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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 8: Civil affairs in 1863.--military operations between the Mountains and the Mississippi River. (search)
fus P Spaulding, J. A. Garfield. Oregon.--John R. McBride. Pennsylvania.--Samuel J. Randall, Charles O'Neill, Leonard Myers, William P. Kelley, M. Russell Thayer, John D. Stiles, John M. Broomall, S. E. Ancona, Thaddeus Stevens, Myer Strouse, Philip Johnson, Charles Denison, H. W. Tracy, William H. Miller, Joseph Bailey, A. H. Coffroth, Archibald McAllister, James T. Hale, Glenni W. Scofield, Amos Myers, John L. Dawson, J. K. Moorhead, Thomas Williams, Jesse Lazear. Rhode Island.--Thomas A. Jena, quickly discovered the movement and perceived its aim, and at once put the Fourteenth Army Corps, under General Palmer, in motion Feb. 22, 1864. to counteract it. These troops moved directly upon Dalton. The divisions of Jefferson C. Davis, Johnson, and Baird marched along the direct road to that place, passing to the left of the Chickamauga battle-ground and over Taylor's Ridge; and Stanley's division, under General Crufts, which had been in camp at Cleveland, moved down from the latter p
Deficiency bill being before the House--Mr. Harding, of Ky., moved Dec. 21, 1863. to insert-- Provided, That no part of the moneys aforesaid shall be applied to the raising, arming, equipping, or paying of negro soldiers. Which was likewise beaten: Yeas 41; Yays 105--the Yeas (all Democrats) being Messrs. Ancona, Bliss, James S. Brown, Coffroth, Cox, Dawson, Dennison, Eden, Edgerton, Eldridge, Finck, Grider, Hall, Harding, Harrington, Benjamin G. Harris, Charles M. Harris, Philip Johnson, William Johnson, King, Knapp, Law, Long, Marcy, McKinney, William II. Miller, James R. Morris, Morrison, Noble, John O'Neill, Pendleton, Sainuel J. Randall, Rogers, Ross, Scott, Stiles, Strouse, Stuart, Chilton A. White, Joseph W. White, Yeaman. No other War measure was so strenuously, unitedly, persistently, vehemently resisted by the Opposition, whether Democratic or Border-State Unionists, as was the proposal to arm Blacks to uphold the National cause. Said Mr. S. S. Cox, of Oh
on. Iowa — Allison, Grinnell, A. W. Hubbard, Kasson, Price, Wilson. Wisconsin--Cobb, McIndoe, Sloan, Wheeler. Minnesota--Donnelly, Windom. Kansas--Wilder. Oregon--McBride. Nevada--Worthington. California--Cole, Higby, Shannon.--Total, 119. Nays--[All Democrats.] Maine--Sweat. New York — Brooks, Chanler, Kalbfleisch, Kernan, Pruyn, Townsend, Ward, Winfield, Ben. Wood, Fernando Wood. New Jersey--Perry, W. G. Steele. Pennsylvania--Ancona, Dawson, Dennison, P. Johnson, W. H. Miller, S. J. Randall, Stiles, Strouse. Maryland--B. G. Harris. Kentucky--Clay, Grider, Harding, Mallory, Wadsworth. Ohio — Bliss, Cox, Finck, Wm. Johnson, Long, J. R. Morris, Noble, J. O'Neill, Pendleton, C. A. White, J. W. White. Indiana--Cravens, Edgerton, Harrington, Holman, Law. Illinois--J. C. Allen, W. J. Allen, Eden, C. M. Harris, Knapp, Morrison, Robinson, Ross, Stuart. Wisconsin--J. S. Brown, Eldridge. Missouri--Hall, Scott.--Total, 56. Not Voting--La<
astings. Richard Hay. John Hey wood. Samuel Hey wood.. John Hill. Samuel Hill. Thomas Hill. John Hoi brook. Joseph Hold en. Reuben Hooker. Thomas Hoppin. Edward Horton. Josiah Horton. Caleb Hovey. Josiah Hovey. Thomas Hovey. Samuel Howard. Simon Howard. Abraham Hurley. William Hurley. Peter Jackson. Job Jennens. Phinehas Jennison. Abel Johnson. Abijah Johnson. Jesse Johnson. Jonas Johnson. Lawrence Johnson. Philip Johnson. Wicom Johnson. James Jones. John Kidder. Henry King. Peter Landman. Joseph Larkin. Jonathan Lawrence. James Learned. William Learned. Jack Leaven worth. Robert Leonard. Job Littlefield. Jonathan Locke. Thomas Long. Richard Loring. Thomas Mason. Edmund Masters. Robert McCleary. Arthur Me Cord. Daniel McGuire. Daniel McNamara (deserted). John Mead. Thomas Melendy. Joseph Mills. Samuel Mills. Pierce Moran. Wil
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Company C, Ninth Virginia cavalry, C. S. A. [from the Richmond (Va.) Dispatch, February 9, 1896.] (search)
wned, Shelton B. Hall, discharged, Hackman Haynie, died in service, Benjamin Hardwick, John W. Harvey, Mungo P. Harvey, ordnance sergeant, James R. Holliday, Richard Hunter, killed at Charles City county,——Hutt, Ogle Hutt, Steptoe D. Hutt, discharged, James Jenkins, wounded accidentally, Charles W. Jett, killed at Brandy Station, Lucius L. Jett, Thomas Jett, badly wounded in foot at Brandy Station, Toucey Jett, regimental bugler, wounded at Brandy Station, William Jett, severely wounded, Philip Johnson, William Johnson, Churchwell Jones, Robert Kennedy, Benjamin King, R. S. Lawrence, wounded at Fredericksburg, David Lowe, Robert A. Marshall, Julian J. Mason, promoted as aid to General Fields, Thomas H. Massey, substituted, Chapman Maupin, transferred to engineers, George McKenney, discharged, James McKenney, discharged, Lucius McKildoe, wounded, Jeter Montgomery, Joseph J. Moone, wounded, James Morris, wagoner, Robert Murphy, John Neale, killed at Ashland, Benjamin Owens, W. W. Palmer
f the line, waiving his sword high in the air, shouting on ward to the almost wavering men, who gained fresh courage from the exhibition, and pushing forward, drove the enemy from the field. In this fight, many of our brave soldiers fell to rise no more, while Colonel Andrews had his horse shot from under him and was wounded himself slightly. General Lyon suffered, in a similar manner; Captains Cavender, Cole and Yates, each slightly, or at least not dangerously wounded; Lieuts. Brown and Johnson, and Corporals Conant and Rogers, more or less severely wounded. During this engagement two companies of regulars were sent to the east side of the creek to engage a force which was operating against Capt. Wright's cavalry, sheltering themselves behind a fence. Capt. Plummer and Capt. Gilbert, with their companies, marched close by to the fence and delivered an effective fire, but were compelled by great odds to retire, which they did, but again renewed the attack. The enemy being la
The Daily Dispatch: August 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Message of the Governor of North Carolina. (search)
More Lincoln outrages — the privateer "Sumter," &c. Philadelphia, Aug. 20. --Pierce Butler, a citizen, has been arrested, and by the order of Secretary Cameron he has been sent to Fort Hamilton. The privateer Sumter captured the bark Maxwell on the 27th of July. Intelligence received last night at 10 o'clock, from Easton, Pennsylvania, stated that the Sentinel office was being demolished. The Sentinel advocated peace or a compromise. Col. Philip Johnson, a member of Congress elect from this district, was burned in effigy last night. The riot is still progressing.
Twenty five Dollars reward. --Ranaway, about the last of April, my servant Philips. She is about 50 years old and very black; her month is twisted one side. She was purchased from Mr. Philip Johnson, of Chesterfield county near Coalfield Station. She has been seen there several times lately. I will pay the above reward for her delivery to me or Mr. Wm. H. Bolton, in Manchester. Thos Cunningham. On Maddox Hill. tg 18--it*
of habeas corpus in the loyal States, and asserting the assumption of the President in these respects is contrary to the progress of the age, despotic, and wholly subversive of the elementary principles on which the Government is based. The series concludes with instructions to the Judiciary Committee to report a bill to protect the rights of persons in accordance with the foregoing declarations and the provisions of the Constitution. The resolutions were rejected-- against Mr. Philip Johnson offered a , sorting forth. Whereas, the Supreme Judicial tribunal of the State of Pennsylvania has solemnly decided the art of March 3, 1863, commonly called the Conscription art is contrary to and violation of the Constitution of the United States, and therefore suit and void; Therefore, Resolved, That it be the sworn duty of the Department of the Government to acquiesce in that decision of that State or to bring the question involved before the Supreme Court of the Unite
Death of an officer. --Lt. Col. Raleigh T. Colston, of the 3d Va. infantry, "Stonewall brigade," died on Wednesday, December, 23d, at the University of Virginia, of a mortal wound received while leading his regiment at the battle fought by Johnson's division on Mine Run, in Orange county. Col. Colston was the son of the Hon. Edward Colston, of Berkeley county. This is the fourth officer that has been killed in command of this regiment.