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L. P. Brockett, Women's work in the civil war: a record of heroism, patriotism and patience, Index of names of women whose services are recorded in this book. (search)
ehill, Mrs. Arabella, 407. Taylor, Miss Alice, 77, 78, 239, 240. Taylor, .Mrs. Nellie Maria, 89, 234, 240. Thomas, Mrs. (of New Orleans), 89. Thompson, Miss Kate P., 406. Ticknor, Mrs. George, 323. Tileston, Miss Jennie, 407. Tilton, Miss Catherine, 409. Tilton, Mrs. Lucretia Jane, 409. Titcomb, Miss Louise, 247. Titlow, Mrs. Effie, 76. Trotter, Mrs. Laura, 301. Turchin, Madame, 79, 80. Tyler, Mrs. Adeline, 241-250. Tyson, Miss, 157, 159. Vanderkieeft, Mrs. Dr., 247. Wade, Mrs. Jennie, 62, 84, 85. Wallace, Miss, 209. Wallace, Mrs. Martha A., 47. Ward, Mrs. Anne, 408. Ward, Mrs. S. R., 409. Webber, Mrs. E. M., 408. Wells, Mrs. Shepard, 88. Whetten, Mrs. Harriet Douglas, 301, 316, 322. Wilbrey, Mrs., 89. Willets, Miss Georgiana, 409. Williams, Miss, 245. Wittenmeyer, Miss Annie, 374-379. Wolcott, Miss Ella, 406. Wolfley, Mrs., 89. Wolfley, Miss Carrie, 89. Wood, Mrs. Lucretia P., 409. Woods, Mrs. William, 410. Woolsey, Miss Georgiana M., 301, 303, 3
Chester Avenue Jones, Mrs. Chester U.55 Oliver Street Keene, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney56 Chauncey Avenue Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. James E.37 Montrose Street Kimpton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph40 Gilman Street Kirkpatrick, Charles A. Franklin, N. H. Knapp, Mrs. O. S. 28 School Street Knapp, Miss Daisy28 School Street Knapp, Miss Marion28 School Street Lapham, Mr. and Mrs. F. DeWitt3 Hathorn Street Landon, Mr. and Mrs. S. S.179 Pearl Street Leathers, Mr. and Mrs. H. H.147 Willow Avenue Leavitt, Mrs. Jennie M.21 Shawmut Street Lewis, Miss L. L.8 Lincoln Street Linnell, Mrs. G. W.33 Bonair Street Linnell, Miss Clara33 Bonair Street Linnell, Miss Florence33 Bonair Street Litchfield, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.181 Broadway Litchfield, Miss Edith181 Broadway Lombard, Mrs. Lewis68 Mt. Vernon Street Longfellow, Mrs. W. F.44 Pearl Street Longfellow, Miss Gussie 44 Pearl Street Loth, Miss U. C.71 Boston Street Lovering, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram168 Broadway Lovering, Mr. and Mrs. Harry49 Holyoke Road L
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 25., Women of the Mayflower and Plymouth Colony. (search)
mention the statuary casts in the various school buildings, and are reminded of the recent acquisition of La Pense at the Public Library. Here's hoping that this last may not make an unknown departure thence, as did those the school boy noted a half century ago. A story of two pictures. This is not a two-story picture, though our illustration resembles it somewhat. We first used it in the July issue of 1908, in connection with the story of Mystic Hall Seminary, read by the author, Mrs. Jennie (Pierce) Brigham at our meeting of March 7, 1908, a careful reading of which we commend to our present readers. The acquirement and preservation of each was due to a chance occurrence prior to above date. Both represent the seminary buildings from different points of view, and were found at widely separated places, thus:— First.—During a summer vacation Miss Flora Lydston, bookkeeper for Joseph E. Ober (West Medford's veteran business man), was on her vacation in Portsmouth, N. H.,
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
er mrs Eliz Cox mrs P L Cumine mrs Marg't Carter miss H R Christian miss S A Chandler miss H S Cobbs miss J Coleman miss J Collier miss A Condrey miss J H Copeland miss Susan Coulling miss Sallie Cressey miss Sarah E Cauliffe miss S E Clements miss Marg't Christian Marg't (col'd) Davenport mrs A F Davis mrs E A Davis mrs Wm. F Dunavant mrs Lucy A Darnan mrs Drew miss Kate Dean miss Judy Davis miss T Davis miss D D Emery mrs Marg't Edward mrs Jennie Eggus mrs Caroline Edmondson miss H Eggleston miss J M Edward miss M C Epps miss Georgie Fletcher mrs L M Fir h mrs S J Fisher mrs Mary G Findley mrs Mary W Fortune mrs A R Fletcher mrs L M Fields miss Sarah Fleming miss Cath Fluhor miss M W Ferguson miss B Foley miss Mary Gischwind miss T Gardner miss V A Garibaldi miss C Garrignes miss Eliza Grady Mad Hall mrs M E Harding mrs R C Handy mrs Mary Hartigan mrs Ellen Haskins mrs Sarah Hil
s A W Pollock mrs Pleasants mrs J W 2 Parr miss M A Pearman miss M A Pendleton miss Martha Perkins miss M A Pulliam miss H C W Powell miss Georgiana Quick mrs Wm Quarles miss Nannie Reeve mrs M A Richardson miss Mollie Rowlett miss Eliza Rowe miss Mollie Richardson miss M E Shelton miss L C Sharp miss J M Shiflett miss L E Sharp miss M L Searls miss L V Smith miss Anna Smith miss J S Snead miss J J Stone miss G G Seger miss Selia B Sallie mrs Jennie H Smith mrs Sarah F Smith mrs Wm Stephens mrs Ann Stegar mrs J H Simms Jane (colored) Turner miss A E Toler miss H Tomson miss M V Thompson miss M H Tucker mrs L H Trimmer mrs L E Traubue mrs M E Todd mrs Jane L Todd mrs Jane Tinsley mrs B T Tailor mrs Emily Vauniss miss Georgia Willis mrs E A Wise mrs E Wingrowe mrs E Wingfied mrs J E 2 West mrs E F Watkins mrs H W Warwick mrs A E Wimbish miss E C Wilson miss India Westbrook miss M E
message, to which he replied. "Tell my wife that in my last thoughts were blended my wife, my boy and my flag." He asked of the physician how the battle went, and when told that it was favorable to us, he said, "God bless the old flag" and expired with the prayer finishing inaudibly with his closing lips. A braver officer never urged his men to gallantry. I met one soldier with a ball through his leg, and bleeding to death surely and rapidly. "Oh," said he, "what will Mrs Ellis and Jennie do? Poor William is dead — how his mother and sister loved him. And he would not have enlisted if I had not. O dear, O dear!" And beseeching me to take a message to them, said: "Poor Mrs. Ellis; poor me, I have no mother and sister to weep for me; I might as well fight those wicked rebels as not." Another, shot through the lungs, clasped a locket to his breast, and moved his lips till I put down my ear and listened for his last breath: "You'll tell her, won't you?" Tell who or whe