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sack's, Roanoke Co., Va., April 6th, 1861. To-day was a great day in our village. The patriotic citizens of this place raised a Secession flag 6½ feet wide and 15 feet long, on a pole 92 feet high, at 2 o'clock, P. M. The flag was raised by our gallant Congressman, Hon. Henry A. Edmundson, and was greeted by nine rousing cheers by the sovereigns assembled around it. The crowd was then addressed by Messrs. Wm. M. Burwell, Hon. Henry A. Edmundson, Wm. Watts, Major James McDowell, and Green James, Esq.--The speeches were able and patriotic, and stirred the souls of the brave mountaineers to their uttermost depths. The meeting adjourned by giving three cheers for the gallant little State of South Carolina, and three cheers for Jeff Davis and the Southern Confederacy. If the Convention does not give us a chance to vote for an Ordinance of Secession, the sovereign people will take matters into their own hands, and place Old Virginia where she ought to be, alongside of her South
so gave "an account of his stewardship." He told the people that all hopes of an adjustment had banished — he had exhausted all in his power for the good of the State, and he returned to tell his constituents there was no longer any chance for either adjustment or reconstruction. He was in favor of the immediate withdrawal of the State from the Northern Confederacy. Some of his friends, he stated, had insisted upon his announcing himself a candidate for Congress. He would say to the people, that he did not wish to go to an Abolition or Northern Congress, and there sit and hear his State daily abused by Black Republicans. He announced himself a candidate for re-election to the Legislature. --Green James, Esq., editor of the Valley Sentinel, also announced himself a candidate. It is thought there will be others out. W. R. Staples, Union candidate for Congress to represent this district, was announced to speak here to-day, but was detained in Craig county by sickness. Quill.
Rumor having reached us that Abraham the 1st had called upon the different States for troops, and knowing that the object could be nothing less than a war upon the seceded States, our volunteer corps was summoned together, and immediate preparations were made to march at a moment's notice to the scene of action. A warlike spirit prevails in our midst, and the company (Mountain Rifles) has received a large addition to its ranks.--Patriotic speeches were made by Col. John T. Anderson, Green James, Esq., Rev. Mr. Hart, Rev. Mr. McGuire, and the Rev. Mr. Corrin; also, by Henry Johnson, Esq., and others. A proposition was then made that funds be raised for the purpose of providing for the families of the volunteers who were to go to the field of battle. No soldier was expected to contribute. The list was immediately headed by a Mr. G--, of Pennsylvania, with the handsome sum of one thousand dollars; and in the course of half an hour about $2,500 were raised, with the pledges of ma
f speeches were made, Messrs. Richardson Lockridge, and Barbour advocating the election of Gen. J. B. Floyd, of Washington; Messrs. Rives, of Prince George, Pouldin, Anderson of Rockbridge, and Staples, that of Hon. W. C. Rives, of Albemarle; Messrs. James and Newton that of John J. Allen; and Mr. Fleming that of Hon. C. W. Russell, of Wheeling. At 2½ o'clock a motion was made and carried that all debate upon the election of Senator at the was occupied by Mr. Wynne, of Richmond. Thed Geo H West, H C Worsham--22. For John J. Allen--Wm. Ambers, John T Anderson, Colin Bess, A L Carter, W G Cazenove, H N Coleman, Robert Croskett, Robert Danney, Thos H Flood, J M Forbes, W C Fry, G T Garrison, John Gilmer, Andrew Hunter, Green James, W T Jones, W T Lundy, R M Mallery, J L Marye, jr., R A Mayo, S McCamant, R D Montague, Willoughby Newton, R C Saunders, R F Taylor, S M Watson, John L Woolfolk, Geo T Wright--28. For John B. Floyd--James Barbour, W Baskerville, Jas Bayse
not to surrender her, and they blew her up. Commander Kenshaw and Lieut. Zimmerman did not get off the vessel in time, and they were blown up with her. The other two gunboats escaped. Our loss is estimated at 150 killed and 200 taken prisoners. Later from New Orleans--Hon. Mr. Bouligny in prison. The Mobile Tribune has received a late New Orleans paper. From its summary of the news we take the following: Among the proceedings of the Provost Court we find the following item: "James Finland E. Bouligny had a row at J. Howkins's Bouligny shot three times at Finn, with whom he had been fighting, and who had knocked him down. None of the shots took effect. Both parties were arrested Finn was fined $25, and Bouligny was fined $100, and sent thirty days to the Parish prison." This is the same Bouligny who, at the time of the secession of Louisiana, was a representative in the Federal Congress from that State and who, born in the South, went over to her enemies. At th
. Bath, &c.--Wm Frazier. Smyth, &c — Wm E Peters. Boone, &c. --Jas Lawson, (reported.) Mason, &c.--W W Newman. Harrison, &c — Kenna L Stephenson. Marion, &c — Jas Neeson. Preston, &c — C W Newton. Wheeling, &c — Daniel M Shriver. Jefferson, &c — Edwin L Moore, Rockingham, &c — Dr S A Coffman. House of Delegates. In addition to the lists of members already published we have the following: Augusta — Hugh W Sheffey, J M McCue,--Walker. Botetourt and Craig — John T Anderson, Green James. Cabell — Buffington. Culpeper — John H Rerey. Essex and King and Queen — Geo T Wright. Fairfax — O W Hunt. Fayette and Raleigh — B R Lincons. Fluvauna — R E Nelson. Franklin — Jas Patterson, Fred R Brown. Gloucester — Warner T Jones Green and Orange — J L Woolfolk. Jefferson — Jacob S Melvin and Wm Burnett. Mason — Hutchinson. Northampton — Thos Scott. Prince Edward--T T Treadway. Rappahannock — J T Fletcher. Rockbridge — S McD Reid, -