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The Daily Dispatch: November 16, 1860., [Electronic resource], The British and American difficulty at Panama. (search)
Court of Appeals --The Supreme Court of Appeals, now in session in this city, have decided the following cases during the present term: Winfrey and wife vs. Christian. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., and Wm. Green for appellants, and August & Randolph and Johnson & Gulgon for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of Buckingham affirmed. Armistead vs. Garrett. Argued by James Lyons for appellant, and R. T. Daniel for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of city of Williamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendant.--Judgment of Circuit Court of Amherst reversed. Selden vs. Trevilian et al, and Lyons et al vs. Trevilian et al. Argued by Andrew Johnston for the appellant, in the first case, and P. R. Grattan and McFarland & Roberts for the appellees. The second case argued by A. J. for appellees. Decree of Circuit Court of Goochland reversed.
er, O F. Breses, Wm. A. Wyatt, Geo. W. Royster, M. T. Starke, Darracott, & Co., W. H. Haxall, John Dooley, Jas. S. Kent, J. R. Anderson & Co., Fisher & Shepherd. P. T. Moore & Co., Jas. Woodhouse & Co, B. F. Harris, Johnson & Pugh, Geo. S, Palmer, Bacon & Baskerville, Edward Novell, Wm. L. Maule, H. K. Ellyson, Chiles & Chenery, Christian & Lathrop, P. K. White, Jno. C. Page, Jr., Stebbins, Pullen & Co., S. McGruder's Sons, Marcus Harris & llen & Co., S. McGruder's Sons, Marcus Harris & Bro., Watkins & Ficklen, George L. Bidgood, W. L. Waring, Goddin & Apperson, Kent, Paine & Co., Solomon A. Myers, Ginter, Alvey & Arents, Bridgford & Co., Johnson, Truheart & Vaughan, I. N. Cocke, Read & Jefer, A. Morris, Tardy & Williams, Waggoner, Hill & Aris cher. C. D. Yale & Co., John A. Glazebrook, J. H. Montague, R. M. Nimmo, D. Von Groning, Samuel J. Harrison, Edmond, Davenport & Co.,
dates of October 23d, arrived at San Francisco 5th. The reports that the Southern States are preparing to dissolve the Union on the election of Lincoln produces little effect. The argument in the Almaden quicksilver mines case has closed, and an impression prevailed that Judge McAllister will decide for the government and Judge Hoffman for the claimants, rendering an appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court necessary before the injunction can be dissolved. It is understood that Reverend Johnson, Senators Benjamin and Gwin, and Senators Baker and Nesmith, of Oregon, will leave on the 10th inst. The latest accounts from the silver mining region, east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, are encouraging. The Indians have returned to the neighborhood of Carson and Honey Lake Valleys, and express a desire to remain friendly. The more recently discovered Monocoso and Esmeralda districts, lying from eighty to one hundred and twenty miles south of Carson Valley, are claimed
A runaway wife. --John Johnson, of Washington city, appeared at the police station yesterday, and reported that his wife, Ann Johnson, alias Ann Wheeler, and two daughters, named respectively Delphine Lord and Emma Johnson, left Washington on the 25th of November, in company with one William Lord, taking with them fourteen hundred dollars in United States notes, a feather-bed, bedding, and a large quantity of clothing and furniture, all of which Johnson claims as his property. Mrs. Johnson is described as a woman of thirty-eight years, about five feet four inches in height, with very dark complexion, grey eyes and Roman nose. Lord was formerly a member of the United States Sharp-shooters. Any person having any knowledge of the runaway will confer a favor upon Johnson by leaving information with Major Croft.