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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 2. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Book notices. (search)
Book notices. The woman in battle--Madame L. J. Velasquez, otherwise known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army. Richmond, Virginia: Dustin, Gilman & Co. 1876. We have received this book from the publishers through their agent, Rev. Aaron Jones. It purports to give the adventures of a woman who disguised herself as a man, fought gallantly in a number of battles, rendered most important services as a Confederate spy, and had various hair-breadth escapes, and most romantic and thrilling adventures. As to the reality of the existence of such a personage, there can be no reasonable doubt. The publishers' circular contains certificates from Drs. J. F. Hammond and M. D. L. McCleod, of Atlanta, Georgia; Major G. W. Alexander, of Washington, Georgia; Major John Newman, of New Orleans, and General George Anderson, of Atlanta, all testifying that Madame Velasquez and Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army, were one and the same individual. Major Alex
sworn and pronounced the signature a forgery. The attempt to pass the note was proved by some children, but as evidence confirmatory of that of the children was desired, the case was continued until Tuesday. Pierce Rowland was charged with cutting and stabbing John Booth. Booth being unable to appear on account of his wounds, the case was continued until Thursday. Victor Fowin, charged with stealing $800 from Anthony Brindle, was remanded to appear before the Grand Jury. Aaron Jones, for associating with negroes and striking an officer, was held to bail to answer an indictment. Anderson, a negro employed at Mrs. Bowman's boarding-house, charged with stealing a pocket book containing $891, was sent back to prison to appear before the Grand Jury on the 2d Monday in November James Hay and Jerry Sullivan were charged with stealing a coat, hat and shirt, of the aggregate value of $43 from Patrick Roach. The accused came to Roach's room last night at a late hour
f officers on duty in the Adjutant and Inspector General's, the Quartermaster General's, Medical, Engineer, Ordnance and Subsistence Departments, $64,670, for pay of private physicians, employed by contract, from the 1st to the 31st of January, 1863. $30,000; for medical and hospital supplies, $400,000; to pay deficit in the Post-Office Department, $800,000, for deficiencies in the Quartermaster's Department, $39,000,000; for interest on the public debt, for the month of January, 1863, $2,500,000; for the purchase of subsistence for the army for the month of January, 1863, $6,571,672.91. The aggregate appropriated by the bill is nearly $85,000,000.] After the reading of the bill had been completed, Mr. Swann, of Tenn., moved that the committee rise and recommend that the House pass the bid. Mr. Kenner called the question, which was sustained, and the bill was engrossed, read a third time, and passed. On motion of Mr. Jones, of Tenn., the House adjourned at 10 o'clock.
On the old gentleman's promise that he would "cool"" the little boy, the case was dismissed. Anna L. Clyde, for having theatrical performances at Metropolitan Hall without license, was fined $15. C. W. Blair, for the same offence at Monticello Hall, on Broad street, was dismissed until Monday. James Gannon, a soldier wounded at Sharpsburg, was found asleep in the street at a late hour last Thursday night. While asleep he was robbed of $112. This robbery occurred at the corner of Main and 17th streets, a place famous for all kinds of offences. The matter will be further investigated. W. M. Bingham, charged with stealing Linie, slave of Mrs. Martha A. Gorman, of Macon, Ga., was committed until Monday, neither party being ready for an examination. Joseph Moton, a free negro from Louisiana, was required to give $500 security that he would leave the State in 10 days. Charles, who represents himself to be the slave of Aaron Jones, was committed as a runaway.
parties being butchers; George Saunderson, for obstructing and resisting Jas R. Crafton and Wm. E. Orange; Watchmen, in the discharge of their duty as such; Frederick Thomas, keeping a disorderly and ill governed house in Henrico county, within a mile of the corporation line; Wm. O'Brien, for attempting to commit the crime of burglary by entering Wm. H. Stewart's house; James Pearson, assaulting and beating Arthur B. Sadler; Wm. M. Miller, violently assaulting and beating Macduff Liggon; Aaron Jones, for resisting and obstructing B. M. Morris, a police of Richmond; Thomas Grogan, keeping a disorderly tippling house in Hughes's Row, 17th st; James E. Ellett, buying 50 pounds of butter, intending to sell the same at an unreasonable profit; George Rich, stealing divers spools of cotton from the C. S., valued at $15; John Hopkins, stealing divers paper writings for the payment of money, belonging to John C. Taylor; John McIntyre, for stealing three cabbages from John Wood, valued at $2.
The Daily Dispatch: November 17, 1862., [Electronic resource], A Bloody Leaf in the history of this War--ten lives for one. (search)
of the jury, guilty. They were fined $5 each by the Court, and sentenced to six months imprisonment in the city jail. William O'Brien, a dubious-looking customer, was next arraigned, and tried for attempting, in the night time, to break into the house of William H. Stewart for the purpose of committing a larceny.--Verdict of the jury, guilty. Sentenced by the Court to 12 months imprisonment in jail, and to work as a member of the chain gang during the term of his imprisonment. Aaron Jones was tried for resisting B. M. Morris, a police officer, while in the discharge of his duty, and making an ineffectual pugilists demonstration against Mr. Morria. Verdict, guilty. Sentenced by the Court to pay a fine of one cent and stay in jail for three months. Andrew J. Winn was tried for resisting Caleb Crens, late 2d Lieutenant of the Night Watch, in the discharge of his duty as such, and also for pretending that he was captain of the watch and wanting to take Crone to the cage