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s at the rate of 3 miles per hour, 125 × 3 x 8 = 3,000 pounds one mile in a day. Multiply this amount by the number of feet in a mile, and divide the product by the number of minutes in 8 hours; the result is 33,000, which stands for the number of pounds raised one foot per minute, and this is now the admitted measure of a horse power. An′i-mals. In the nomenclature of the mechanic arts, the names of animals have not been entirely overlooked e. g.: — Ass.Cricket.Hound.Rat. Bear.Crow.Jack.Seal. Bee.Dog.Jenny.Serpent. Beetle.Dolphin.Kite.Skate. Buck.Drill.Leech.Slug. Buffalo.Fish.Lizard.Snail. Bull-dog.Fly.Mole.Sole. Butterfly.Fox.Monkey.Starling. Camel.Frog.Mouse.Swift. Cat.Goose.Mule.Throstle. Cock.Hawk.Pig.Turtle. Cow.Hedgehog.Pike.Urchin. Crab.Hog.Ram.Worm. Crane.Horse. Each of these useful animals is described in its alphabetical place. Ani-mal trap. A device for catching animals. There are numerous varieties; some to set in the path of the animals,
e.Habeck. Cut.Hackle. Cutting-engine.Hackling-machine. Damping-machine.Hair-rope picker. Dash-wheel.Hand-spinning machine. Decoloring-style.Hank. Dent.Harle. Devil.Harp. Discharger.Hatchel. Discharge-style.Hawser. Distaff.Hawser-laid. Doffer.Heck-box. Doffing-cylinder.Heckle. Doffing-knife.Heckling-machine. Doubler.Heddle. Doubling.Hemp. Doubling and twisting machine.Hemp-brake. Hook-frame. Drawing.Hot-flue. Drawing-frame.Iron-man. Drawing-head.Jack-frame. Dresser. CopperJack in a box. Dressing-machine. Jenny. Drum.Kemp. Drying-machine.Knitting-burr. Dumb-singles.Knitting-machine. Dunging.Knotting. Dust-room.Lace-machine. Dyeing.Lag. Embroidering-machine.Lantern. Enleavage-style.Lap. Equational-box.Lap-frame. Fabric (see list).Lapping-machine. Faller.Lay. Faller-wire.Laying-machine. Felt.Lea. Felting-machine.Leaver-machine. Fiber-cleaning.Lewis. Fiber. Separating animal and vegetableLicker-in. Linen-prover. Filling-engine.Lint-doctor. Fine-dra
e Provencals, the Troubadours who twanged ecstatically. The spinet was so called because its quills or plectra resembled thorns. (Spina, Latin, a thorn.) The instrument was invented by the Italians, and was like the harpsichord, but smaller. Jack. The quill was attached to an upright piece called a jack, a, whose lower end rested on the key which raised it, causing the quill c to bend and slip past the string, where it remained so long as the finger was pressed upon the key. In returnirse-run.Tackle. Hydraulic crane.Traveler. Hydraulic elevator.Traveling-crane. Hydraulic hoist.Traveling-derrick. Hydraulic lift.Traversing-elevator. Hydrostatic press.Triangle. Ice-elevator.Water-crane. Inclined plane.Well-bucket elevator. Jack.Whimsey. Jeers.Whin. Jib.Whip. Jib-crane.Whip-crane. Jigger.Whip-windlass. Lever-hoist.Winch. Lewis.Winding-engine. Lift.Winding-tackle. Lift-canal.Windlass. Hay-hoisting apparatus. Among the modern facilities for taking care of farm
said of fishing with a gaff. Jabb. A peculiar fishing-net for catching the fry of fish. Jack. A handy tool. A name applied to a convenient implement which answers in the place of anotherack-arch.Lever-jack. Jack-back.Lifting-jack. Jack-block.Minute-jack. Jack-boots.Pegging-jack. Jack cross-tree.Piano-movement jack. Post-jack.Spinning-jack. Pulling-jack.Swing-jack. Pushing-joots with a front-piece coming above the knee; worn by cavalry-men, and sometimes by huntsmen. Jack cross-tree. (Nautical.) An iron crosstree at the head of a top-gallant mast. Jack′et. Jack′et. An enveloping or outer case of clothing, steam, water, or other substance. 1. A steam-jacket is a body of steam between an inner and outer cylinder or casing; its usual purpose is to warm or mainta screw-press, used for various purposes. b. A screw-jack for lifting and for stowing cargo. Jack′knife. A horn-handled clasp-knife with a laniard, worn by seamen. Jack-lad′der. (
pper end of the needle, and over and under which the yarn is moved to form the loop or stitch. Dividing (or bar) sinkers; sinkers placed intermediate of the jack-sinkers, and which, after the jack-sinkers have operated, descend in a body to divide the yarn into proper-sized loops between the needles. Fashioning-needle; one of a series, placed at each or either end of the row of needles, which are brought into or thrown out of operation to fashion, that is, widen or narrow the fabric. Jack; a lever connected directly to and operating the sinkers. Knocking-over bar; the bar against which the loops and fabric are drawn as the needles retreat, so that the loops shall be thrown or knocked over the heads of the needles. Latch; a pivoted piece on the shank of a needle, and which swings forward to cover the hook and allow a loop to pass over its head, or back to uncover the hook, so that it may receive yarn to form a new loop. Latch-opener; a device operating between the latc
110) shows a mode of forming a king-post truss:— a, wall-plate.e, common rafter. b, tie-beam.f, pole-plate. c, principal rafter.g, king-post. d, purlin.h, purlin-post or strut. Curb rafter. One of the pair forming the truss in an ordinary curb roof. Hip rafter. That which occupies the angle of a hip roof, and into which the upper ends of the short rafters of the sides and ends are framed. Intermidiate rafter. One between principals or common, to strengthen at a given place. Jack rafter. A short rafter let into the hip rafter at the angles of a hip roof. A principal rafter is one of a pair in the sides of a truss which have the slant of the roof and support the purlins on which the common rafters rest. Raft-port. (Shipbuilding.) A square port in the sides of a vessel for passing cargo. Rag-bolt. A bolt having backwardly projecting barbs or jags to prevent it from being easily withdrawn after having been driven. A barbed bolt. Rag-car′pet. A car<
nishing machine.Shoe-shave. Heel-cutting machine.Shoe-stretcher. Heel-face dresser.Shoe-tree. Heel-grinding or bottom-finish-Side-welt machine. ing machine.Skiver. Heel-machine.Slicker. Heel-polisher.Sole-cutting machine. Heel-pressing machine.Sole-finishing machine. Heel-pricking machine.Sole-leather cutter. Heel-seat cutter.Sole-leather molding. Heel-share.Sole-leather rolling-machine. Heel-trimmer.Sole-leather splitting-machine. Instep-stretcher.Sole-leather stripping-machine. Jack.Sole-leveler. Lap-shaver.Sole-molding machine. Lap-skiving machine.Sole-rounding machine. Last and standard.Sole-shaper. Last-holder.Splitter. Lasting-awl.Splitting-machine. Lasting-jack.Stamping-machine. Lasting-machine.Standard. Lasting-pinchers.Strip-cutting machine. Lasting-tool.Stripping-machine. Leveling-machine.Tip-punching machine. Lining-marker.Vise. Machine-awl.Waxer. Machine-knife.Wax-thread sewing-machine. Machine-needle.Welt-awl. Mallet.Welt-cutter. Marking-stamp.