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ording to the status of the critic as a Secessionist Radical or Conservative. Major P. E. Dye paid Companies A, B, and C of the Fifty-fourth on the 17th, and the remaining companies on the two succeeding days. This was only the second payment of the enlisted men while in service. In Charleston the Masonic Lodge organized on Morris Island, of which First Sergeant Gray of Company C was the Master, met in the third story of a house just across from the Citadel. Sergeants Vogelsang, Alexander Johnson, and Hemmingway were among the members, who numbered some twentyfive or thirty. It is thought that the charter of this lodge was surrendered ultimately to Prince Hall Lodge of Boston, whence it came. Admiral Dahlgren departed for the North on the 17th, after taking leave of his squadron in orders. On the 18th an affray occurred on the Battery between a guard of the One Hundred and Twenty-seventh New York and some of the Thirty-fifth United States Colored Troops, when a few soldier
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
hnson, E. C., 302 Johnson, E. M., 384 Johnson, E. T., 302 Johnson, Frank A., 302 Johnson, Francis A., 470 Johnson, G. A., 61st Mass. Inf., 302 Johnson, G. A., 25th Mass. Inf., 302 Johnson, G. A., Navy, 82 Johnson, G. E., 424 Johnson, Henry, 82 Johnson, J. B., 425, 491 Johnson, J. E., 425,471 Johnson, J. L., 302 Johnson, J. N., 302 Johnson, J. W., 302 Johnson, M. L., 82 Johnson, O., 575 Johnson, R. H., 425 Johnson, T. H., 302 Johnson, T. W., 82 Johnson, W. H., 471 Johnson, Alexander, 302 Johnston, Brent, Jr., 218, 302, 536 Johnston, G. H., 302, 425, 536 Johnston, J. D., 673 Johnston, J. E., 673 Johnston, T. B., 218, 302, 536 Johnston, W. C., 302, 471 Jones, B. F., 82 Jones, C. Ap R., 673 Jones, C. E., 303 Jones, Cyrus, 583 Jones, Dennis, 303 Jones, E. F., 185, 218, 425, 536 Jones, E. J., 218, 303, 536 Jones, E. L., 303 Jones, E. R., 303 Jones, E. T., 82 Jones, Edward, 673 Jones, G. H., 384 Jones, G. N., 303 Jones, H. B., 303 Jones, H. L., 42
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
e, T. T. Cropper, J. H. Chamberlayne, J. S. Caskie, J. O. Chiles, John Dooley, P. Dornin, S. C. Davis, S. Davis, B. Davis. P. V. Daniel, Dr. J. Davies, J. Davis, Chas. Ellis, B. F, Eddins, Johnson Eubank, J. Fitzgerald, W. C. Freeman, J. B. Foster, T. T. Giles, J. P. George, J. H. Guy, D. P. Gooch, F Gooch, Wm. G. Gray, E. Goldsmit, S. Hastings, J. T. Hutcheson, William M. Harrison, B. F. Harris, G. L. Herring, George Hagedon, J. Howard, J. M. Jones, Sampson Jones, Jr., Daniel Johnson, Alexander Johnson, T. K. Lyon, W. S. Lehmann, J H. Leftwitca, D. B. Lucus, A. A. Lorentz. Wm. MacFarlane, Luke McKenna, P. T. Moore, Jordan Martin, A. Martin, Miles Macon, J. M. Macon, M. May, J. S. Michard, L. Marye, John Meredith, R. M. Nimmo, C. A. McEvoy, C. Nevins. Wm. Old. Jr., A. C. Porter, W. L Porter, W. Pollar, John Purcell, S. G. Peachy, Mann Page, S. B. Paul. A. E. Peticolas, J. Peyser, J. S. Pendleton, Jr., W. A. Patterson, L. Rueger, Wm. F. Ritchie, E. G. Rawlings, G. W. Randolph. M. L. R
Injured by machinery --On Saturday one of the workmen at the C. S. Arsenal, named Alexander Johnson, was badly injured by becoming entangled in a lathe over which he was working. He was caught by his jacket, and but for the fact that his cap fell off and impeded the revolutions of the machinery he would have been fatally injured. As it was he was badly out and bruised about the arms, neck, and face.
have been suppressed, and the editors arrested. [Second Dispatch] Vicksburg, April 17. --Some eight of the enemy's boats came down at 11 o'clock last night.--Heavy firing was opened by the batteries, which was replied to prickly by the boats. One boat was fired by our guns and burnt to the water's edge in front of the city. The others, including two transports, passed down--two or three thought to be disabled. None now in sight below; but one transport is lying at Brown and Johnson's place.--Two guns in the Yankee battery on the Peninsula opened on the city this morning at 9 o'clock, and are still firing. [Third Dispatch.] Vicksburg, April 17. --Two prisoners from the boat sunk last night were brought in to-day. They say the transports Henry Clay was sunk and the Ward burned, and the ram Lafayette sunk by our batteries last night. They also say that the remainder of the expedition will come down to-night. The battery on the Peninsula ceased firing
Runaways--Six hundred Dollars Reward.-- Sandy--25 years old, 5½ feet tall, dark color. Johnson--24 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, scar on forehead. Bob--21 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, scar on both cheeks. Daniel--24 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches tall, scar on brow and ear. Eryan--23 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches tall, scar at root of fore finger, right hand. Jerry--21 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches tall ginger bread color, from North Carolina. Wm Henry--22 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches tall, black fine teeth, from King William. Jack--18 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches tall, not very black, prominent teeth, from J Buchanan's estate, North Carolina. Wm Washington--21 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches tall, not very black, frost bitten on toe, from Wythe co Va. John--20 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, bought of Algernon Gray, Rockingham, and the leader of the whole, who will probably endeavor to pilot them to the army, as he has been
Recovery of Stolen bacon. --On Thursday last, a free negro fellow, named Alexander Johnson, living in Manchester, obtained a warrant to search the house of another negro, named Phœbe Wooddy, whom he suspected of stealing a trunk from his room. Constable Spencer Hancock was entrusted with the execution of the warrant, but upon instituting a search of Phœbe's house, he failed to find said trunk. Subsequently Mr. Hancock had an intimation that Johnson, himself, was suspected of committing table Spencer Hancock was entrusted with the execution of the warrant, but upon instituting a search of Phœbe's house, he failed to find said trunk. Subsequently Mr. Hancock had an intimation that Johnson, himself, was suspected of committing several robberies, and accordingly he went to his room, where he found hid away about six hundred dollars worth of stolen bacon. Johnson at first denied that he had dishonestly come into possession of the bacon, but afterwards owned that it was stolen