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. D. Field, Mrs. W. Astor, jr., Mrs. M. Grinnell, Mrs H. B. Smith, Mrs. R. Hitchcock, Mrs. F. Marberry, Mrs. S. F. B. Morse, Mrs. Judge Daly, Mrs. C. Swords, Miss Marquand, Mrs. G. Holbrooke, Mrs. D. Adams, Mrs. H. Baylis, Mrs. H. W. Bellows, Mrs. Stuart Brown, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. J. D. Wolfe, Mrs. A. Potter, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Elisha Fish Mrs. C. A. Seward, Mrs. Dr. Osgood, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. J. Sherwood, Mrs. S. H. Tyng, Mrs. Capt. Shumway, Mrs. Edw. Bayard, Mrs. James Jones, Mrs. Judge Betts, Mrs. Wm. Ward, Mrs. H. E. Eaton, Mrs. W. C. Evarts, Mrs. Judge Bonney, Mrs. G. L. Schuyler, Mrs. Peter Cooper, Mrs. T. Tileston, Mrs. F. S. Wiley, Mrs. H. Webster, Mrs. Moffat, Mrs. S. J. Baker, Mrs. R. Gracie, Mrs. M. Catlin, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. B. R. Winthrop, Mrs. G. Stuyvesant, Mrs. Geo. Curtis, Mrs. A. R. Eno, Mrs. W. F. Carey, Mrs. A. Hewitt, Mrs. Dr. Peaslee, Mrs. R. Campbell, Mrs. H. K. Bogart, Mrs. Chas. Butler, Mrs. C. E. Lane, Mrs
Sergeant, J. Howard; Right General Guide, J. Miller; Left General Guide, W. A. Burnett. line.--Company A.--Captain R. B. Jordan; First Lieutenant, J. D. McClaskey; Second Lieutenant, John H. Styles. Company B.--Captain, George Mallery; First Lieutenant, J. Uffendell; Second Lieutenant, E. E. Pearce. Company C.--Captain, William M. Burnett; First Lieutenant, David Myers; Second Lieutenant, Wm. H. Burnett. Company D.--Captain, C. F. Baldwin; First Lieutenant, J. Thornton; Second Lieutenant, J. Jones. Company E.--Captain, Wm. L. B. Steers; First Lieutenant, W. H. Middleton; Second Lieutenant, George S. Elcock. Company F.--Captain, A. G. A. Harnikell; First Lieutenant, T. Salters; Second Lieutenant, James Jordan. Company G.--Captain, G. Plass; First Lieutenant, L. L. Laidlaw; Second Lieutenant, R. A. Goodenough, Jr. Company H.--Captain, Wm. H. DeBevoice; First Lieutenant, George )avey; Second Lieutenant, Charles H. Morris. Sappers and Miners, organized as a howitzer co
, 1862.  Col. Wm. C. Heyward   13thSouth CarolinaReg.---12th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Jno. L. MillerFeb 27, 1863.  Col. R. G. M. Dunnovant   Col. Dixon Barnes   Col. Cad. Jones   Col. J. L. Miller   Col. E. L. Bookler   14thSouth CarolinaReg.---13th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. B. T. Brockman   Col. O. E. Edwards   Col. J. F. Hunt   15thSouth CarolinaReg.---14th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Abner PerrinFeb. 20, 1863.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. James Jones   Col. Samuel McGowan Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. J. N. Brown   16thSouth CarolinaReg.---15th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. W. D. DeSaussureSept. 9, 1861.  Col. Jos. F. Gist   Col. W. McCutchen   17thSouth CarolinaReg.---16th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Jas. McCulloughApril 29, 1862.  Col. C. J. Elford   18thSouth CarolinaReg.---17th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Jno. H. MeansDec. 19, 1861.  Col. F. W. McMaster   19th
J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Appendix no. 2: the work of grace in other armies of the Confederacy. (search)
of the Army of Tennessee, for the invaluable services they rendered the association in securing an early shipment of the paper, and saving several thousand dollars for the benefit of the soldiers and the association. Our thanks are also due Mr. Jones and Honeycut for assistance given me. I am glad to report that the trains are thronged daily with the soldiers who were furloughed home, now returning to our army in South Carolina. Receipts for the month: Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Morton, B. Banks, Gainsville, Georgia, $20 each; Mrs. M. E. Hundley, Mrs. Dr. Jas. Jones, $10 each, Thompson, Georgia. Distributions: 7,000 copies of the Army and Navy Herald; 112 Bibles; 300 Testaments; 200 gospels, and 9 sermons preached. S. M. Cherry. Milledgeville, March 1, 1865. Report for March, 1865. Rev. Robert J. Harp, Superintendent: Dear Brother: The 4th of March I received at Milledgeville 15,000 copies of the Army and Navy Herald of the issues of February 16 and 23, and March 2.
wood. Samuel Hey wood.. John Hill. Samuel Hill. Thomas Hill. John Hoi brook. Joseph Hold en. Reuben Hooker. Thomas Hoppin. Edward Horton. Josiah Horton. Caleb Hovey. Josiah Hovey. Thomas Hovey. Samuel Howard. Simon Howard. Abraham Hurley. William Hurley. Peter Jackson. Job Jennens. Phinehas Jennison. Abel Johnson. Abijah Johnson. Jesse Johnson. Jonas Johnson. Lawrence Johnson. Philip Johnson. Wicom Johnson. James Jones. John Kidder. Henry King. Peter Landman. Joseph Larkin. Jonathan Lawrence. James Learned. William Learned. Jack Leaven worth. Robert Leonard. Job Littlefield. Jonathan Locke. Thomas Long. Richard Loring. Thomas Mason. Edmund Masters. Robert McCleary. Arthur Me Cord. Daniel McGuire. Daniel McNamara (deserted). John Mead. Thomas Melendy. Joseph Mills. Samuel Mills. Pierce Moran. William Morse. Ephraim Mullett.
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 2: (search)
the causeway leading to Port Royal ferry. Landing from Chisolm's island, some distance east of the small earthwork, Col. James Jones, Fourteenth volunteers, had promptly withdrawn the guns in the earthwork, except a 12-pounder, which was overturned in a ditch. Believing the movement to be an attack in force upon the railroad, Colonel Jones disposed his regiment and a part of the Twelfth, under Lieut.-Col. Dixon Barnes, with a section of Leake's battery, and 42, mounted men, under Major OswaldThe opposing troops caught glimpses of each other, and fired accordingly, but not much harm was done on either side. Colonel Jones lost Lieut. J. A. Powers and 6 men killed and 20 wounded by the fire of the gunboats, and Colonel Barnes, 1 man killet to Corinth to reinforce Beauregard in the west, and Dunovant's Twelfth, Edwards' Thirteenth, McGowan's Fourteenth (Col. James Jones having resigned), and Orr's rifles had gone to the aid of General Johnston in Virginia. Such was the situation in S
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 6: (search)
South Carolina: First Lieut. C. C. White, Sergts. C. W. Cockfield (killed) and S. B. Rhuarck; Privates A. J. McCants, J. S. Beaty, W. D. Hewitt, G. S. Flowers, G. W. Curry, J. Cannon, N. Gray, W. H. Posten, J. W. H. Bunch (killed) and J. A. Boatwright. Nineteenth South Carolina: Col. A. J. Lythgoe, Maj. John A. Crowder; Sergts. W. H. Burkhalter and Martin Youce; Privates Benjamin W. Boothe, Samuel S. Horn, W. A. Black, S. D. McCoy, Samuel Bloodsworth, Seth A. Jordan, James McClain and James Jones. It is a grateful task to copy, in this connection, a paragraph from the report of Lieutenant-General Polk, in which he perpetuates an act of self-sacrificing heroism which is worthy of lasting remembrance, and gives an example of patient courage and devotion which the writer has never known surpassed by any of his Confederate comrades. It occurred just before the last charge of Manigault and Maney. Says General Polk: I think it proper to bring to the notice of the general comma
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical (search)
ather of General Bonham was Maj. Absalom Bonham, a native of Maryland and a soldier of the revolutionary war. General Bonham, after graduation at the South Carolina college, had his first military experience as a volunteer in the company of Capt. James Jones, in the Seminole war, and was promoted to brigade major, a position corresponding to adjutant-general of brigade. Subsequently, while beginning his career as a lawyer and legislator, he continued his association with the militia and attain 1886. Brigadier-General Abner M. Perrin Brigadier-General Abner M. Perrin was born in Edgefield district, in 1827. He entered the Confederate States service as captain of a company of the Fourteenth regiment, South Carolina infantry, Col. James Jones, and was present at the engagement at Port Royal Ferry, January 1, 1862. His regiment was ordered to Virginia in the spring of 1862, and attached to the South Carolina brigade of Gen. Maxcy Gregg, the regiment then being commanded by Col. S
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
ned to his father's plantation. For five years from the fall of 1866 he was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Louisiana, then returning home, and on December 5, 1871, being united in marriage at Augusta, Ga., to Mary E., adopted daughter of Gen. James Jones, colonel of the Fourteenth South Carolina infantry. In 1874 he made his home in Columbia county, Ga., and farmed and read law, gaining admission to the bar March 24, 1880. On February 8, 1881, he made his home at Columbia, S. C., and begancted captain, the company becoming a part of the Fourteenth regiment of South Carolina volunteers, and went into the camp of instruction at Camp Butler, some seven miles east of the city of Aiken. The regiment was organized by the election of James Jones colonel, Samuel McGowan lieutenant-colonel, and the late Chief Justice Simpson as major. In the fall of the year 1861 the regiment was placed in active service near Port Royal, S. C., and the first engagement in which the regiment was under f
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Introduction. (search)
ds of the enemy, the very fact of its having been occupied by him might possibly cause its destruction; and * * * * it was only during the last year of the war, when his health was somewhat impaired, that one of his staff had the temerity, on the occasion of one of the General's visits to Richmond, to turn in his tent to the quartermaster's department and move his effects into a house which he was thus almost compelled to occupy. The letter Personal Reminiscences of General Lee. J. Wm. Jones, D. D. Pages 309-11. of General Lee, previously referred to, is as follows: Petersburg, Va., 3 P. M., April 2, 1865. His Excellency, Jefferson Davis, Richmond, Va.: Mr. President,—Your letter of the 1st is just received. I have been willing to detach officers to recruit negro troops, and sent in the names of many who are desirous of recruiting companies, battalions, or regiments, to the War Department. After receiving the general orders on that subject establishing recruiting de
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