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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
M. Cook, Jno. E. Densler, Larkin Gueslin, Jos. Jordan, Private Geo. A. Jordan, Stephen J. Miller, George L. Reinhardt, Solomon B. Roach, Jos. S. Thompson, John S. Vining, James W. Walker, George M. Wright, J. W. Cook, J. C. Friday. Co. D. 2d Sergeant J. P. Walke, 3d Sergeant B. F. Steele, Private S. T. Chambers, L. Cornish, Private J. W. Matkins, J. M. McIntosh, T. S. Monaghan, S. J. Norton, Private R. W. Darden, E. Gouldman, S. L. Coleman, T. H. Hopkins, Rich. Jones, J. H. Kornegay, J. M. Matkins, Private James Phillips, S. A. Simms, G. D. Smith, F. E. Stith, E. W. Thompson, W. P. Tucker. Co. E. 1st Sergeant A. J. Mosely, 3d Sergeant Ingram Spence, 5th Sergeant Jno. Q. Dunnam, 1st Corporal J. M. Robinson, 2d Corporal Jas A. Thomas, Private W. F, Anderson, A. S. Allford, Daniel Burke, M. A. Cooper, W. S. Crosby, D. L. Carter, F. M. Curlee, Jno. Daniel, H. R. Foss, W. C. Horton, Jno. D. Hyde, I. H. Haskins, Priv
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the Alstadt Grays. (search)
ham, A. A. Cheatham, John F. Cheatham, William E. Cheatham, Julius C. Condrey, Lewis Dorsett, William Dorsett, A. A. Ellett, C. C. Ellett, Richard Ellett, Joseph Elam, Richard Elam,, Abner E. Fossey, David Fossey, Samuel Fossey, A. A. Ford, M. W. Ford, Samuel Flournoy, T. C. Farley, William F. Fuqua, David H. Franklin, James B. Goode, E. C. Goode, Robert Godsey, John E. Goode, J. W. Goode, W. D. Goode, Lemuel J. Goode, Charles Hancock, Newton Horner, William S. Hobson, William A. Harris, Richard Jones, John D. Jones, Samuel J. Jones, Henry Lee, John F. Martin, George O. Markham, G . A. Morris, James A. Morrissett, John Moody, James Moore, Wilson Moore, Edgar Nunnally, Edward T. Osborne, Eddie Phaup, William Pinchback, Coleman Purdie, John E. Porter, Lewis Porter, William Rudd, Samuel Rudd, Richard Stratton, R. O. Stratton, John W. Simes, J. B. Simes, T. M. Simes, Alexander Simes, A. C. Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Samuel Wilkinson, Richard Wilkinson, William C. Woodfin, James F. Woodfi
Deaths. --Richard Jones, Esq., as member of the North Carolina Legislators, and a very clever citizen, died at his residence in Halifax county,N. C. last week also Christian , Esq., ex-Sheriff.
Bank of Pittsylvania. capital stock subscribed$127,200 00 amount paid100,967 75 circulation162,205 00 bills receivable170,250 26 Domestic bills22,237 17 foreign bills1,788 59 specie in safe, and a certificate of specie deposited in Richmond, Va.39,941 50 State bonds in safe50,000 00 we, the undersigned, hereby certify that the foregoing statement is correct. W. W. Keen, President. L. B. Conway, Cashier. Directors. Wm. Rison, Tarpley White, George W. Hall, Richard Jones, George Craft, J. H. Hargrove. Being called upon by the President of the Bank of Pittsylvania to state my knowledge of the condition of the stockholders of said bank, I take pleasure in saying, I believe I am personally acquainted with every stockholder in said bank, and hesitate not to say they are generally men of means and character. P. S.--I am, and have been, Treasurer of the Pittsylvania Savings Bank for the last ten years, which institution, by a unanimous vote, sub
ank of Pittsylvania, Pittsylvania C. H., Va., Sept. 19th, 1861. his Excellency John Letcher, Governor of Virginia: Sir: I transmit herewith the first quarterly statement of the condition of the Bank of Pittsylvania, as it existed on the first day of July last. the Bank was organized on the 4th day of April, 1861, by electing nine Directors, and commenced business, under the proclamation of the Governor, dated the 4th of may last. Directors: W. W. Keen, President. Richard Jones, George W. Hall, George Craft, Tarpley White, J. H. Hargrave, Wm.Rison, A. S. Buford, J. M. Walker. Very respectfully, L. B. Conway, Cashier. A statement of the condition of the Bank of Pittsylvania on the 1st July, 1861. Assets: property — safe$440 00 Expenses1,862 71 Bills receivable: payable at this Bank$101,680 00 payable at other Banks in State18,936 39 payable at Banks out of State4,300 00 124,916 39 Interest, &c2 82 due from other Ban
, Va. Anderson, Lewis, William, John, Nat, and James Heath, slaves of Dunlop Fisher, Goochland, John and Robert slaves of Wm. C. M Henrico; William, Robert, and Philip, slaves of Col. J. A Tompkins, Richmond; Miles, Hanson, Mark, Moces, and William, slaves of James A Korson, of Goochland; Walker, slave of William Cuper, of Louisa; Chastain, slave of Jack While, Powhatan; Thomas, slave of Martin Springfellow, Orange; Newman, slave of Fisher, Goochland; Arthur, slave of Anderson King, Hanover; George, slave of Dr. McKensie, Powhatan; William, slave of Ben Green; Philip, slave of B. Trent, Cumberland; Joe, slave of Edward Streight, Louisa; Patrick, slave of Baswift, Louisa; Billy, slave of Jas Dunlop, Richmond; Mack, slave of John Tyler, of Spotsylvania; Richard, slave of John Wickness, Henrico; Henry, slave of Richard Alled, Goochland; James, slave of Richard Jones, Glob Thomas, slave of Mrs. Martin Robinson, Luther Edward — Heary, Davy, John, and way slaves of Dr. Walker, Goochland.