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in 1779. This estate, together with the share of the Phips Farm assigned to Judge Lee and his wife, and subsequently bought by Cabot, was sold for £ 3,300 to Seth Johnson of New York, Jan. 31, 1795, and mortgaged by him to John Cabot for £ 2,200: and on the 18th of December, 1797, Johnson, for a nominal consideration, quitclaimeJohnson, for a nominal consideration, quitclaimed all his interest in the estate to Bossenger Foster of Cambridge (brother-in-law to Mr. Craigie), who, by an agreement dated six months later, engaged to convey the estate to Craigie, on the performance of certain conditions. The next step was to secure the reversionary rights of Mrs. Lechmere and her children in the confiscated is wife to Samuel Haven of Dedham, whose wife was daughter of Mr. Foster and niece of Mr. Craigie. Mr. Cabot took possession of the estate under the mortgage from Johnson, having obtained judgment therefor in 1800, and sold the same to Samuel Parkman of Boston, Aug. 26, 1803. Parkman conveyed to Craigie all his rights in the whole
1792. The name is Sweetser in Paige, 611. Symmes, Zechariah, of Charlestown, m. Elizabeth Locke, 16 June, 1748. See Wyman's Chas., 929. Vinton's Symmes Memorial, p. 50, &c. He had dau., d. 5 June, 1750, a.—mos. Zechariah (another), m. Rebecca Tuttle, 1 Feb. 1773. Symmes Mem., p. 52; he lived and died in Woburn. Zechariah (probably the first named) d. 25 July, 1772. Elizabeth (dau. of first named Zechariah) m. Benjamin Peirce, of Lexington, 28 Mar. 1771. Abigail, of Medford, m. Seth Johnson, of Woburn, 10 Feb. 1780 Elizabeth, of Medford, m. George Washington Reed, of Woburn, 13 Dec. 1801. Symmes Mem., p. 42. 2. John, of Medford, and w. Abigail; he adm. Pct. ch. 3 Sept. 1758, and she on 22 Oct. 1758. He had John, bap. here, aet. 3, on 3 Sept. 1758; Josiah, bap. 3 Sept. 1758; Abigail, bap. 16 Mar. 1760. John, Jr., of Medford, s. of John (2), m. Elizabeth Wright, of Woburn, 31 Oct. 1780—fee $100. Symmes Mem., p. 42,43, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58. 3. Susanna, wid. of Samuel, d.