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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 10: Middlesex County. (search)
ley, George H. Folger, Ezra Parmenter, George P. Carter, Charles F. Choate, John Livermore, Arthur Merrill, James R. Morse, Fordyce M. Stimson (to March 23d), Francis L. Chapman (from April), Joseph H. Tyler, aldermen. In 1865, J. Warren Merrill, mayor; Samuel W. Dudley, George P. Carter, Charles F. Choate, John Livermore, Joseph H. Tyler, Francis L. Chapman, George B. Lothrop, Alpheus Meade, James M. Price, John L. Sands, aldermen. The city-clerk during all the years of the war was Justin A. Jacobs. The city-treasurer during the same period was Joseph Whitney. 1861. The first meeting of the city government, to act upon matters relating to the war, was held on the 17th of April, at which five thousand dollars were appropriated for support of the families of volunteers, to be expended under the direction of a joint-committee consisting of the mayor, two aldermen, and three members of the common council. A joint-committee was also appointed to confer with commanders of mil
ion of the town had had its home there under the eaves of the college. Corlett's tree was not to be pulled up by the roots and set out in a new and distant part of the town without a protest. Accordingly, the high school of 1838, although it was the town high school for five years, drew its pupils mainly from Cambridgeport. In 1843, the Otis schoolhouse, quite a magnificent structure, was completed for East Cambridge, and on its upper floor was opened a high and grammar school with Justin A. Jacobs and Miss Almira Seymour as teachers. At the same time, Richard T. Austin and Miss L. M. Damon were teachers in the Female High School of Old Cambridge. Thus, in 1843, the three sections or wards of the town had each its high school, with a man for its principal and a woman to assist him. The high school of Ward One, as we have seen, was for girls. Inasmuch as it also contained girls of grammar school grades, it was as often called a high and grammar school as a high school. The high
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 16: ecclesiastical History. (search)
linger. 1847-1848,Isaac Lum,Charles S. Newell. 1849,Isaac Lum,John Dallinger. 1850,Stephen P. Greenwood,Benjamin H. Ordway. 1851,Stephen P. Greenwood,Bela F. Jacobs. 1852,Isaac Lum,Asa P. Morse. 1853,Benjamin Woodward,Asa P. Morse. 1854-1855,Luther Crane,Asa P. Morse. 1856,Isaac Lum,Ethan Earle. 1857,Swain Winkley,John K. Palmer, M. D. 1858,Goodrich M. Dayton,William Page. 1859,Goodrich M. Dayton,Asa P. Morse. 1860,Goodrich M. Dayton,Francis Dana, M. D. 1861,Asa P. Morse,Justin A. Jacobs. 1862,William D. Robinson,Humphrey P. Caldwell. 1863-1864,James H. Hallett,Humphrey P. Caldwell. 1865,James H. Hallett,William Whitman. 1866-1876,Edward R. Cogswell, M. D.,William W. Dallinger. St. John's Church.—The parish of St. John's Church was organized by Rev. John B. Fitzpatrick; and the church on the easterly side of Fourth Street, between Otis and Cambridge streets, was erected in 1841, and dedicated in 1842. Mr. Fitzpatrick was the first pastor; he was afterwards Bisho
ll, Thomas. Hilliard, Abraham. Hilliard, William. Hammond, Shaw B. Holmes, Joseph. Hosmer, Josiah. Hovey, Ebenezer. Hovey, Josiah. Hovey, Phinehas B. Hovey, Samuel. Hovey, Thomas, Jr. Hovey, William. Howe, Joseph N., Jr. Hunnewell, Charles. Hunnewell, Leonard. Hunnewell, William. Hyde, Jonathan. Howe, Artemas W. Henley, Charles. Hayden, Caleb. Hastings, Thomas. Hastings, Thomas, Jr. Ireland, Nathaniel. Jackson, Jonathan. Jacobs, Bela. Jewell, Benjamin. Jarvis, Deming. Jennings, Gilbert. Jennison, Timothy L. Johnson, Jonas. Johnson, Josiah. Jennings, Joseph. Johnson, William. Johnson, Moses. Jewell, Gilman. Jordan, Sylvanus. Keating, Oliver. Keyes, Ephraim. Keyes, Joshua. Kidder, Samuel. Kidder, Samuel, Jr. Kimball, Henry. Kimball, Isaac. King, George. King, Horatio. King, Lemuel. Kuhn, George. Kimball, Joseph. Lawrence, Jonas. Leach, Thomas.
lard Phillips, 1851. Franklin Sawyer, Jr., 1851. Isaiah Bangs, 1852, 1853. John Livermore, 1852, 1853, 1867, 1868. William A. Brewer, 1853. Joseph Whitney, 1853, 1854. Franklin Hall, 1854, 1856. Thaddeus B. Bigelow, 1854. Justin A. Jacobs, 1854. Stephen Smith, 1855. J. M. S. Williams, 1855. Oliver T. Leighton, 1855. David S. Buck, 1855. George Fisher, 1855. Asa F. Lawrence, 1856. William Parker, 1856. Eben Manson, 1856. Henry S. Hills, 1856, 1857. William A.. Thomas, Jr., 1877. Edward P. Tucker, 1877. Nathan Underwood, 1877. Edward H. Whitney, 1877. City Clerks. Lucius R. Paige, 1846-1855. Henry Thayer, Elected Oct. 1, 1855, in place of Lucius R. Paige, resigned. 1855, 1856. Justin A. Jacobs, 1857-1877. City Treasurers. Abel W. Bruce, 1846-1848. Samuel Slocomb, 1849-1855. Alonzo J. Webber, Elected Feb. 26, 1855, in place of Samuel Slocomb, resigned. 1855. Joseph A Holmes, 1856, 1857. Joseph Whitney, 1858-1877.
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cke. Manning. Munroe. Patten. Payne. Perry. Phelps. Russell. Sparhawk. Stone. Teele. Thorndike. Tufts. Wetherbee. Whittemore. Winship. Albone, 479. Luxford. Aldus, 479. Alexander, 479. Allen, 479. Hooker. Ames, 479. Angier. Amsden, 479, 80. Cutter. Marrett. Perriman. Read. Rutter. Wheeler. Andrew, 480, 1. Bowman. Clarke. Cooper. Daniel. Eccles. Fox. Frost. Gedney. Hicks. Jacobs. James. Marrett. Pierpont. Russell. Stone. White. Wyeth. Angier, 481, 2. Ames. Batt. Bowman. Cheever. Coolidge. Craigie. Dana. Farnham. Gay. Goddard. Goodwin. Hildreth. Hitchcock. Hovey. March. Oakes. Pierpont. Prentice. Shaw. Stedman. Tappan. Watson. Whittemore. Winship. Wiswall. Appleton, 482. Gibbs Haven. Mather. Prentice. Rand. Rogers. Arnold, 482. Austin, 482.