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"an act to amend and re-enact an act further to provide for the public defence," do order that the persons and companies mentioned in the following list, deliver to Thos U. Dudley, Sergeant of this city, on Friday, the 19th day of February, at 12 o'clock, M. At the city Hall of this city, the number of able bodied male slaves, between the ages of 28 and 55 years set opposite their respective names, viz: Allen W C 1 Anderson Jos R &Co. 12 Allen Joseph's extra 1 Bosher R H 1 Beckham James 1 Belvin John A 1 Crenshaw L D 1 Cowardin Jas A & Co 1 Corkery & Betts 3 Childrey and Jones 2 Christian &Lee 1 Cook W B 1 Dill & Myers 2 Dunlop, Moncure & Co 1 Eddies &Branned 1 Enders John 1 Exall Henry 1 Eacho E D, agent 3 Fields &Taliaferro 4 Gary Richard O 1 Gibson John & Geo 2 Gordon John N 1 Green B W 1 Grant Jas H 1 Hundley & Cance 1 Haxall B W 1 Hunter James & Son 1 Hudson E J 1 Haxall, Crenshaw & Co 7 Hitchcock John H 1 Harvey,
e of Geo. Gibson, charged with throwing stones in the street, was ordered to be whipped. A similar charge was preferred against Robert and Jim, the property of Thomas J. Evans. They were also ordered to be whipped. A negro man named James, belonging to Daniel Trueheart's estate, charged with being drunk, insulting in his language, and refusing to give his name, was called up to answer the complaint. The offence was proved, and the Mayor ordered him to receive thirty-nine lashes. James and John, slaves, were ordered to be licked for being out after hours. Henry, slave of Ferdinand Fore, charged with stealing one calico dress, valued at $10, and one bonnet, worth $5, from Thomas W. B. Davidson, was called to answer the accusation. The evidence proved the offence, and he was thereupon ordered to be whipped. William Wynant was called to answer the charge of unlawfully stealing one shawl from Mrs. Mary A. Wood. After an examination of witnesses the accused was sent
200; five gallons of rye whiskey, held at $300; and one bag of coffee, valued at $1,500 was called to the stand; but owing to the absence of witnesses, both for the accused and the Commonwealth, the case was adjourned over till this morning. James, slave of Wm. F. Adcock, arrested on the charge of being a suspicious person and having a pass in his possession with the signature of B. F. Jordan attached to it, was called up. The evidence proved that during the raid made on Tuesday afternoon last in the upper part of the house over Mahoney & McGchee's office, on Main street, between 9th and 10th, by Major Turner's guard, in search of Yankee officers, James, taking the alarm which the other occupants of the house did, jumped out of a back window on to the shed next door, and breaking through a skylight landed into the chamber of Mrs. Reese, who was absent at the time. On being asked permission by the officer to search her room Mrs. R. readily gave up the key, that the door to it mi