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e I came. I reached General Bragg's camp about 4 o'clock p. m. yesterday evening. The men being exhausted, we camped, and came on this morning. I had a rear guard with the strictest orders, yet 7 men are missing, and as they are strong men (with one exception), it is feared that they have fallen out of ranks until the regiment passed, and afterward took the wrong road. About 80 axes were left upon the road by Captain Saffarans' party. I brought forward 12, threw 12 into the yard of Albert Jones, near Kossuth, and deposited the others with a planter named Spence, near Smith's Bridge. My men captured a man near Smith's Bridge, believing him to be a Yankee; he denied having been in either service. When we came to General Bragg's camp he admitted that he belonged to the First Louisiana Regiment. I have him yet in charge, and should be glad to get rid of him. I am, major, very respectfully, John H. Savage, Colonel Sixteenth Regiment Tennessee Volunteers. Memphis, June 3, 1
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company I. (search)
3. John Hess, Roxbury; 40 s; pedler. July 5, 1862. Wounded at Baton Rouge, La. Trans. to Co. I, 3d Regt. V. R.C. Charles Howard, London, Eng. En. Boston, 30, s; soldier. Oct 19, 1863. Captured at Morganza, La. Disch. July 10, 1865. Unof. Charles E. Hunt, Randolph, 23. m; farmer. Jan. 5, 1864. Died of wounds May 20, 1864, New Orleans, La. Edward S. James. En. Lynnfield, 44, Aug. 5, 1862. Died Sept. 7, 1862, Alexandria, Va. while the company was in 33rd Regt. Unof. Albert Jones, Charlestown 21, m; fireman. Dec. 3, 1863. Disch. June 13, 1865, Prior serv. Walter A. Jones, Randolph, 18; farmer. June 9, 1862. Trans. to 14th Co. 2ud Batt. V. R.C. May 31, 1864. Disch. June 30, 1865. John Kennedy, Roxbury, 35, m; tailor. June 30, 1862. Disch. disa. Jan. 20, 1863. Unof. John Kenny, Roxbury, 31, s; laborer. July 18, 1862. Reported to have deserted at Bull Run, Va. Nov. 1862. Unof. Philander M. King, En. Lynnfield, Aug. 9, 1862. Absent since Dec. 1
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), chapter 11 (search)
t, Geo. Howard. Second-Lieutenant, T. Jeff Smith, T. J. Green, Graeme Turnbull, Jas. D. Walters. First-Sergeant, Illinois Carruthers. Sergeants, Geo. Smith Norris, E. Clarence Neale, Wm. F. Dorsey, Hamilton Lefevre. Corporals, Richard Knox, Richard C. Smith, LaFayette Hause. Company D—Captain, Warner G. Welch. First-Lieu. tenant, Wm. H. Dorsey. Second-Lieutenant, Stephen D. Lawrence, Milton Welch. First-Sergeant, Phineas I. Davis. Sergeants, Upton L. Dorsey, Thomas G. Worthington, Albert Jones, Lewis W. Trail. Corporals, Geo. R. Simpson, Edwin Selvage, Geo. R. Cather, Rich H. Norris. Company E—Captain, Wm. J. Raisin. First-Lieutenant, S. B. Burroughs. Second-Lieutenant, Nathaniel Chapman, Jos. K. Roberts, Jr. First-Sergeant, Townley Robey. Sergeants, John Savage, Solomon Wright, Thos. H. Gemmill. Corporals, Geo. T. Hollyday, Benj. J. Turton, Henry C. Wallis, John W. Slaven. Company F—Captain, Aug. F. Schwartz. FirstLieu-tenant, C. Irving Ditty. Second-Lieutenant, Fielde<