3 Hubbard Russell1 Stephen Sewali1 Rev. Mr. Wiggles worth1 George Douglass1 Ye President [Langdon]1 Person Smith1 ——Bates1 James Frost2 Joseph Read1 Joseph Eares1 Benjamin Bird1 John Baverick1 Philemon Hastinas, Jr. Hovey, William. Howe, Joseph N., Jr. Hunnewell, Charles. Hunnewell, Leonard. Hunnewell, William. Hyde, Jonathan. Howe, Artemas W. Henley, Charles. Hayden, Caleb. Hastings, Thomas. Hastings, Thomas, Jr. Ireland, Nathaniel. Jackson, Jonathan. Jacobs, Bela. Jewell, Benjamin. Jarvis, Deming. Jennings, Gilbert. Jennison, Timothy L. Johnson, Jonas. Johnson, Josiah. Jennings, Joseph. Johnson, William. Johnson, Moses. Jewel
Badger. Hasey. Prentice. Ferguson, 542. Chamberlin. Hurley. Laicore. Fessenden, 542-4. Badcock. Barrett. Bourne. Brown. Cheney. Coolidge. Cooper. Fillebrown. Foster. Frost. Hagar. Hunt. Ireland. Jennings. Locke. Newell. Nowell. Oldham. Palmer. Parker. Pierce. Poulter. Read. Sewall. Smith. Spring. Squiers. Stanwood. Sweetser. Thompson. Winship. Wright. Wyeth. Fillebrown, 544h. Fosdick. Foster. Freeman. Frost. Frothingham. Gamage. Gay. Gibson. Goddard. Goodnow. Gorham. Gove. Haley. Hall. Hancock. Haskell. Haynes. Hill. Holden. Hovey. Hubbard. Hyde. Ireland. Jackson. Johnson. Kent. Ketteell. Kidder. Learned. Logan. Lyon. Mellen. Munroe. Murdoch. Oliver. Orne. Osland. Peirce. Phillips. Pierce. Rand. Richardson. Robbins. Rockwell. Russ
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908,
Union Square
and its neighborhood about the year 1846. (search)
Raymond and of George Frost, both living on Spring Hill. Mr. Frost's house was formerly owned by his grandfather, Samuel Tufts, whc is said to have spread the alarm of the British march on the night of April 18, 1775; this house was the headquarters of General Nathaniel Green during the siege of Boston. Some way beyond was the bleachery, with its surrounding colony, which deserves a separate paper. On the northerly side of Somerville avenue, west of School street, was the estate of Jonathan Ireland, father of George W. Ireland, Esq., a large land holder here for many years; the only member of the family living is, I think, Mrs. Martha J. Gerry, of Jamaica Plain. Further west came the house of Osgood Dane and of Osgood B. Dane, his son, back of which was the granite quarry. Yet westerly was the residence of Mr. Field, a relative of Mr. Ireland, and further yet on the easterly side of Central street the house owned then or a little later by the Stone estate. A picture of this ho
R., 74. Hopkinton, Mass., 2. Horton, John E., 56. Houghton, Amory, 5. Houghton, Francis, 5. Hourglass. 5. Howe. Henry, 22. Huchins, Captain, John, 22. Hudson, Charles H., 41. Hunnewell, Charles, 50, 51, Hunnewell, James, 51. Hunnewell, Joseph, 51. Hurnnewell, Richard, 50, 51. Hunnewell, Thomas, 50. Hunnewell, William, 50. Hunt, Captain C. R., 46. Hutchinson, Governor, 1. Hyde, Richard J., 18, 22. Hyde, Thomas, 56. Ipswich, Mass., 2. Ireland, George W., 15, 16. Ireland, Jonathan, 15. Jamaica Plain, 15. James River, 64, 65, 70. Jaquith, Abraham, 31. Jerusalem Plank Road, 69. Jones, Edward, 28. Jordan, Jeremiah, 5. Joy, Benjamin, 54. Joy Street, 12. Keedersville, Md., 20 Kelley's Ford, 22, 44. Kenneston, Illiot, 18. Kent, John, 31, 49. Kent, Lucy, 50, 52. Kent, Rebecca, 50, 53. Kent, Samuel, 50, 52, 53. Kent, Sarah. 50, 53. Keyes, Colonel, Rolin, 5. Keyes, R. W., 41. Kettle, Abigail, 50. Kettle, Mary, 50. Kettle Run, Va., 43. Kettle,
ck, 4, 16. Horton, John E., 4, 16. Howard, Hannah, 48. Howe, Henry E., 16. Howe, Phineas, 66. Hunt, Reuben, 43. Hutchinson, John, 90. Hutchinson, Mary A., 90. Hutchinson, T., 62, 65. Hutchinson, Thomas, 90. Hutchinson, Thomas M., 86. Hutchinson, Thomas O., 90. Hoxie, Mary A., 22. Hyde, Richard J., 16. Hyde, Thomas L., 16. Indicutt, John, 80. Indicutt, Mary, bS. Ipswich, Mass., 29. Ireland, Abigail, 81. Ireland, Abraham, 79, 80, 81, 84. Ireland, George W., 79, 85. Ireland, Jonathan, 81. 85. Ireland, Thomas, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85. Irish Bend, 55. Island No.10, 50. Isle Petit Anse, 56. Jackson, 58. Jackson, Patrick T., 73, 78, 84. James River, 4, 12. Jenks, Joseph W., 30. Jerrett's Station, 7. Jerusalem Plank Road, 6, 7. John Abbot Lodge, 23, 72. Johnson, Isack, 79. Johnson, Jotham, 43. Johnson, Mary, 79. Johnson, William, 79. Jones, Charles G., 4, 16. Kelly, Thomas, 16. Kendall, Arthur I., 72. Kendall, Francis, 71, 72. Kendall, Isaac, 71.