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Cambridge History of American Literature: volume 3 (ed. Trent, William Peterfield, 1862-1939., Erskine, John, 1879-1951., Sherman, Stuart Pratt, 1881-1926., Van Doren, Carl, 1885-1950.), Index (search)
her of Oregon, 140 John of Saxony, 455 John Randolph, 199 John Reed, 43 Johns Hopkins, 174, 177, 239, 239 n., 244, 409, 412, 440, 459, 465 Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political Science, the, 177 Johnson, A. V., 431 Johnson, Andrew, 350, 351, 352, 353 Johnson, Capt., 143, 156 Johnson, R. W., 181 Johnson, Samuel, 353, 475, 477, 487, 542, 562 Johnson, Samuel (the American), 394, 475 Johnson, Samuel, Jr., 475 Johnson, T. L., 365 Johnson, Sir, Wm., 613 Johnson, Theodore T., 145 Johnston, Mary, 91, 287, 550 Johnston, R. M., 86 John W. Audubon's Western journal 134 Jones, Henry Arthur, 279 Jones, Hugh, 386 Jones, Robert, 298 Jones, Sir, William, 446 Jonson, Ben, 126 Jordan, David Starr, 363 Joseph Freifeld, 582 Joseph II, 450 Josh Billings. See Shaw, H. W. Jouffroy, 227 Journal (Hannibal, Mo.), 2 Journal (N. Y.), 330 Journal of a March from Santa Fe; to San Diego 1846-47, The, 143 Journ
r the grave of the departed; and if the Indian from the prairies would speak of griefs Edwin James. and hardships, it is the thorns of the prickly pear that Sir Wm Johnson, in Phil. Trans. penetrate his moccasons. Especially the style of the son Six Nations was adorned with noble metaphors, and glowed with allegory. If we sems designating relation, but those also Chap. XXII.} which express a quality. The noun and the adjective are, with the pronoun, blended into one word. The Sir Wm Johnson. power of combination, common to every original language, is possessed in an unlimited degree; and, as a new object is presented to an Indian, he will inquireChap. XXII.} age: the same superstition long lingered in the citiesand palaces of Europe; and, in the century after the Huron missions began, the English moralist Johnson was carried, in his infancy, to the British monarch, to be cured of scrofula by the great medicine of her touch. Little reverence was attached to time or place
, in the excited season of English stockjobbing and English anticipations, the suggestion was revived. When Carolina became, by purchase, a royal 1728 province, Johnson, its governor, was directed to mark Purry's Description of S Carelina, 1731. out townships as far south as the Alatamaha; and, in 1731, a site was chosen for a cof Indian traders. Oldmixon, i. 537. The good success of Oglethorpe made the colony increase rapidly by volunteer emigrants. His under taking will succeed, said Johnson, the governor of Kurze Nachricht von Georgia, in Urlsperger, i. 177. South Carolina; for he nobly devotes all his powers to serve the poor, and rescue them from y which was willing to shun giving offence, And own the Spaniard did a waggish thing, Who cropped our ears, and sent them to the king; and the early genius of Johnson, in more energetic strains, indignant at the supporters of Walpole, as men who explained away the rights of their country, and openly pleaded for pirates, vindica
J. James I., his relations with Virginia, I. 120, 136, 145, 156, 187, 193. Grants a charter for New England, 272. His character, 291. James II. sends rebels to Virginia, II. 250. Becomes a proprietary, 313. Grants New Jersey, 315. Patron of the slave trade, 317. Arbitrary, 320. Favors William Penn, 364. His character, 407. His colonial policy, 408. Taxes colonial commerce, 410, 411, 413, 415. His career as king, 441. His flight, 446. Jamestown founded,. 125. Burned, I. 228. Jeffries, II. 250, 413. Jenkins, III. 436. Jesuits on the Kennebec, I. 27. On the Penobscot, 28. Order founded, III. 120. Extend French dominion, 121. Among the Hurons, 123 At Montreal, 127. Among the Mohawks, 133. On the Kennebec, 136. Their heroism, 141. Among the Onondagas, 143. Mission to the west, 149. On the Mississippi, 157. Law against, 193. Jogues, Father, III. 133. His martyrdom, 137. Johnson, Arabella, I. 357. Joliet, III. 155.
Committed to jail as a Runaway. --Was committed to the jail of the corporation of the city of Norfolk, on the 2d day of January, 1861 Negro Man Wm Johnson. The said negro man is five feet three inches high, and weighs about 135 pounds; has one sear on right arm above his elbow; light complexion; about thirty years old. Had on when committed to jail, black cloth coat, black pants, glazed cap, and says he was born free, in Baltimore, Maryland. Thos. J. Corprew. Sergeant City Norfolk. mh 16--6w
he following is the vote on Mr. Doolittle's amendment: Yeas--Messrs Anthony, Browning Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Cowin, Davis. Dixon, Doolittle, Foot, Harian, Harris, Howard, Howe, Lane of ind., Lane of Kansas, Latham, Powell, Sherman, Tea Eyck, Trumbult, Wade, Wright--23. Nays--Messrs, Bayard, Carille, Fessenden, Hale, Grimes, Henderson, Kennedy. King, McDougal, Morrill, Stark, Sumner, Wilkinson, Wilmot, Wilson of Mass, Wilson of Mo--16. Not voting or absent, Messrs Foster, Johnson, Nesmith, Pearce, Simmons, Rice, Saulsbury, Thompson, and Willey. The amendment then stood as follows: "And be it further enacted, That the sum of $00,000, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, shall be expended, under the direction of the President of the United States, to aid in the colonization and settlement of all persons liberated under this act and such free people of African descent now residing in said district as may desire to emigrate to the Repu
s B Roer, John C Rutherfoord, Willoughby Newton, Charles Grattan, John R Edmunds, Wm M Tate, Jno T Anderson, Thos H Flood, Mason Mathews, Charles Blue, Samuel McB Reid, Matthew Harrison, D H Gordon Jno L Woolfolk, A L Carter, W Biskervill, Jr, R R Nelson Jno O Stener Warnes Anderson, A B Evans, Richard Liby, C W Murdaugh, Robert J Davis, A. W. McDonald, Jr. Thos C Green, A. S. Buford, R. B. Dice, Thos H. Gillespie, Geo. W Sherrard, Wm Johnson. John Gatewood, P Piman, Francis G Taylor, E J Spady, W G Cazenove, James Franklin, John Gilmer, Seymour Lynn, Adam, mall, Lasac Vermillion, David B. Clark James Walker. Chas Williams, John H. Daniel, Samuel Carpenter, I E McDonald, Richard Payne, H N Colemen, Jr, S W Thomas, Duncan McLaughlin, Hugh W Sheffey, H B Tomlin. R. D. Mentagus, Wyndham Robertson, Thos H Wynne, Geo T Wright, Green Lames, Jno C. Woodson, J Dudley Davis,
Wanted — aBugler For an Artillery Company. None need apply unless he can read and can sound all the call by note. wages. Apply to Johnson, Younger is Pearl street, or to the Captain, at Cam Lee. Near the city. G. G. Otey, Captain. Otey Battery. mh 28--dlw
$10 reward. --Ten dollars reward will be paid by me for the delivery of a mulatto girl, named Jane or Jennie. aged fifteen years, belonging to Mr. Brown, of Lunenburg, and hired to me by Mr. E. A. J. Clopton. She left my house a week ago yesterday, and has since been on Church Hill. --She has a very full head of hair and a scar on one cheek. Ella. Johnson, mh 31--6t*
The Daily Dispatch: April 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], Death of Confederate prisoners at St. Louis. (search)
Death of Confederate prisoners at St. Louis. --From the report of the mortality among the soldiers in the military hospitals and camps at St. Louis, for the week ending the 8th ult., we make up the following list of deaths among the Confederate prisoner. March 01--G W M Johnson, company I, 32d Tenn. March 2.--Joseph Brown, company F, 13th Ark.; James A Kirbsy, company H, 15th Ark; Alex Frange, 16th Miss. James Maxwell, 3d Miss, J. A. Sample, company B, 11th Ala. March 3.--T Gilland, company C, 31st Tenn, G. W. Paris, company D, 4th Miss. James Russell, company G, 27th Ala, Jas Logan, company G, 42d Tenn.; B. F. Gray, company D, 15th Ark.; Samuel Brown, company D, 48th Tenn., Albert Kinard, company A, 48th Tenn. J. M. Burney, company K, 30th Tenn, Clarey, company Tenn. March 4.--John Hicks, company 7th Texas, J T Fuller, company C, 42d Tennessee; L R. D. Bigble, 80th Tennessee, Geo. W Doneal, 48th Tennessee; Wm Branden, company G, 42d Tennessee, Green Stacy,
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