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een, including the keeper of the house, being notified, assembled in the parlor, and were informed that Alice Ashleigh was arrested for keeping a disorderly and ill governed house, and that her boarders were suspected of being embraced in the category of the lowed and vicious by reason of contact with her. The roll of names being made up, read as follows:Alice Ashleigh, Jennie Reed, Eva Wilson, Mollie Woodruff, Mary E. Hunter. Sallie Jones, Ida Clarke, Lucretia Claremont, Jeneva Barton, Emeline Jones, Cinderilla Stewart, Victoria White, and Agnes Mathews. After a night in the cage, they appeared yesterday morning before the Mayor.--Some of them seemed to have some remnant of modesty, and wept plentifully on being arraigned. Miss Ashleigh, as the most guilty of the crowd, was held to ball in $500 for her good behavior, and to answer an indictment of the Grand Jury for misdemeanor. A similar course was pursued with all the women, only the ball in their case was $300 each. The requi
Murray, and a negro attendant, named Charles Fagaff, who were carried to the cage. No gambling apparatus was found in this tenement, the occupants having removed the same. In No. 149 was found John Ferguson, Geo. Walters, Jerome Diggs, Emeline Jones, John Reese, Nicholas Munday, Jno. H. Goodblood, Harry Krebs, Wm. S. Murphy, two free negro attendants, named Jos Morton and Alphens Ganton, and John, slave of Capt. John Wilson. The police captured one dealing box, three packs of cards, and of 151, did the same thing. Ballard W. Berry, of 153, was discharged. C. W. Ellis and D. J. Barner, of the same tenement, gave bail for their appearance Saturday. --All the rest of the parties, including the negroes were sent to jail. Emeline Jones, one of the parties found in No. 149, was one of the girls found at Ann Thomas's recently, and held to bail for her good behavior.--The Mayor declared her former recognizance forfeited. The examination of Richard Mundin, for unlawfully e
the naval authorities at Drowry's Stuff, where he belonged. Washington Jenkins, drunk in the Old Market, and resisting the police in the discharge of their duty. Surety in $300 required and given. The following parties from "Solitude" a place of evil name, on Cary, between 7th and 8th streets, were arraigned for "plying their avocation" contrary to law and decency; Lucy Conway, Kate Robinson, Corn Williams, Jenny Wade, Margaret Hamilton, Ellen Hall, famma H. Howard, and Emeline Jones. Hamilton, the proprietress of the establishment, was required to give surety to be of good behavior, and $300 to appear before the Grand Jury. Each of the girls were required to find $300 surety to be of good behavior. John Martin, Henry Krebs, Humphrey Haley, Jerome Diggs, Daniel Summers, and John Slate, parties found in the houses inhabited by the above named females, at the time of the descent — this morning between four and five o'clock--were each required to find $300 surety