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Bombarding a House. --Thomas N. Doyle a soldier, from Georgia, and Charles Harrison, from the steamer Jamestown, were arrested on Monday, at the witching hour of midnight for throwing stones at a house occupied by "Belle Jones, the location of which was not stated in the testimony. The morality of the offence did not, in the opinion of the recorder, dignify their further detention and the accused were discharged from custody yesterday — Some wholesome advice was given which, if heeded, will keep them out of difficulty hereafter.
ransport Cotton Plant, when about one mile from the shore. As soon as the Colonel opened fire on them, they began to retreat. The howitzers were commanded by Lieut. J. R. Sturgis, with 40 men. When the Colonel saw they were about to retreat, he embarked the guns of his three companies on board of a flat-boat, for the purpose of effecting a landing and putting chase after them. Company B, commanded by Captain Nesbitt; Company E, commanded by Captain Griffin, and Company N, commanded by Captain Jones, were landed immediately, leaving the remaining portion of the 3d Georgia Regiment, and the North Carolina Regiment, some four or five miles in the rear, on board the other vessels of the fleet. The three companies that landed consisted of 210 men, while the enemy, from their muster rolls, were about 1200 strong. When the Colonel landed he had signalled the remaining portion of the Georgia 3d to advance, and when near shore they commenced embarking in their flat-boats. Col. Wright
$20 reward --For the delivery of Virginius who absconded from the Capitol House, Main street, on Sunday, the 8th Sept.--He is a black Negro Boy, near 18 years old, has a large, long head thick lips under one hanging down. He has been seen at the Old Market house, selling from a country cart. The above reward will be paid for his apprehension and delivery in Mr. Grady's jail, near Cary street. He may have gone off with some of the late regiments of soldiers. B. Jones, Ag't. for O Jarvis. Trustee. oc 3--6t*
Sudden death. --Coroner Sanxay was summoned yesterday to hold an inquest over the remains of Josephine Denny, a boarder at the house of Belle Jones, in Locust Alley, in rear of the Richmond Varletles, who deceased suddenly yesterday morning without previous illness. It was stated in proof that the deceased had lately united herself in marriage with a man named Charles F. Denny, a reputed member of the Caskie Rangers, that before and after that event they had several disagreements, and that he left on Monday with the announcement that he was going to Baltimore, after which she became low-spirited, and commenced drinking to excess. It was at first thought that Denny had poisoned her, but this supposition gave way before the more plausible one that she had ended her life by excessive dissipation. This was the opinion, we believe, held by the medical gentleman who was called to view the body, which was that of an apparently young, hale and hearty female. The verdict of the j
bed Thursday night, and when the watchman was called he turned off the gas, ran in a room, barred the door and continued his abuse He was ordered twenty lashed, and committed for inquiry into his status. The watchmen on Thursday night made a descent on a house in Locust alley, between Main and Franklin sts., kept by Bell Jones, in search of persons having "no visible means of support," and there fore vagrants and candidates for the chain-gang.--The watchmen, during the raid, captured Belle Jones. Madame du Maison, Laura Bella Roane, Mary Ann Godfrey, Emeline Rodgers, and Kate Mills, and their visitors, young men of various degrees of good and bad looks, giving the names of Wm B Freeman, J. J. Nicholas John Manning, Thos Carroll, Daniel Carroll, Thos. Murphy, Daniel Ryan, Benjamin G Page, B. M. Bear, and Jas. W. Finch. All were committed in default of security for their good behavior. Circuit Court of Chester field County, Monday, Nov. 6th.--Present: Hon. Thomas S. Gholson,
and undeserved bodily harm. Jones was acquitted. The Grand Jury assembled and were sworn in, George W. Smith acting as foreman. After retiring to their room and examining a large number of witnesses, they returned into Court with indictments against the following parties for misdemeanor, viz: Elias Vanderlip and George Wilkinson, Elias and Mary Vanderlip, Anthony Bradley, Charles, Mitchell, Mary Stephens, John F. Hockaday, Josephine DcMerritt, Mary Brown, Kate Clinton, Anna Lewis, Belle Jones, John R. Blankinship, Timothy Lotsey, Samuel W. Chipley, Margaret Paffey, Andrew J. Winn, Britton Allen, John M. Michie. Richard D. Mitchell was presented for an assault on Wm. H. Beveridge. The Grand Jury returned the misdemeanor presentments against Patrick Shahes. Wm. B. Cooke, and Henry W. Lee, "not true bills," The Court sits again to-day at 11 o'clock. Mayor's Court--Monday, Nov. 10. --Washington Thomas, a soldier, found by the city police on the sidewalk drunk,
Successful demonstration upon Nashville-- Morgan and Forrest at Work. Knoxville, Tenn, Nov. 9.--P. M. --On the 5th inst. a demonstration was made upon the city of Nashville by Forrest on the north and John Morgun on the south side. Morgan was quite successful, destroying many cars, locomotives, and bridges. We killed and wounded 75 or 100 Abolitionists, while our loss was very slight. Three Abolition brigades have reinforced Negley in Nashville, and the place is strongly fortified. Morgan Burt the Raiford bridges and water tooks. He is now at Gallatin, Tond. General McCown goes to Arkansas, and Jones joins General Pemberton.
The Daily Dispatch: November 17, 1862., [Electronic resource], A Bloody Leaf in the history of this War--ten lives for one. (search)
obbery was committed two months since. Verdict, guilty by the jury. In consideration of the fact that Allen was under sentence by Judge Lyons for another offence for nine months, the Court only put him in jail for ten days. The cases of Belle Jones and Josephine De Merritt, indicted for keeping disorderly and ill- governed houses, where lewd persons of both sexes congregated, being called, and defendants not appearing, their recognisable were forfeited, and capiases awarded to bring them into Court. This being done, De Merritt renewed her recognizance; but Jones, failing to find a friend, was constrained to renew her acquaintance with sundry of her boarders domiciled for several days past at the city jail. The case of Jordan, slave of John N. Thacker, charged with stealing a gold watch and cloth coat from Jas. White, a free negro, living on Brook Avenue, was called, and continued on account of the absence of witnesses until the next term. Capiases were awarded to br