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as Duff may pass in some other localities, but not in this we feel confident. At 11 o' clock on Saturday, Coroner Sanxay, assisted by High Constable Freeman, proceeded to hold an inquest over the body of deceased, and elicited considerable testimony, which we are not permitted to insert for want of room. Enough was testified to show that several other ruffians besides Duff were engaged in the melee. Alice Hardgrove, Julia Selden, Susan Beveridge, L. M. Carter, (policeman.) Ann Lee, Mary Jones, and M Petzenhardt, were examined as witnesses, by whose testimony it was shown that a certain McKay, one Frank, and a man named Bub Moore, who, together with Dick Duff. are all from Baltimore, are implicated in the bloody transaction. The jury returned a verdict that deceased came to his death by wounds inflicted by two sharp weapons: one in the hands of a man named Dick Duff, the other supposed to be in the hands of one of three men, named — McKay, Bob Moore, and Frank — all of who
lice proceeded to the Mayor's private residence, who, late at night, issued a warrant for the arrest of all the parties found in the house. About 2 o'clock it was surrounded by the police and armed guard, and the inmates, male and female, marched off to the cage, as persons of evil name, fame, and reputation. The men gave the names of Wilson Williams, George Grase, Benedict Howard, John F. Peregey, Edward Lightfoot, John Harrison, and Frank Gillian. The women registered as A. E. Thomas, Mary Jones, Lissy Hodges, Maggie Clark, Lucretia Bywaters, (alias Sue Price,) Sarah Smith, Mary Davis, Emma Marsh, Nellie Porter, and Jenny Barnes. Early Sunday morning the cage being too crowded, most of the prisoners were sent to the city jail. The unfortunate man who was shot was known as Capt. J. O. Withmell, and hailed from Louisville, Ky. After being shot he was carried to his room at the Exchange Hotel, and Dr. Conway called in to attend him. The ball was found to have been received in the b
night.--Three men were in the house. Two went out. The one left was a captain. Lucretia Bywaters deposed: Had been sick. Was in my room asleep Had not been in the parlor for two weeks. Heard no pistol. Knew Mr. Hiltzhimer. He visits the house. Knew none of the parties who were with him. Mary Davis deposed: Went to bad at 11 o'clock. Heard the report of the pistol. Did not get up. Do not know what direction it was in. Did not know that a man was shot until next morning. Mary Jones deposed: Don't know anything about it. Went to bed at 11 o'clock. Heard no noise or knocking at the door. Did not look out. Had no curiosity. Heard no one making any observations. Have no recollection of having seen the deceased. Lizzie Hodges deposed, that she know nothing about the shooting. Heard no knocking or nothing until the next day. Sarah Smith deposed, that she knew nothing of the affair. Heard no pistol shot off. Retired to bed early and was asleep. Having he