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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 6: Affairs at the National Capital.--War commenced in Charleston harbor. (search)
cting the part of one. I have been for some time employed as a special telegraph news reporter for a few Southern newspapers, including one in Charleston. My business has been to send them, when occasion required it, important commercial intelligence and general news items of interest. Hence, in the discharge of my duty as a telegraph reporter, I did send an account of the sailing of the Star of the West. If that was treason, all I have to say in conclusion is, make the most of it. Alexander Jones. Herald office, New York, January 23, 1861. and by Thompson, one of the conspirators in Buchanan's Cabinet, who was afterward an accomplice in deeds exceeding in depravity of conception the darkest in the annals of crime. Some spy had revealed the secret to this man, and he, while yet in the pay of the Government, betrayed it to its enemies. As I was writing my resignation, he said, I sent a dispatch to Judge Longstreet that the Star of the West was coming with re-enforcements. Spe
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Star of the West, (search)
d ammunition, and proceeded to sea, under her commander, Capt. John McGowan. On the morning of Jan. 9 she reached Charleston Bar, before daylight. Finding all the shore-lights put out, she extinguished her own. Just at dawn a scouting steamboat discovered her, burned colored lights as signals, and ran for the inner harbor. the Star of the West had all her soldiers concealed below and was in the guise of a merchant vessel. The deception was fruitless: her errand was already known. Alexander Jones, a telegraphic correspondent of the Southern newspapers, had informed the Charleston Mercury of the sailing of the vessel from New York, and Secretary Thompson, in possession of the secret, imparted it to the authorities at Charleston. As I was writing my resignation, he afterwards wrote, I sent a despatch to Judge The Star of the West. Longstreet that the Star of the West was coming with reinforcements. He also gave a messenger another despatch to be sent, in which he said, as if
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
n's Battalion. Wm. M. Campbell, Carpenter's Battery, Braxton's Battalion. W. Hunter Saunders, 3rd Richmond Howitzers, 1st Va. Battalion Light Artillery. A. Jones, Co. F, 6th North Carolina Regiment Inf'ty. R. S. West, Cooper's Battery, Braxton's Battalion. Alex'r Bryant, Cooper's Battery, Braxton's Battalion. J. . B. Gordon, Co. C,. horse and equipments. Jno. Graves, Co. C. W. T. Hancock, Co. C. Jno. R. Luckett, Co. C. Jno. R. Perry, Co. C. Jno. R. Smith, Co. C. A. Jones, Co. C. A. J. McCarty, Co. C. J. J. Duerson, Co. D. Chas. Carnahan, Co. D. Geo. Harris, Co. D. Sergeant E. R. Coghill, Co. D. L. H. Tunstall, Co. D. Priva W. Alexander, W. J. Chambers. Co. D. Private R. F. Wheeler. Co. E. Corporal J. R. Love, Private H. H. Singleton, Private W. L. Dickson, J. Hunter, A. Jones, W. D. Langston, Private J. R. Singleton, J. H. Williams, E. Ellyson. Co. F. Corporal J. Bradford, Private H. J. Robinson, G. H. Davis, Private D. B.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
. Twiggs, ——Sigman, Jas. Winkler, Leander Wilson. Co. E. Sergeant J. A. McGee, Private Jesse Blair, John Houston, A. McGee, W. McGee, R. Pitman, Private E. Stone, N. M. Robertson, J. M. Moody, W. Watts, J. N. Wise, A. Yount. Co. F. Sergeant W. J. Kerr, B. J. Albert, Corporal G. P. Cruchfield, John Faust, Private Albert Willson, James Cruchfield, E. F. Cruchfield, C. N. Creedle, Alfred Cable, Nathan Carter, Private James Dixon, Henry Herring, A. Jones, T. Y. Mebane, G. A. Mebane, Rufus Robertson, W. N. Shaw, A. A. Thompson, J. A. Thompson, A. Vass. Co. G. Corporal Daniel Hudson, Private P. A. Carlile, J. C. Merick, J. L. Pool, Private N. L. Becham, John York, A. S. Gibeons, J. L. Simpson. Co. H. Sergeant J. H. Johnston, G. S. Fitch, Corporal W. C. Haralson, J. C. Pinick, E. W. Rudd, Private W. J. Aldridge, J. W. Massey, Buren Nance, G. A. Sawyers, Private W. W. Dunevant, J. H. Dunevant, J. L. Davis,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
James Alred, J. W. Burns, J. B. Burns, Jr. 2d Lieut. W. L. Bray. Private A. J. Jennings, J. H. King, T. B. Logan. G. W. McKerley, W. F. McKaskle, John Noblet, Jasper Stedman, Private J. E. Bolton, Private L. M. Segers, James Bridges, W. R. Smith, J. W. Bray, C. H. Smith, J. W. Clay, A W. Smith, E. W. Colson, E. F. Saunders, E. J. Cambrin, J. Thomason, Albert Cambrin, P. M. Watson, H. Gipson, L. M. Wiggins, M. Glenn, R. H. Yarbrough. W. R. Hilburn, Alex. Jones, [125] Report of Extra duty men detailed with Capt. W. L. I Reid, A. Q. M., Anderson's Corps, as Clerks, Mechanics, Teamsters and Ambulance Drivers. W. L. Reid, Clerk, Co. A, Hawthorne's Batt. Cavalry S. C. V. Joseph W. Griffin, Sergeant Co. G, 1st Va. Reserves. James T. Mitchell, Teamster, Co. H, 56th Regiment N. C. T. Dempsey Woodley, Teamster, Co. G, 17th Regiment N. C. T. George W. Alexander, Teamster, Co. H, 35th Regiment N. C. T. George W. Hafner, Teamster, Co. K
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
7. James, Capt. J. S., 473. Jameson, Lt. D. R., 181. Jameson, Capt. S. A., 95. Jarrard, Capt. J A., 170. Jarratt, Capt. B. F., 348. Jarvis, Lt. Geo W., 432. Jarvis, Lt., Thos., 49. Jefford, Lt. J. D., 403. Jeffries, Maj. J. M., 421. Jelks, Surg. E. A., 213. Jenkins, Lt., Henry, 383. Jenkins, Lt., James, 109. Jenkins, Capt. J. F., 109. Jenkins, Capt. J. J., 84, 89. Jenkins, Capt. N. H., 122. Jenkins, Lt., Thos. G., 276.. Jenkins, Capt. M. T., 253. Jett, Capt. J., 348. Jones, A., 18. Jones, Capt. A. C., 161, 163. Jones, Lt. B. F., 334. Jones, Surg. C. C., 160. Jones, Adj't C. M., 449. Jones, Lt. C W., 108. Jones, Capt. G. S., 333. Jones, Maj. G. T., 71. Jones, Lt. G. W., 275. Jones, Col. H. P., 18. Jones, Lt. H. S., 23. Jones, Maj. H. W., 70. Jones, Capt. J., 252. Jones, Surg. J., 314. Jones, Adj't . A., 95, 101. Jones, Col. J. A., 145, 155. Jones, Lt. J. B., 84. Jones, Capt J. M., 70. Jones, Capt. J. N., 185. Jones, Lt. J. W., 296, 394 Jon
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1861., [Electronic resource], Depreciation of Illinois Bank notes. (search)
Mr. B. H. Nash, who was elected to the State Senate in October last, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Alex. Jones, Esq., Senator from Chesterfield, Cumberland, and Powhatan, is a candidate for re-election. Mr. Nash has represented the interests of his constituents with fidelity and ability, and in good taste.
Arrived. Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, New York, mdze, and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamship City of Richmond, Mitchell, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Brig Virginia, Ramsey, Rio, coffee, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. Charles, Higgins, James river, lumber. Schr. St. Cloud, Gwathmey, Smithfield, wheat. Sloop New Packett, Edwards, Smithfield, wheat. Sailed, Schr. Minnesota, Hickman, down the river light. Schr. Ida L. Howard, Jones, down the river light. Schr. Emily Ann.--, Petersburg, mdze.
Military signals. The boasted discovery of a system of military signals is not new, as will be seen from the following extract from Alexander Jones' History of Electric Telegraphs, page 125. In alluding to the system of visual telegraphing between New York and Philadelphia by associations of stock brokers and lottery dealers, it remarks as follows: "Their plan was to station men on eminences at every six or eight miles, with telescopes in their hands. They were also provided with flags. At the first call of stocks, at 11 o'clock, in the Board of Brokers at the Merchants' Exchange, the prices at which the stocks chiefly dealt in sold at would be given to the flag man on top of the Exchange, who would communicate the quotations to another flag man in Jersey City, or on top of Bergen Hill, and he to the next, until Philadelphia was reached. The sales in Philadelphia would reach New York by a similar method. The order in which they were sent indicated what stocks were refe
se, the appearance of new faces in the Hall, and paid a feeling tribute, not only to the memories of the deceased members of his own House, but to those of Senators Alex. Jones, of Chesterfield, and F. W. Coleman, of Caroline and Spottsylvania. He said the Legislature had met under circumstances the like of which had never been some of the Governor's recommendations. Mr. Boreman thought the document contained suggestions of so much import that an extra number should be printed. Mr. Jones, of Appomattox, did not coincide with the recommendations of the Governor, and was not favorably disposed to spreading the Message before the people. He believe counties; by Mr. Newton, of releasing to John H. Taliaferro the title of the State to 556¼ acres of land in the county of Hanover, improperly sold for taxes; by Mr. Jones, of amending the act passed April 6th, 1858, regulating foreign insurance companies within this Commonwealth so as to require some security for the payment of th
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