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sionate menace, or systematic corruption. The meetings have been marked with that decorum and self-respect which evince an intelligent and virtuous community. Votes in Medford for representatives in Congress. Dates of Election.Names.No. of Votes. Dec. 18, 1788.William Hull16.  Eleazer Brooks11. Oct. 4, 1790.Elbridge Gerry46. Nov. 2, 1792.Suffolk, Fisher Ames16.  Essex, Benjamin Goodhue16.  Middlesex, Samuel Dexter12. For the three counties, or district. Nov. 2, 1792.John Coffin Jones15. For the state at large, except Maine.  David Cobb16. Nov. 3, 1794.Benjamin Goodhue30. Nov. 7, 1796.Samuel Sewall (unanimous)  Nov. 5, 1798.Samuel Sewall49. Nov. 3, 1800.Nathan Reed83. Nov. 1, 1802.John Q. Adams95.  William Eustice18. Nov. 1804.Josiah Quincy100.  William Eustice31. Nov. 3, 1806.Josiah Quincy58.  James Prince22. Nov. 7, 1808.Josiah Quincy120.  William Jarvis24. Nov. 5, 1810.Josiah Quincy96.  David Tilden18. Nov. 2, 1812.Asahel Stearns72.  William
Boston187.73 21804ShipMedfordS. Lapham's The present owners' names are given in all cases. This yard was owned first by Messrs. Turner & Briggs, then by Mr. Turner, afterwards by Messrs. Rogers, and now by Mr. Lapham.C. Turner & E. BriggsJohn C. JonesBoston237.74 3 ShipOtisT. Magoun'sT. MagounJames ErvingBoston291.82 4 BrigHopeT. Magoun'sT. MagounSamuel GrayBoston165.18 51805ShipEclipseT. Magoun'sT. MagounThomas H. PerkinsBoston343.49 61806ShipGeorge AugustusS. Lapham'sC. Turner & E. BlandBoston396.79 211811BrigGeorgeT. Magoun'sT. MagounJohn HollandBoston177.66 22 BrigMargaretT. Magoun'sT. MagounFrancis WelchBoston172.71 23 BrigDolphinS. Lapham'sC. TurnerEdward CruftBoston236.27 24 ShipNorfolk PacketS. Lapham'sC. TurnerJohn C. JonesBoston360.18 25 ShipMarcellusS. Lapham'sC. TurnerC. D. CoolidgeBoston385.05 261812ShipEmilyT. Magoun'sT. MagounAndrew ScottNew York361.21 27 BrigTom ThumbT. Magoun'sT. MagounJoseph Lee, jun.Boston133.49 28 BrigBob ShortT. Magoun'sT. Magou
all. Benjamin Hall, jun. Ephraim Hall. Andrew Hall. John B. Fitch. And. Blanchard and A. Winship. Timothy Dexter. Caleb and Simon Blanchard. Jane Hall. Ebenezer Hall, jun. John Blanchard & James Floyd. Tab. Blanchard & J. Gleason. Ebenezer Hall, 4th. Samuel Coverly. Richard Hall. Parker and Watson. Joseph Pratt. J. Pratt and M. Tufts. Jos. P. Hall. Stephen Hall. Thomas Hadley. James Convers. Jonas Dixon. Duncan Ingraham. John C. Jones. John Walker and Jos. Tysick. Joanna Kidder. Samuel Kidder. Abner Peirce. Thomas Learned. William Lowder. John Leathe. Jude Symonds. David Osgood. Josiah Polly. Jonathan Porter. Isaac Pratt. Thomas Hewes. Benjamin Reed. Peter Tufts. James Tufts. G. Williams & Dan. Farrington. William Bucknum. Sam. Hall and John Greenleaf. J. Bannister & Lucy Pritchard. Jeduthan Richardson. Joshua Symonds. John Symmes. Josiah Symmes.
Oct. 1, 1863. First Lieutenant, Oct. 21, 1863. Discharged, Dec. 22, 1864. Jones, John. Corporal, 13th Mass. Infantry, July 16, 1861. Mustered out, Jan. 9, 1863. First Lieutenant, 6th Unattached Co. Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., May 4, 1864. Mustered out, Aug. 2, 1864. First Lieutenant, 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, Aug. 12, 1864. Mustered out, June 17, 1865. Jones, John A. Second Lieutenant, 7th Mass. Infantry, Nov. 12, 1862. Mustered out, June 27, 1864. Jones, John Coffin. Private, 4th Battalion Infantry, M. V. M., May, 1861. Second Lieutenant, 24th Mass. Infantry, Sept. 2, 1861. First Lieutenant, Nov. 1, 1862. Commissioned Captain, Sept. 2, 1864; not mustered. Resigned, Oct. 14, 1864, as First Lieutenant. Jones, Oswego. Second Lieutenant, 33d Mass. Infantry, June 16, 1863. Killed at Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Oct. 29, 1863. Jones, William Hatch. Private, 31st Mass. Infantry, Feb. 20, 1862. Second Lieutenant, Dec. 1, 1862. First Lieutena
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
ent, Jr., 218, 302, 536 Johnston, G. H., 302, 425, 536 Johnston, J. D., 673 Johnston, J. E., 673 Johnston, T. B., 218, 302, 536 Johnston, W. C., 302, 471 Jones, B. F., 82 Jones, C. Ap R., 673 Jones, C. E., 303 Jones, Cyrus, 583 Jones, Dennis, 303 Jones, E. F., 185, 218, 425, 536 Jones, E. J., 218, 303, 536 Jones, E. L., 303 Jones, E. R., 303 Jones, E. T., 82 Jones, Edward, 673 Jones, G. H., 384 Jones, G. N., 303 Jones, H. B., 303 Jones, H. L., 425 Jones, J. A., 303 Jones, J. C., 303 Jones, J. E., 82 Jones, J. E., 82 Jones, J. H., 82 Jones, J. M., 425 Jones, J. W., 425 Jones, John, 303 Jones, Oswego, 303 Jones, Stephen, 82 Jones, W. G., 82 Jones, W. H., 303, 471 Jones, W. T., 303 Jordan, C. D., 425 Jordan, C. M., 303 Jordan, Christopher, 82 Jordan, Frank, 82 Jordan, Joseph, 82 Jordan, W. W., 303 Jordan, William, 303 Jorgenson, H. P., 303 Joselyn, F. R., 303 Joseph, W. H., 82 Joslin, G. C., 218 Joslyn, H. C., 303, 536 Joslyn, J. B., 303 Jo
entioned elsewhere in this issue of the Register. It appears that on March 29, 1797, a sportsman was passing along the country road, as High street was then called, just as a party of boys came from, or toward, the old brick schoolhouse that stood near the third meetinghouse. The boys were all excited in the chase of a rabbit, which eluded them and disappeared in a drain under the road. This was near the old house of Parson Turell, then occupied by a Boston merchant or capitalist, John Coffin Jones. The location was the present Winthrop square, but who the hunter was is unknown. He became excited, also, in the pursuit of the game; so much so that he laid his gun over the shoulder of one of the boys and ran to look into the drain. If he expected the boy to stand still like a post he was mistaken. The gun fell to the ground, and having no guard around the trigger was discharged, and the contents lodged in the stomach of young Teel, who died almost immediately. His funeral,
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 14., Something about the Hall family. (search)
Something about the Hall family. Written by Caleb Swan, January, 1858. These three [Halls] present the rare case of three brothers marrying three sisters. Benjamin was drawn [to serve] as juryman at Concord, and while there saw Miss Jones. They were shortly married. Her next sister came to make her a visit when Richard soon became engaged to her and they were shortly married. The youngest sister made Richard's wife a visit, when Eben soon became engaged to her and they were shortly married. They all lived on the same [High] street facing the river, within a distance of three hundred feet, in their own houses. They all lived very happily, in great harmony. The three brothers lived to an advanced age, highly respected by all. Mrs. Benjamin Hall (Hepzibah), died August 10, 1790, aged 56. Mrs. Richard Hall (Lucy), died February 10, 1826, aged 80. Mrs. Eben Hall (Martha), died December 23, 1835, aged 86. At Mrs. Benjamin Hall's death Mr. Hall wrote of her, She was
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 16., Medford parsonage and later occupants. (search)
r widow—he had previously owned the house of Mrs Saml Swan, [Watson house] which he bought of Mrs Samuel Angier about 1780. Mr Fitch died 28th Sept. 1790. The house was then bought of Nathl Gorham, (son of Judge Gorham) and sold by him to John Coffin Jones, Merchant of Boston, in Dec. 1794. Mr Jones & family passed his summers there till April 1805, when he sold it to Josiah Bradlee, merchant of Boston, for $5,000. —Mr Bradlee sold it to Mr John Prince, Merchant of Boston, for his Father Dr JMr Jones & family passed his summers there till April 1805, when he sold it to Josiah Bradlee, merchant of Boston, for $5,000. —Mr Bradlee sold it to Mr John Prince, Merchant of Boston, for his Father Dr John Prince formerly of Salem, widower—who lived there with his two daughters, Mrs Apthorp and Miss Patty, who married Judge Hinckley of Northampton about 1811. Dr Prince married a daughter of the Hon. Richard Derby of Salem—she died before he came to Medford—The Dr was a Royalist during the Revolution, and went to Halifax with the English army on the evacuation of Boston in 1776, He was a tall slender man, and very deaf He moved to Jamaica Plain about 1811, and his son sold the house to Ja
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 23.,
Medford turnpike
Corporation. (search)
. Oliver Hartshorn5 shares, Nos. 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. Fitch Hall5 shares, Nos. 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. Joseph P. Hall3 shares, Nos. 59, 60, 61. Timothy Dexter1 shares, Nos. 64. Benjamin Hall Jr & son5 shares, Nos. 65, 66, 67,68,69. Peter C. Brooks7 shares, Nos. 19, 20, 77, 78, 79, 80,81. Josiah Bradlee2 shares, Nos. 82, 83. William V. Hutchins5 shares, Nos. 33, 74, 84, 85, 86. Samuel Gray4 shares, Nos. 87, 88, 89, 90. Dudley Hall1 shares, Nos. 75. Richard Hall1 shares, Nos. 76. John C. Jones5 shares, Nos. 44, 45, 46, 47, 48. Richard D. Tucker3 shares, Nos. 71, 72, 73. Ebenezer Hall Jr2 shares, Nos. 62, 63. Elijah & Samuel Davenport10 shares, Nos. 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96,97, 98, 99,100. Rufus Davenport10 shares, Nos. 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54,55, 56, 57, 58. At the meeting held May 5, 1803, Nathaniel Hall was appointed an agent to petition the Court of General Sessions to appoint a committee to lay out and appraise the lands taken for the Medford turnpike road. At a meet
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 23., The Touro house and its owner. (search)
n, but he best enjoyed his home in Medford, where he could have the society also of his neighbor, Governor Brooks. His will and the papers which refer to his estate, evidence concerning his business and his friendships. To be sure he dealt in wines by the tierce, and these he bestowed in quantities sufficient in which to take a bath. This was in years before the Washingtonian movement. He was generous to Governor John Brooks, Dr. John Warren, Captain John Pratt, R. D. Shepherd and John Coffin Jones. The wines contributed to the festivities and good fellowship of the day. He did not forget his friends, and in those days of his intense distress he did not forget good causes, nor the finest interests of his own people. To the Jewish Synagogue in New York city he gave $10,000; also he gave to the Legislature of Rhode Island the sum of $10,000 for the support of the Synagogue in Newport, and to the Massachusetts General Hospital he gave $10,000. This sum fairly took the breath away