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rgia, was severely wounded at the head of his regiment. Captain Banning, Twenty-eighth Georgia regiment, was distinguished for his intrepid coolness, fighting in the ranks, with gun in hand, and stimulating his men by his words and example. W. R. Johnson and William Goff, Twenty-eighth Georgia, Sergeant J. L. Moore, privates W. A. Estes, J. S. Wingate, W. S. Walker, Isaac Hundley, Thomas Sudler, J. J. Gordon, Simson Williamson, Lieutenant B. A. Bowen, Lieutenant R. S. Tomme, Lieutenant L. D. ieutenant Peirce, of the Fifth; Captain Atwell, (killed,) and Lieutenant Caldwell, of the Twentieth, conducted themselves with soldier-like gallantry. Lieutenants King, Ray, Malone, Duguid, Felton, and Sutten, Sergeants Riddick, Ingram, Pearce, Johnson, and Dennis, privates Hays, Ellis, Campbell, Hillard, and Rinsart, of the same regiment, are highly commended by their regimental commanders. Sergeant A. W. Fullenwider, John W. Glenn, C. W. Bennet, and privates E. F. Howell, and W. C. Watkins,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ole, Co. B, 7th N. C. Regiment Infantry. William Will, Co. E, 21st Miss. Regiment Infantry. W. D. Gregory, Co. C, 19th Va. Batt. H. A. J. M. Burke, Signal Sergeant Wilcox's Division. J. H. Summerville, Citizen, employed in Q. M. Department, 1 private horse. H. V. Neihaiger, Jr., 2d. Co. Signal Corps. W. R. McCaw, Courier in Ordnance Dept, 1 private horse. J. T. Washington, Clerk in Ordnance Dept. R. S. Burwell, Courier in Ordnance Dept. J. H. Tinsley, 3d Mo. Battery, Johnson's Battalion. E. Thurston, Co. A, 2d Va. Local Troops. John A. Pentz, Citizen, 1 private horse. J. A. Shores, Co. A, 10th Ala. Regiment. John H. Kirch, detailed to Engineer Corps. P. D. T. Roberts, Hospital Steward. A. T. Homes, Co. G, 6th Va. Infantry, a paroled prisoner. W. C. Palmer, Co. D, 7th N. C. Regiment. P. C. Houser, detailed ag't, 2 private horses. D. L. Stafford, Co. F, 2d N. C. Regiment. A. T. Jones, Co. D, 3d Va. Infantry (courier), 1 private horse.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
ument to unveil the statue of General Lee. Major T. A. Brander commanding, and the following members were in line: Crenshaw Battery.—Captain Thomas Ellett, Captain William G. Crenshaw, Lieutenant E. G. Hollis, Sergeants T. T. Johnson, B. W. Vass, Walter J. Ratcliffe, Hugh D. Smith, John R. Redford, Corporals W. T. Ratcliffe and E. S. Ferneyhough, privates Thad. M. Jones, Thomas G. Walker, D. W. Gibson, John Walker, George E. Ware, E. L. Nuckols, John Lewis, Jeff. Ruffin, W. P. Morgan, W. R. Johnson, William Ellis Jones, J. C. Goolsby, William D. Snead, R. C. Walden, Charles P. Young, and M. T. Rider. Purcell Battery.—Privates Thomas Byrne, James Stywater, R. T. Totty, Joseph Uren, Valentine Brown, J. W. D. Farrar, E. M. Cayce, John T. Callaghan, B. F. Hackman, and D. S. Redford. Letcher Battery.—Major Thomas A. Brander, Lieutenant John Tyler, Corporal D. S. Cates, privates F. Kell, James T. Ferriter, and C. T. Outland. Fredericksburg Battery.—Privates E. T. Chesley, H. Ca
ftwich, Wm. Terry. A. T. Crockett, Gordon C. Kent. Wm. Gibboney. Bank of Virginia.Richmond. James Caskie, Archibald Thomas, William Gray, A. T. Harris, Thomas R. Price. R. Milton Cary, Joseph P. Jones, C. R. Barksdale, Jas. B. Ferguson, Jr. Norfolk. Myer Myers, George Reid, Wm. T. Harrison, P. P. Clements. Wm. Lamb, James E. Barry, Ryland Capps. Petersburg. Daniel Dodson, B. T. Hurt, E. G. James, J. P. May. Z. W. Pickerell, W. R. Johnson, S. W. Venable. Fredericksburg. W. P. Conway, D. H. Gordon, J. H. Bradley, Charles Herndon. G. H. C. Rowe, Ro. W. Adams, H. S. Doggett. Lynchburg. Chiswell Dabney, James M. Cobbs, Samuel Tyree, Ro. Tinsley. Seth Woodruff, W. T. Yancey, Geo. D. Davis. Danville. T. P. Atkinson, Stephen H. Turner, D. J. Paxton, Wm. Rison. Geo. C. Cabell, Wm. H. Wooding, T. D. Claiborne. Charleston. James C. McFarland, W. E. C. Gillison, Wm.
ty beds, all of which are constantly filled. The basement is used as a kitchen, but a small house is being built, detached from the mill, and near by another, to be used as a dead-house. The water-power is used in various ways — in washing, bathing, cleansing sinks, and in carrying off all offensive matter. Taken all in all this is one of the best hospitals I have seen, and it reflects great credit upon the surgeons who have planned it. Hospital No. 1 is under the charge of Dr. W. R. Johnson. It is in the brick-house already mentioned, and contains about forty-five beds. The arrangements of this is also very fine, there being every convenience for the sick that could be expected in such a place as Dumfries. Hospital No. 2 Church hospital,) is under the charge of Dr. Wm. P. Hill. It has about forty beds, and these also are constantly filled. Other minor buildings in the vicinity are used as dispensaries and mess-rooms, or kitchens, when the cooking is done. I have sel
Racing. --At the Petersburg races, Wednesday, the match race was for $2,000, two mile beats, between W. R. Johnson's Oakland and D. McDaniel's bay colt, by Revenue. Oakland won the first heat, and was distanced it, the third. Time 4:08, 4:06½, 4:08. The winning horse was christened "Gen. Pickett."
tgomery, D. C. B. Calwell, Mason Watkins. John Withrow, Achilles Rodgers, Floyd Estill. Wytheville. Stephen McGavock, Robt Crockett, Isaac J. Lettwich, Chas L. Fox. Robert Sayors, Allea T. Crockett, Jas. M. Stuart, Bank of Virginia.Richmond. James Caskie, Alfred T. Harris, Thos. R. Price, Samuel C. Tardy, *Alex Garrett. D. J. Saunders, Joseph P. Jones, *Ambrose Cariton, *Wm. H. Fowle. Petersburg. T. T. Broocks, Z. W. Pickrell, W. R. Johnson, *R. W. Brodeax. John B. Wilson, R. A. Young, *J. P. Williamson. Fredericksburg. W. P. Conway, M. Slaughter, J. H. Bradley, *John L. Marye, Jr. Wm. A. Little, Thos. F. Knox, *Robt B. Reynolds. Lynchburg. Criswell Daley, Jas. M. Cobbs, *W. T. Vancey, *Chas H. Lynch, Seth Woodraff, Sam M. Garland, *A Alexander, Danville. Thos. P. Alkinson, J. E. White, John A. Smith, *Jas. C. Voss. Wm. Risen, Wm. P. Graves, *Jas. E. Lipscomb,