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Doc. 57.-action near Franklin, Va. in the field of Albert Johnson, two miles from Carsville, Va., December 2, 1862. Yesterday afternoon, a force of three thousand, including one section of Howard's battery, two sections of the Seventh Massachusetts battery, the Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, and five regiments of infantry — the Ohio Sixty-second, Illinois Thirty-ninth, Pennsylvania One Hundred and Third, New-York One Hundred and Thirtieth, and Massachusetts Sixth--all under command of Col. Spear, Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, left Suffolk, with two days rations, for a little business excursion toward Franklin. Indications of rebel forces were seen during the day on our side of the Blackwater, and their pickets were chased by the scouts of the Eleventh. Soon after sunrise, this morning, the whole force reached Beaver Dam Church, two miles beyond Carsville, and three miles short of Franklin, when the videttes brought in the exciting news that a squad of our pickets, some do
I remember, and will not withhold: After going over the main points of Southern Scripture in reference to merely political issues, State Rights, &c., I told them frankly that, all he g they could outnumber us, we could outfight at them; that a vast majority of our people were as brave as at the head of his conquering legions, while the majority of brave men among them was probably not quite so vast; that we had the best Generals on our side — Davis, Beauregard, Johnston, Lee, Magruder, Albert Johnson, Ben McCulloch, and others — while they had only Scott, whose sands of life are nearly run, and who is altogether too slow for such a "trial of conclusions" as our Generals have instituted; and that as long as we could bring 2 ,000 men into the field, (and we can do that forever,) the question of victory or defeat is a mere question of general h p. Finally, I told them that God Almighty, the Supreme, All-wise, and ever just Ruler of the Universe, was on our side. That this was e by the
ertain the particulars. If Leesburg be held by the enemy, it is obvious that the calculations of the Federalists must be recast. It was supposed that no great force would be left there, and that the Confederates would retire as soon as an advance look place towards Vienna. Wherever the Federals go there appears to be a force ready to meet them. The News from Missouri is not encouraging. It is known that some of the best officers — some say the first of the old United States army--Gen. Albert Johnson, is opposed to Gen. Fremont, who is not, strictly speaking, a soldier. Price had halted at Osceola, where he was taking measures to fortify his position, and partisan bands were moving on Fremont's flank. The recapture of Lexington by the Federalists is scarcely a counterpoise to the reverse sustained by them at Pilot Knob. The "Union" sentiment in Missouri evidently requires a good deal of stirring up with bayonets, and demands an immense amount of protection — quite a hot-hou
Hall, Wm H Page, 14th Tenn; Thos. J Foster, 1st Tenn; John Myers, 14th La; Albert Johnson, 11th S C; Sgt B M Stone, 4th S C; J W Campbell, 2d S C, J L Smith, 12th S Edney, 25th N C; Lt R H Grier, 49th N C; L J Erwin, 25th N C; J P Keating, J M Johnson, 4th Ga; W A Roberts, 35th N C; Z F Milbourn, 8th Va; R Bowin, J A Campbell, 2 M Heath, Wm Harper. W W Cauthen, Israel Cottle, Sgt C M Eden, J R Collyer, W Johnson, R A Barker, S P Dillard, C F Shaw, 14th Ala; A A Greer, G M Boyd, 5th Ala bat8th Ala; H W Avery, Sgt E C Richerson, T S Childers, A Dunlap, R L Harris, D F Johnson, Sgt W F Kirkland, Lt R H Sheton, 11th Ala; J L Bentley, B F Adams, Sgt A F Lewis, R M Rogers, 10th Ala; H P Johnson, 8th Ala; Chas Ellis, 4th Ala; Corp'l E W Thompson, E L Hammond, 5th Ala; Richard Brown, F E Solley, 11th Ala; J F Strange, Ja James Blair, Wm Youngblood, Thos J Dolan, W W Williams, B S Gilham, S Sparks, Johnson P Kelly, Peter Nicholson, W T Logan, Thos McGovern, Wm Miles. Company B, C
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
ntree, E T. Chambler. Wounded: Corp. C D Rowland, Corp W S Harris, Corp D F son; Privates R S Kay, J m Watson, L W White, J O Hammett, L G Williams, J W Wowler, J M Fowler, G W Vandiver, J L Vandiver, L P Woodruff, W T Simmens, A Y Shearly, Albert Johnson, D C Stott, J M Geer, Israel Nelson, R F Srown, W I. Shearer, C C Bolt. List of casualties in the Third Alabama regiment, July 16th, 1862. Sergt.-Major C Whitman, wounded. Company A, (Mobile Cadets.)--Killed: P L Lockwood, F J. audel, Jos Thorntou, E K Waterhouse, D Wheeler, jr. Company B, (Gulf Gily Guards.) Killed: W C Ayres, D J J. T Berton, G. L Summersett, Thos Giblin. Wounded: O U Donnayau Jas Hudson, G E Turner, T H J Bibb, F F Hampshird, T H Nellogg, W C Johnson, H H McCov, W E Summersett, Lieut A E Robbins, C Steele. Company C, (Tuskegee Light Inlantry.)--Killed: H H Bally, Jno Crawford, E F Scott, Jno M Turner. Wounded: J Alexander, B Breedlove, Captain C J Bryan, Lieut E A Etherhige, Corpl D F